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56 Fun Retro Logos Collection

Graphic Design56 Fun Retro Logos Collection

In today’s ever-changing design world, business owners like you are constantly seeking ways to create a lasting impact on their customers.

If you’re looking for a unique logo, retro logos might be the best choice! In this article, we’ll check out our collection of retro designs to help you find the perfect logo for your business. 

After choosing a logo, you can pair it with the best brand name using our business name generator tool for full-force branding to capture your customers’ attention.

Let’s dive into the world of retro design!

When To Use Retro Logos?

Choosing the ideal logo in a fast-changing design landscape can be challenging. But one design remains consistent and appeals to people of all ages: retro logos.

But when should you use one for your business? Let’s find out:

Heritage and Tradition: A retro logo can be a powerful choice if your brand has a rich history or a story deeply rooted in the past. It pays homage to your heritage and conveys a sense of tradition and longevity, instilling trust and credibility in your audience.

Niche Markets: Retro logos are especially compelling for businesses targeting niche markets. They resonate with audiences who appreciate authenticity and a genuine connection. Whether looking for a vintage store logo, a classic diner, or a vinyl record store logo, a retro logo can instantly communicate your brand’s essence.

Vintage and Handcrafted Products: If your business specializes in vintage or handcrafted products, a retro logo can reinforce the uniqueness and craftsmanship of your offerings. It adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance, making your brand memorable in a crowded market.

Rebranding and Refreshing: If you’re considering rebranding or simply want to refresh your brand identity, a retro logo can be a game-changer. It helps you strike a balance between the familiarity of the past and the freshness of the present, attracting loyal customers and new audiences.

Retro Logo Design Ideas

Discover a world of creativity and nostalgia in this section. Here, we explore various retro design approaches to inspire your brand’s unique identity. Dive into the past and infuse your logo with timeless charm.

We’ve divided them into three major categories just for you. Check them out below:

Circle Retro Logos

Embrace the harmony of classic design with circular logos. These versatile and balanced shapes bring a touch of elegance to your brand. Explore how circle retro logos can convey unity, continuity, and a sense of completeness to captivate your audience.

Check out circle logos here:

Crema Coffee Delivery Service by Dusan Sol

Logo for HUMBLE ABODE ON THE ROAD by cmpt_rules


Smith’s All Natural by Dusan Sol

Agriculture Logo by Skull King

Clothing Logo Design by wonderland

Colorful, Pink Logo Design by UMA 7

Colorful, Retro Restaurant Logo Design by TonyBishop

Traditional, Circle Aviation Logo Design by Kreative Fingers

Colorful, Green Logo Design by DJAM

Retro Logo Design by GLDesigns

Retro Logo Design by just_me

Playful, Old Logo Design by wonderland

Minivan Logo Design by Neil

Lumberjack Badge Letter by VinP

Generic Retro Brand by chavalenzuela

Retro Store Circle by RainDraft

Gaming Retro Logos

Dive into the pixelated world of nostalgia with gaming-inspired retro logos. Whether you’re in the gaming industry or simply want to infuse some retro gaming charm into your brand, this section will guide you on leveling up your logo design and connecting with gamers of all ages.

Browse through our collection of gaming logos here:


Level 256 by Almaz Safin

Arcade Games by Miki Arg

Rad Retro (Video-game Arcade Logo) by Kyle Galasi

Little Devil by Suhand

Modern, Retro Video games Logo Design by Reti Yuningsih

Playful, Cool Retro Ecommerce Site Logo Design by ARTchemist

Retro Games Logo Design by geni

Playful, Business Games Logo Design by yudaharv

Playful, Business Games Logo Design by Natasha Board

Retro Games Logo Design by Logo no 1

Playful, Business Games Logo Design by vpt_creations

Pixel Arcade Game by Mypen

Retro Arcade Video Game by Mypen

Retro Video Game Arcade by JimjemR

Retro Robot Gaming by BryC

Retro Arcade Game by JimjemR

Retro Gaming Joystick by Tuts

Retro Wordmark Logos

Words speak volumes, especially when crafted with a retro twist. Discover the art of wordmark logos that transport your brand back in time while retaining a contemporary edge. Check out the world of fonts, styles, and color palettes that make retro wordmarks a timeless choice for your business.

Choose one from our wordmark logos below:

Retro by Rafael Serra

Gastro Pub – 3D Layered Typeface by Jeremy Vessey

Flintstock – A Vintage Industrial Typeface by Jeremy Vessey

Pathways – A Script Typeface by Jeremy Vessey

Vitamin B Brewery by Nebojsa Matkovic

Berringer – A Vintage Sans Serif by Jeremy Vessey

Logo Design for a Pole dance studio Siren Chicago by Lunna Maslo

Modern, Text ANIMATION / COMIC Logo Design by Lykos

Elegant, 1980s Online Logo Design by mngkw

Radio Logo Design by ThiagoB

Feminine, Retro hand blown glass paraphernalia for marijuana Logo Design by design.picnic

Playful, Gift Shop Retro Ecommerce Site Logo Design by [n]visionDesign

Colorful, Yellow Cannabis Logo Design by Adi Graphics

Bold, Private Events Logo Design by GLDesigns

Bold, Retro Performing Art Logo Design by Rii

Bold, Blue Games Logo Design by FerTouch

Bold, Games Games Logo Design by alan manninz

Retro Business Company by Brandcrowd

Retro Gym Sports by vixiiiart

Retro Hipster Script by pia

Retro Type Boutique by Joebert

Design Your Retro Logo Today!

In a world where trends come and go, something is enduring about the charm of retro logos. Don’t hesitate to embrace the nostalgia, explore the possibilities, and experiment and craft a logo that tells your unique story.

Do you want to create your design? You can choose from our customizable templates above, made by our web designers, or generate a logo in just a few minutes using our logo maker tool. 

What are you waiting for? Get started with your logo design today.

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