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56 Soothing Herbal Logo Ideas

Graphic Design56 Soothing Herbal Logo Ideas

Let people know you can soothe their pain through your herbal logo, from self-care products to medicinal remedies. Get your brand noticed and reach your intended market through your logo design.

Learn how to create an effective logo design with a herbal theme and get ideas below.

Creating An Effective Herbal Logo

What’s the first thing you think of when we say herbal? Herbs are incorporated into medicine and food to help improve your health.

As a business owner that wants to promote the all-natural way and help promote eco-friendliness, a herbal logo is the best for you. Despite the limited knowledge of herbal medicine, your business doesn’t have to focus on that side to use this logo design technique.

A herbal logo shines because it promotes environmental awareness and says you only use sustainable materials and sell such merchandise.

Make sure you use a readable font style for your business name and main image, like illustrations or pictures that make up your herbal design. You can have a color palette focused on the green itself or a trending one that reflects earthy tones like a muted color scheme.

Either way, as long as you think it fits your brand identity that fits your business, your herbal logo will reflect your business’s values and make you stand out from the competition. Proceed below to find the perfect design for your business.

56 Herbal Logos for Modern Apothecaries

Are you looking for ideas to help create a herbal logo that fits your brand? We’ve got you covered. Get inspiration from the templates below.

We separated the logo designs into three types to help you see a more detailed view of your business.

Leaf Logos

The most common design for herbal design is a leaf logo idea. Depending on the pattern you want, the templates below may improve the perception of your market towards you and your environmental cause.

Pair your leaf logo with unique typography and catch the attention of your market. Check out the designs eco-friendly designs below.

Ayurveda by Abdullah Al Sayeed

Bold, Company Logo Design by Roy

Bold, Sophisticated health and wellness Logo Design by MBARO

Bold, Supplement Supplement Logo Design by LogoShop

Elegant, Coffee Logo Design by happybrain design

Elegant, Leaf Cannabis Producer & Retailer Logo Design by Magic of Art

healthy life by Boris Rayich

Herb Logo Design by Mario

Herbal by Mykola Striletc

Herbal Leaves Logo by ponuppo

Kratom Leaf – Logo Design by Nazmul Hossan

Natural Autumn Leaf by J-lao

Natural Cannabis Leaf by Mypen

Serious, Clinic Logo Design by ultramarin

Serious, Tea Health Product Logo Design by wonderland

Sun Leaf Agriculture by marcololstudio

Tea brand logo design – Erb. by Emir Kudic

Medicine Logos

Next are medicine logos. Maybe you’re a business selling soothing balms or essential oils or even a pharmacy that sells supplements and other medicines that aid in the well-being of your clients; these medicine logo ideas below are for you.

Bold, Supplement Supplement Logo Design by ecorokerz

Company Logo Design by Logocraft

Elegant, Business Alternative Medicine Logo Design by R16

Elegant, Simple Health And Wellness Logo Design by wonderland

Green Herbal Medicine by SimplePixelSL

Herbal Elements Logo by Kyle John Hollings

Herbal Eyebright Logo by Serbaneka Studio

Herbal Food Bowl by ArvinP

Herbal Leaf Kombucha Bottle by marcololstudio

Herbal Leaf Salad Bowl by marcololstudio

Herbal Medicine Bowl by FishDesigns61025

Herbal Mortar and Pestle by Mypen

Letter S Logo Design by Alin Ionita

Organic logo concept by Nasir Uddin

Serious, Company Health And Wellness Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Simple Herbal Leaf Bowl by Mypen

World Herbal | Logo Design by MD SAJIB HOSSAIN

Tea Logos

Lastly, we have tea logos. When we talk about herbal, tea is one of the go-tos because of its flavor profiles and soothing effects on the drinker.

From chamomile that helps ease headaches to green tea that helps your digestive system better, these herbal teas comfort you and your customers. But they are not cures, so go to the doctor if the ailment makes you uneasy.

Design a tea logo to tell your market that you have a variety of flavors that they’ll love. Get inspiration below.

Bold, Tea It Company Logo Design by cheezO

Elegant, Coffee Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Glitter Tea by Bau Delusa

Green Herbal Tea Cup by town

Herbal Citrus Tea Cup by marcololstudio

Herbal Coffee Cup by SimplePixelSL

Herbal Green Tea by marcololstudio

Hot Tea Leaf Cup by marcololstudio

Lemon Herbal Teapot by marcololstudio

Matcha M by Andrew Brynjulson

Modern, Company Health And Wellness Logo Design by ecorokerz

Modern, Store Logo Design by DigitalArt

Modern, Tea Business Logo Design by Pixel Desert

Natural Herbal Tea by marcololstudio

Natural Tea Logo by zaqilogo

negative space logo by Skull King

Organic Herbal Cup by town

Personable, Business Logo Design by sankar999

Tea Party Logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

TeaHouse – Logo Design ?? by Jeroen van Eerden

Traditional, Surf Logo Design by Christopher.Min

Upmarket, Unique Health Logo Design by Riff Tyrannosaur

Customize A Herbal Logo Today!

Found any design you’d love to try using for your business? Don’t forget to incorporate them into your brand identity, like business cards, TikTok posts, animated posts, and more.

Grab the attention of your market with your herbal logo today!

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