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55 Man Logos For A Strong and Masculine Branding

Graphic Design55 Man Logos For A Strong and Masculine Branding

In a men-oriented business? Whether you are a sneaker store, barber shop, suit tailor, home repairer, personal trainer, or hip-hop artist, a well-designed man logo can make you stand out. 

Today, we’ve gathered a handsome collection of logos you can use as inspiration and some customizable templates that you can easily edit through our logo maker tool. We’ve also shared some secrets on what makes a great man logo, should you want to create one from scratch. 

Curious? Read on! 

How To Make An Effective Man Logo

Logos are the visual representation of a brand’s identity. Your logo should capture your brand’s message, value, and essence.

To create an effective logo, follow these simple steps: 

Think of your branding.

The right logo is suited for your target audience and one that instantly conveys your brand personality

What kind of image do you want to portray? Do you want to be seen as cool, cheerful, or strong? The right man to use in your design will depend on your answer. 

For example, a dapper gentleman wearing a suit is a great logo idea for an upscale tailor. A smiling teenage boy is for brands that want a youthful and friendlier vibe. A hip b-boyer wearing chains is perfect for tattoo artists or DJs. And so on. 

What appeals to your target audience should also be considered. A buff man is more relatable for gym-goers. At the same time, a strong warrior is a better fit for gamers. 

Research your competitors.

Competitor research is important for an effective logo design. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. This way, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.

You can go for a design that your competitors are doing so that you fit your industry’s standard. Or you can go in the complete opposite direction and make a unique logo to stand out.

Choose the right colors and typography.

Color can affect your audience’s perception of your brand. Yellow is seen as more cheerful, while green is seen as calming. Choose the color that is suited for your identity.

And according to studies, 57% of men prefer the color blue. Therefore blue logos are a safe choice for any men-oriented business. 

Your typography matters as well. Sans-serif fonts suit modern and techy brands. Traditional serif fonts can be used by brands that want to look more elegant and luxurious. 

Make sure it’s adaptable.

Your logo will be used in various places. Think of your potential marketing materials. Will it look good in a signage? How about printed on a T-shirt? Does it still look good if resized to fit a small sticker? And so on. 

Man Logo Design Examples

Ready to create your logo? Take a look first at our collection of logo designs for some inspiration. 

Elegant Logos

Elegant gentleman logos are used by men’s groomers, barber shops, or suit rentals. These tend to look more minimalist and stylish. 

Check out our collection of elegant logos below:

Unculture Shop V1.2 by Aldo Hysenaj

Gentleman logo design by Shahadet Hossain

M Smoking Man Wordmark Logo by Sazeed Ahmed

Prestige Cutz Barbershop by Ardian


Dapper Co. by Dusan Sol

Dapper by Philip Obando

Drink Logo Design by Donggala

Masculine, Gentleman Startup Logo Design by Amduat Design,

Bold, Sketch Alcohol Logo Design by alpino

Elegant, Elegant Home decor, by ArtTank

Elegant, May Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Masculine, Gold Logo Design by design.picnic

Guitar Musician Man by marcololstudio

Man Moustache Barbershop by Joemar

Hipster Mustache Man by JimjemR

Handsome Hipster Man by BryanPF

Beard Man Barbershop by Joebert

Mustache Man Smoking by marcololstudio

Colorful Logos

These logo designs are for businesses that want to look friendlier and approachable. These are usually delivery apps, restaurants, or kid clothing stores. They also tend to feature boy logos or teens.

Colorful logos are great for brands that want to make a bold and graphic statement. Check them out here: 

Old beard man esport gaming logo by Shamim H.

Sandwich King by Bebak

Handsome Boy Logo by Joeragan Design

Old farmer logo by camaxtli

Sci Fi Project by Aldo Hysenaj

GlazeFace by Bebak

Playful, Vintage Baking Logo Design by design.picnic

Traditional, Mayor Logo Design by simple mind

Heart Logo Design by nzdesigners

Playful, Baseball Logo Design by ThiagoB

Masculine, Company Party Planning Logo Design by Sofia Pereira

Professional, Cartoon Logo Design by emptyboxgraphics

Popcorn Man Cinema by Clee

Creative Man Paint by yhinna

Arm Flex Muscle Man by ions

Masculine Delivery Man by town

Beer Sailor Man by town

Hipster Vape Man by radkedesign

Strong Logos

Strong, wild, or fierce these are the words you’ll think of when seeing this logo concept. These are suited for gaming teams, hip-hop artists, or gyms. 

Scroll down to see our samples:

Hammer Man logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Running Man Logo Sketch by Aditya Chhatrala

Man Muscle Logo by Widydm

Bodybuilder gym muscle sport logo by Heavtryq

Strong man by Nick Molokovich

Logo for the gym by Nick Molokovich

Logo for Massa Muscular by Suhandi

Bold, Company Logo Design by banto212

Bold, Blue Logo Design by ally designs

Masculine, Lean Logo Design by Danial07

Lean Logo Design by DesignNext

Grown Logo Design by tejo

Lightning Superhero Man by JasonND

Old Man Laborer by town

Strong Muscle Man by jaysonqbob

Old Man Cartoon by town

Marathon Runner Man by town

Muscular Man Bodybuilder by Riri

Design Your Man Logo Today!

If you made it this far, congratulations! You are now ready to create your own logo.

But if you need further help, we got you! You can hire a designer at DesignCrowd or head on to our easy-to-use AI logo generator. We also have social media templates like the Instagram Story maker to help you market your business.

One last tip. Whether you are using an abstract silhouette or creating a male mascot, it is important to ensure that it accurately represents the personality you want. Your logo should serve as a visual embodiment of your brand’s persona. 

We hope the article has helped you. Good luck with your design journey! 

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