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61 Relaxing Yoga Logo Ideas

Graphic Design61 Relaxing Yoga Logo Ideas

Need a beautiful yoga logo for your yoga studio? Look no further! 

With our fast-paced and hectic lives, relaxing is now a must if you want to beat stress. Help people find their zen and start their journey to mindfulness with a well-designed logo. Check out our tips below on creating an effective logo design, then try our logo maker once you’re ready to start crafting it!

Need some inspiration first? No worries; we compiled some stunning examples for you too. Let’s check them out! 

How to Create Yoga Logos

A great logo design is simple, easy to understand, and eye-catching. The elements should work well together to communicate to your audience what your business is about. With one look, they should know whether it’s a gym logo, watersports logo, or wellness logo. 

Yoga, in particular, has design elements that can be associated with it. Using these elements in your logo design lets your audience instantly identify that you’re a yoga studio.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind while designing:

  1. Utilize shapes and lines

Even if you haven’t tried yoga personally, you probably know that there are poses that you have to do in yoga. Using those poses to inspire lines and abstract shapes for your logo is a great idea, as these can easily be associated with yoga.

You can also use circles, oblongs, or waves. Soft and fluid shapes are best to use since they represent the fluidity that yoga stands for. In shape psychology, a circle symbolizes balance and gentleness, so a circle logo is perfect for a yoga studio. 

  1. Choose the perfect color

In color psychology, it is stated that we have a subconscious reaction to a particular color. For example, red can make us feel more passionate, while blue can make us feel calmer. We also associate colors with a specific feeling or trait, like orange for cheerfulness and pink for femininity. 

Using the right colors can have a huge impact on your design. Since you want to portray mindfulness, using colors like light blue, pastel green, or soft purple is a great idea. Muted color palettes work well since they are gentle on the eyes and can induce the relaxing feeling you want your brand to express. 

  1. Finish with great typography

The typography you use for your business name or slogan included in your logo can also make or break your final design.

Soft, flowy scripts work well for wellness brands. You can try calligraphy fonts for a handwritten logo look. You can either go for an elegant calligraphy style or informal cursive handwriting – it’s all up to you and what kind of vibe you want to portray. 

Yoga Logo Design Examples

By now, you should have a solid understanding of what makes a great yoga logo. Now, let’s look at various design options you can use as inspiration for your custom logo. We divided it into three categories below:

Pose Logos

Down dog, triangle pose, tree pose, and Warrior II pose are some of the many yoga poses that one can do. Using a pose logo design has been a popular choice for many brands. Why not try one for your studio as well? 

Tempo.Fit — Iconography System by Zach Roszczewski

Dopamynd Studio by Sandeep Roy

MySportRoom by Stevan Rodic

Meditation logo – yoga logo – abstract mark logo – modern logo by Salma

Line art ”Yoga Dog” Logo concept by Md Humayun Kabir

LOGO FOR YOGA STUDIO “PLENTY” by Asya Berezovskaya

Natural Yoga Awesome Logo by robertos_enwirto

Feminine, Nice Logo Design by yudaharv

Modern, Snow Health And Wellness Logo Design by k.apor

Playful, Yoga Logo Design by cahayafatimah

Modern, Key Health And Wellness Logo Design by onamel

Bold, Calm Health & Wellness – Yoga Logo Design by Nova Tech Solutions

Elegant, Peaceful Gym Logo Design by Soni maulana

Elegant, Business Business Logo Design by B8

Modern, Active Teacher Logo Design by Enzzok

Yoga Fitness Pose by Dessy

Lizard Yoga Pose by realdreams

Natural Yoga Pose by Mypen

Yoga Pose Monoline by realdreams

Yoga Cat Guru by SimplePixelSL

Yoga Stretch Pose by realdreams

Flower Logos

Flowers, most particularly lotus flowers, are commonly associated with yoga. The lotus pose is one of the most recognizable yoga poses. Using a lotus can be a great way to spark a connection to yoga for your design instantly. 

You can try an abstract design or minimalist lotus line art. The color of your lotus can also have different meanings – for example, a blue lotus symbolizes wisdom, while a white lotus symbolizes a pure spirit. 

View our collection of beautiful lotus logos below:

Meditate logo design by Lelevien

Lotusline – yoga logo | meditation logo | wellness logo design by Al Mamun

Light Yoga Logo Design by Elif Kamesoglu

Chak Theraphy Logo Design by Elif Kamesoglu

Modern Minimalist Lotus Brand Logo Design by Design Burg

logo, logos, yoga logo design, meditation logo, wellness logo by Md Humayun Kabir

Upmarket, Peaceful Logo Design by DominicDesign

Feminine, Peaceful Logo Design by Elizabeta

Upmarket, Orchid Logo Design by vintana

Modern, Simple Hotel Logo Design by bigi

Upmarket, Peaceful Logo Design by step forward 2

Playful, Business Health And Wellness Logo Design by shakuna

Playful, Butterfly Health And Wellness Logo Design by NenadM

Bold, Creative Logo Design by ashantha

Bright Lotus Flower by FishDesigns61025

Pink Lotus Yoga by ernestjdx

Lotus Yoga Class by Riri

Gradient Lotus Yoga by chavalenzuela

Lotus Blossom Yoga by Riri

Lotus Yoga Wellness by town

Mantra Symbol Logos

Each yoga symbol has a unique meaning associated with it. For example, the Om symbolizes the consciousness of the universe. In comparison, the Mandala symbolizes harmony and balance.

Depending on the vibe you want to portray, you can use different art styles for your mantra logos. You can go for a highly intricate one, a simplified version of the symbol, or a creative abstract version. 

Check out our samples below:

Mandala logo design by Dipankar Mallick

Golden Lucky Mandala Twinkle 12/15 – Logolounge 202 by Breno Bitencourt

Mandala logo design | branding by Masum Billah ?

Mandala by BKARIC Design

Experience India by Cody Paulson for Malley Design

Golden Leaves & Spirals Flower Mandala Logo by Jana Novak

Zen Ink Logo by Kristina Fick

Nimula Logo by Lisa Jacobs

Serious, Easy Logo Design by Birdcage

Modern, Triangle Health And Wellness Logo Design by El Ojo creativo

Modern, Sharp Health And Wellness Logo Design by FourtuneDesign

Elegant, Creative Safety Logo Design by Omee

Modern, Geometric Health And Wellness Logo Design by Radsky17

Modern, Business Health And Wellness Logo Design by Roy

Elegant, Business Health And Wellness Logo Design by Roy

Mandala Eye Pentagram by BryC

Mandala Flower Ornament by BryanPF

Gold Elephant Mandala by BryC

Mandala Yoga Decor by eyed

Lotus Mandala Meditation by BryC

Design Your Yoga Logo Today!

And there you have it.

We hope our collection of beautiful logo designs has invigorated you to start designing. If you’re ready, you can start with our AI logo generator, or hire a designer to make your creative vision come to life. And before you open your yoga studio, why not check out our other marketing templates, such as Facebook cover maker and business card maker? Strong branding can give you an edge over competitors, so check out our branding templates while you are here!

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