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58 Adaptable Shape Logos To Fit in Your Business Branding

Graphic Design58 Adaptable Shape Logos To Fit in Your Business Branding

Shapes are the backbone of logo design, providing the structure that binds all other elements together. 

As a logo designer, shapes should be a staple in your creative toolbox. But as we all know, not every shape will resonate with every brand. So, it’s crucial to take your time playing with different options and deciding which shape logos work. 

To help your decision, always consider your target audience and your industry first. But most importantly, let inspiration guide you. 

Remember that a good logo design can capture the attention of your customers.

In this article, we offer you 58 list of well-designed logos that use shape as their strongest asset. 

But before we dive in, let’s take a closer look at why having familiar shapes in your logo design is a good decision. 

  1. Instant Recognition: Familiar shapes are quickly and easily recognized, enhancing the memorability of your logo. This instant recognition can help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. Talk about fast and lasting impressions. 
  2. Emotional Resonance: The psychology of shapes is well-known to evoke certain emotions and behaviors among people. If done correctly,  this emotional resonance can help create a deeper connection between your brand and your audience, fostering loyalty and trust.
  3. Adaptable and Versatile: Shapes can be tailored and modified to align with any brand’s personality and message. This adaptability and versatility mean that with a bit of creativity, you can create a truly unique logo that perfectly represents your brand.
  4. Enduring Appeal: Simple shapes possess a timeless quality. It’s great to look for when you want your logo to last. Adding shapes can enhance the longevity of your brand, maintaining its relevance and appeal in an ever-changing market.
  5. Simplicity and Clarity: Using well-known shapes in your logo design can result in a simple, clear, easily understood logo. This clarity can help communicate your brand’s message more effectively, ensuring it is not lost or misunderstood.
  6. Cross-Cultural Understanding: Shapes are universally recognized and understood, regardless of language or culture. If you’re after accessibility, a logo with a stunning shape is more global and understandable. 

Some Logo Ideas to Try

Now that you’ve learned some essential benefits of shaping logos, you might want to try it. Here are some well-known shapes best for logos and other graphic design materials. 

Circle Logos

Circles, embodying unity, wholeness, and infinity, are a common sight in logo design. Circle logos, because of their universality,  are perfect for every type of business and industry. 

Take a look at Pepsi’s logo, for instance. The circular design projects a sense of community and integrity. Similarly, BMW and Target have harnessed the power of the circle to create logos that are both timeless and memorable, resonating deeply with their target audience.

Target by Stevan Rodic

G Logo by Shaheen Ahmed

Bold, Geometric It Company Logo Design by Pv_999

Geometric Logo Design by BNdesigner

Professional, Personal Internet Logo Design by ZETA

Playful, Different Logo Design by Gerald Design 3

Modern, Blue Design Agency Logo Design by El Ojo creativo

Upmarket, Different Logo Design by LaVitaBella67

Swirl Circle Tech by harvector

Circle Abstract Mosaic by Dessy

Frequency Signal Circle by CreativePixels

Multicolor Arrow Circle by LogoBrainstorm

Business Circle Letter C by royallogo

Gold Circle Pattern by ions

Triangle Logos

Triangles, with their dynamic nature, symbolize direction and purpose. 

Adidas, for example, uses a triangle logo to convey a sense of strength and progress. 

Google Drive and Reebok also incorporate triangles in their logos, using the shape’s inherent stability or instability to reflect their forward-moving ethos.

Triangle by Stevan Rodic

Abstract Logo Exploration (Unused for Sale) by Mihai Dolganiuc

Play icon or triangle logo design by Sergii Syzonenko

Modern, Company Business Software Logo Design by Artistic Quest

Modern, Geometric Health And Wellness Logo Design by Radsky17

Elegant, Black Logo Design by wonderland

Elegant, Black Logo Design by Wild Geek

Serious, Geometric Property Development Logo Design by Vishak vasu

Bold, Good Jewelry Logo Design by sushsharma99

Modern, Geometric Health Logo Design by JohnM.

Professional, Geometric commercial real estate agency Logo Design by MBARO

Modern, Creative Games Logo Design by Graphic Art

Electric Bolt Triangle by VinP

Triangle VIP by eightyLOGOS

Triangle Mountain Outdoor by Joemar

Gold Triangle Crown by SimplePixelSL

Triangle Gem Outline by town

Abstract Circle Triangle by MDS

Square Logos

The square is a beacon of balance, professionalism, and efficiency. It is a favorite among corporations and technology companies. 

We have Microsoft’s logo, for instance. It leverages the square logos sense of stability and trustworthiness. Other examples are LinkedIn and Uber with its use of square designs to create logos that exude reliability and solidity.

Geometric gradient banner by Neo Geometric ???

Zebra mark by Aleksandar Savic / almigor

WW036 – Square Abstract Logo 5 by Connor Fowler (.com)

Elegant, Geometric Construction Logo Design by ivan varian

Colorful, Company Apparel Store Logo Design by happybrain design

Colorful, Company Apparel Store Logo Design by GLDesigns

Personable, Pink Painting And Decorating Logo Design by fatiyadesign

Square Circuit Tech by SimplePixelSL

Generic Square Letter by Kalenor

Abstract Wave Square by juana

Modern Square Cross by AMCstudio

Gold Building Flag Square by JimjemR

Generic Square Professional by BryanPF

Other Shapes Logos

For those seeking to stand out, logos with many sides, such as polygons or complex shapes, offer a unique solution. 

These shapes embody complexity, innovation, and creativity. Airbnb’s logo, for example, uses a complex shape to demonstrate its innovative spirit. Adobe and Polygon have used many-sided shapes too in their logos to showcase their creative prowess.

Geometry by Helvetic Brands®

Star by Andrew Shamen ????

Floral Star by Sean Ford

coaching Logo Design by Birdcage

Geometric Lighting Fixture Logo Design by Birdcage

Personable, Pink Painting And Decorating Logo Design by tejo

Personable, Painting And Decorating Logo Design by k.l.s.chatterjee 2

>Dating Heart App by town

Abstract Tech Startup by town

Blue Geometric Pin by royallogo

Colorful Hexagon Shape by eightyLOGOS

Geometric Camera Shape by town

Financial Business Shape by royallogo

Design Your Logo Right Away!

Using shapes in your logo design can effectively convey your brand’s personality and values without uttering words. But note that whether you opt for a simple circle or a complex polygon, keep your brand’s message and target audience in mind.

Once you finish your logos, complement your branding with a business card, a Facebook banner, or a flyer

If you’re seeking a more personalized touch, consider enlisting the help of professional designers through DesignCrowd’s crowdsourcing platform.

Remember, creativity knows no bounds. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes. Often, the most impactful logo designs dare to break the mold. So, why wait? Start shaping your brand’s identity today!

Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, July 21, 2023

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