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58 Tourist Logo Design Ideas

Graphic Design58 Tourist Logo Design Ideas

Imagine a logo that, like a travel destination, captures attention and creates a sense of excitement. Our collection of tourist logos is crafted to reflect the spirit of adventure and the promise of unforgettable experiences. They go beyond just images – they tell a story about your brand.

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Join us in discovering how the beauty of traveling and a captivating logo can work together. Read on below.

How To Design A Tourist Logo That Attracts Wanderlust

Embarking on designing a tourist logo that captures the essence of wanderlust is an exciting venture for any brand. Discover how to craft a symbol representing your brand and beckons the wanderers at heart to join your captivating journey. 

Understand the wanderlust vibes

Infuse your logo with elements that resonate with the excitement and curiosity of travel. Consider instantly incorporating symbols like globes, compasses, or iconic landmark logos to evoke wanderlust.

Boost visual appeal 

Use vibrant colors and captivating imagery to mirror the allure of different travel destinations. Whether it’s the calming blues of the ocean or the warm hues of a sunset logo, choose a color palette that transports viewers to dreamy landscapes. 

Learn more about using the right colors in our color psychology blog. 

Keep it simple

Keep your logo simple and easily recognizable. Aim for a design that conveys the essence of travel at a glance. Streamlined icons like airplane logos or mountain silhouettes can communicate much without overwhelming viewers.

Add storytelling elements

Craft a visual story within your logo. Showcase a progression or journey, whether it’s through a series of symbols, a path, or an unfolding panorama. This approach not only engages the viewer but also makes your brand memorable.

Tourist Logo Design Ideas

Whether you’re kickstarting a new venture or revitalizing your brand, this guide is your compass to a world of inspiration.

We’ve collected tourist logos to give you an idea of what your logo could look like. Check them out in three major categories below:

Destination Logos

Destination logos bring destinations to life, from iconic cityscapes to serene beaches and majestic mountains. Each emblem is an adventure, inviting your audience to explore diverse places and create lasting memories. 

Craft a brand identity that captures the spirit of exploration and sparks the imagination with destination logos.

Find the best logo for your brand here:

Moscow by Indian

City Branding by Kevin Kroneberger

City of Kyoto Logo by Rod Thompson

Truckee, CA by haleigh hoff

CORDILLERA mountain adventure outdoor by Midul Hossain Gihad

Hilltop Lodge by Waqas Ali

Logo for Uttarakhand Tourism by Tias Roy

Shop Logo Design by design.picni

Colorful, Short Tourism Logo Design by madfoxvzla

Upmarket, Travel Travel Industry Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Playful, Travel Travel Logo Design by el., a Macanese

Feminine Logo Design by mdnegi

Conservative, Original Accommodation Logo Design by Bittersweet

Elegant, Simple Travel Agent Logo Design by ThiagoB

Modern, Unique Tourism Logo Design by cvedesign

New York City Buildings by Mypen

Beach Boat Resort by Riri

Shanghai China City by Mypen

Eiffel Tower Landmark by JimjemR

Empire State Building by Mypen

Taipei Tower Landmark by yhinna

Transportation Logos

Whether in the air, at sea, or on the road, these logos capture the thrill of travel. From flying high to sailing the waters, they embody the spirit of exploration. Elevate your brand with designs that resonate with the adventurous traveler, capturing the excitement of the journey that awaits.

Choose from our customized templates for transportation logos below:

BUS by kwonin

TRANSPORT Logo | Concpet by Ruslan Fatikhov

Travel Bus by SoozayQ

W travel / tourism logo by ST SOHAN

Joyspace logo by Jahid Hasan

Mega Holidays Logo by Rasika Warnasuriya™

Playful, Baby Baby Logo Design by Frontino graphic studio

Bold, Company Tourism Logo Design by ArtTank

Bold, Travel Travel Logo Design by blue eye

Playful, Camel Travel Logo Design by Logo Stock

Playful, Rock Climbing Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Personable, Company It Company Logo Design by Basksh Designs

Elegant, Best Logo Design by Logo no 1

Boat Ocean Waves by JoeyRay

Hot Air Balloon Travel by novita007

Brewed Coffee Train by marcololstudio

Galleon Ship Sailing by korzuen

Royal Crown Bus by Joemar

Cultural Logos

Celebrate heritage, traditions, and the rich tapestry of world cultures through visually captivating symbols. Each logo tells a unique story, connecting with audiences who value cultural richness, from landmarks to culinary delights.

Browse through our cultural logos for tourists:

Indiana Cultural Festival Logo by Sumesh A K

Festivals in Nepal by Saurav Thapa Shrestha

Jasper Beer Festival Logo by Joshua Clarke

Montevideo Beer Fest 4 by Gumo Andreatta

Mongolian Culture Logo by marvadesign_

Mexican Culture by Samin Yeaser Nuhas

Modern, Beer Non-Profit Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Colourful Festival Logo Design by MOH Studio

Festival Logo Design by LIZZY LO

Modern, Fresh Festival Logo Design by alpino

Past Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Playful, Festival Recreation Logo Design by Ena

Playful, Food Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Fire Chinese Lion by bertthebuildr

Pizza Food Pizzeria by ernestjdx

Monoline Balloon Festival by marcololstudio

Mexican Festival Hat by BryAd

Asian Lantern Festival by azus

Festival Circus Tent by marcololstudio

Design Your Tourist Logo Today!

In the vibrant world of tourist logos, the journey is not just a destination—it’s a visual adventure. With every logo, a new chapter of discovery unfolds, inviting businesses and travelers alike to embark on a captivating journey beyond the ordinary. 

Here at BrandCrowd, we aim to help you create a stunning logo that wows your audience and engages them to reach out. Enjoy our comprehensive design templates – from logo designs and Invitations to Facebook Ads and Twitter Posts – plus much more!

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