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57 Budding Spring Logo Ideas

Graphic Design57 Budding Spring Logo Ideas

Customize a spring logo today and ride the trend of budding flowers. After all, this logo design technique shines because of its hopeful and growth vibe.

Join us as we look at the definition of a good spring logo and get ideas from the various templates below.

Characteristics of an Excellent Spring Logo

We’re in the middle of the spring season that starts in March and supposedly ends in May, but it’s not too late to use a spring logo design for this season and beyond.

As the name suggests, spring logos takes inspiration from the season. It’s the start of the growing season when trees grow their green leaves back and the weather turns warmer.

Symbolism-wise, spring represents hope, growth, youth, energy, and a fresh start. It’s the first glimmer of light from the dark tunnel of winter.

Spring is also the start of longer days rather than nights, which most people love. And when you decide to use a spring logo to represent your business in the long run, you must ensure that it embodies the abovementioned symbolism.

Great ways to do that are through the color palette, font style, and icons your use. Bright shades of yellow, green, pink, red, and orange are great here since they give your brand a vibrant radiance.

Serif fonts are great here because their tails give off a fun vibe that your brand will benefit from as a spring-themed brand. Lastly, for icons and images, you may have blooming flowers, beautiful sunrises, and butterflies for your fresh branding.

You now know how to design your spring logo, and below are ideas to get you started on your design journey.

57 Spring Logos for Growing Ideas

To kick-start your fresh brand kit creation, we collated various logo designs in four categories that genuinely emulate the spring vibe.

Butterly Logos

Firstly, we have butterfly logos because of their beautiful colored wings and their life importance. Butterflies are the first sign that spring is here because they emerge from their cocoons and pollinate the various flowers to grow.

Aside from that, the symbolism of butterflies is similar to spring. Hope and transformation are the primary representations.

Wouldn’t that type of symbolism work well with the brand you want to establish? Find the perfect butterfly logo design with the templates below.

Antique Butterfly Key by Riri

Bee Wing Hexagon letter by by bertthebuildr

Betterfly travel agency logo design by Imtiaz Hossain Naim

Butterfly Beauty Shop by eyed

Butterfly by Helvetic Brands®

Butterfly by Md Mehedi Hasan for Fixdpark

Butterfly Hexagon Logo by Enwirto

Elegant, Good Mental Health Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Fund Logo Design by ecorokerz

Gold Dragonfly Wing Letter by bertthebuildr

Modern, Butterfly Healthcare Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Modern, Elegant Logo Design by Gaurldia

Modern, Simple Business Logo Design by hd

Emblem Logos

Next, we have emblem logos that are a staple of all types of logo design. They allow your business to look like the leader in the industry with the strong shapes of a shield, badge, or others surrounding your business name or primary image.

It gives off an air of “we know what we’re doing” combined with spring’s soft and lively feel. Take your pick from the sophisticated spring-themed emblem logo ideas below.

Bee Badge by Madeleine McMichael

Blossom & Bloom Branding by plantspace studio ??

Bold, Seasonal Floral Logo Design by Birdcage

Colorful, Spring Health Care Logo Design by sashka69design

Elegant, Fresh Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Fall Back, Spring Ahead by Dan Cederholm

Serious, Elegant Landscaping, Design, Construction by ThiagoB

Spring Flower Frame Decor by marcololstudio

Spring Flower Emblem by Alexxx

Spring Flower Season by Dessy

Spreng Has Sprong by Jason K Yun

Upmarket, Bell Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Wheat Farm Badge by Mypen

Flower Logos

Now we have flower logos—one of the more typical representations of spring. Poppies and Daffodils are familiar flowers that grow in this warm season.

Design-wise, flowers are often used as accents to beautify logos in the form of borders. Or on the edges of the text to make it look like the floret is blooming from the letters.

Bring out the spring season in your logo design with the flower logo ideas below.

Bold, Fresh Floral Logo Design by Treelly

Breakfast Logo Design by WahyuHMD

Elegant, Calligraphy Dairy & Literature Logo Design by JR Studios

Colorful, Spring Health Care Logo Design by iamrady

Elegant, Fresh Logo Design by ZeneFashions

Feminine, Business Flower Shop Logo Design by alpino

Florela© Logo Design by Elif Kamesoglu for Elbu Studio

Gradient Spring Flower by Bryan

Lily Flower Lips by AleksandrO

Plant by Omnium

Spring Bloom Bouquet by J-lao

Spring Flower by Conceptic

Spring Flower Garden by shen02

Spring Flower Hand by AleksandrO

Traditional, Aqua Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Line Art Logos

Lastly, we have line art logos that utilize the beauty of minimalist design. In a way, the logo ideas here use the power of white space.

Lines become the center while the negative space carries the overall design, creating a magnificent logo that doubles as an optical illusion. Grab the attention of your target market with the line art logo ideas imbued with spring themes below.

Conservative, Feminine Home Decor Logo Design by logoQ

Easter Bunny Egg by marcololstudio

Elegant, Elegant Bakery/Lounge Logo Design by LaVitaBella67

Elegant, Organic Logo Design by Basksh Designs

Green Spring Leaf by by ions

lil sparrow garden 2nd concept. by Badr

One line Art, Line Art Butterfly Logo. by Md Humayun Kabir

Personable, Fall Logo Design by *mary

Purple Butterfly Boutique by jaysonqbob

Spring ?? by Sofie Nilsson

Spring Daisy Flower by Alexxx

Spring Flower Gardening by LogoRU

spring leaves by Minna So

Upmarket, Feminine Floral Logo Design by sankar999

Upmarket, Green Spa, Wellness, Natural Healing by Birdcage

Upmarket, Wedding Logo Design by ThiagoB

Customize Your Spring Logo Today!

We hope your business found the best spring logo idea to make your brand bloom in the industry. Ensure you constantly create a lasting impression by adding your logo design to all aspects of your branding.

Add them to LinkedIn posts, letterheads, YouTube shorts, and more, depending on which platform you want to focus on. Grow your audience with a spring logo today.

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