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6 Months Anniversary on DEV! 🎊

Programming Language6 Months Anniversary on DEV! 🎊

Today I have been a member of the DEV community for 6 whole months! 🌟

So far I have published 22 posts, written 822 comments, earned 17 badges and I got almost 8000 followers on here!

I have been writing about old websites, my coding journey, old code, #100DaysOfCode, code length, HTML, website optimization for the phone, #DEVImpact2023, quotation marks, #DEVResolutions2024, on becoming a programmer, how to know when you are no longer a beginner, the best way to learn, to become a better coder, the imposter syndrome, the flow state and rubber duck debugging!

The following is a list of my achievements during my six months on DEV. Click, here! to read 1 Month Anniversary on DEV!

💟 I have completed a couple of coding challenges on
Sololearn (where I also won 1st place and earned a badge after a week with intense coding with little sleep), on Codecademy and in EXAPUNKS as well as joined a hacker battle (it was multiplayer!) for the first time and even won!

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💟 I got my own domain,, with web hosting and I am close to getting ready to deploy the new look of my web page!

💟 I unlocked the in-game game console: TEC Redshift Player in the programming game, EXAPUNKS, which allows me to make games for it so people can try them out! I have written down ideas for a game I want to make (I even made a drawing) but I have put it on hold for now because I have made too much progress too fast in such a short period of time and I want the programming game to never end!

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Me with a printed zine of Trash World from the game, EXAPUNKS
A picture of me proudly holding the second unlocked zine from the game while wearing the hoodie I won during my #100DaysOfCode challenge on X!

A programming game with homework. Requires you to print out zines from PDF-files as they get unlocked in the game or you can buy the printed zines online as I did!

💟 I got to participate in a closed beta testing of a new app for a company which is now completed and I received an in-game reward for my contribution with them!

💟 One of my posts received a mention in Discussion of the Week – v11 and in the Trending Discussions section in the DEV Community Newsletter! Since then I have recieved several other mentions in the newsletter (and in the mods newsletter) which always make me happy!

💟 I made a couple of games with my Electronic Games Advent Calendar by Eight Innovation. I made a game of On or Off, Keeping the Rhythm, Heads or Tails, Slot Machine and Slot Machine With Four Lights! (I did not get to make all the games due to time constraints at the time).

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Electronic Games Advent Calendar by Eight Innovation
💟 I made a minigame on CodeCombat for people to try out! I have received some feedback which I take into consideration as always. Play my latest game, here!

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💟 I completed the Game Development 2 course and the majority of the Backwoods Forest (Python) level on CodeCombat!

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💟 I have completed around 70 levels and earned 78 achievements on CodeCombat!

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💟 I have received 13 badges on Codecademy!

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💟 I am well on my way on my personalized learning path (HTML) on W3Schools!

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💟 I coded all night to make my first visual novel!
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💟 I became the Mod of the Month (of March), I got interviewed by @michaeltharrington and even got a badge to show for it! Read the interview, here!
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The best part of these 6 months was when I got honoured with becoming the Moderator of the Month of March! Thank you SO much! ✨

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