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54 Nursery Logos That Are Full of Charm

Graphic Design54 Nursery Logos That Are Full of Charm

Planning to start a nursery school? You might have already hired a great staff, planned many fun activities, and prepared a great space. One thing you shouldn’t forget, though, is your logo design. 

Your nursery logo will serve as your central visual identity — it should tell parents you have a warm and friendly environment while inspiring trust and safety. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to create a logo suitable for your nursery with the help of BrandCrowd tools like our logo generator and show you a compilation of charming logo designs that will inspire you. 

Effective Logo-Making Tips For Your Nursery

A great logo is simple, memorable, and effectively communicates the identity of your nursery school. Whether you want to make a mascot, a text logo that spells out your nursery name, or use a minimalist line art, make sure to read the tips below first before starting your logo creation:  

  1. Choose an icon to represent your nursery

Embrace the power of iconography! If you don’t know what it is, it’s the practice of using well-known symbols or images to convey a message instantly. 

For instance, icons associated with children and education instantly convey that you are a nursery school. Some examples are building blocks, books, crayons, or toy castles. 

Icons can also be used to communicate the values and theme of your nursery. For instance, choose a paintbrush icon or colorful handprints if your nursery focuses on artistic activities. 

You can also use more abstract themes. An example is using plant or flower logos to symbolize nurture and growth. Or joined hands to symbolize cooperation and friendship. 

  1. Use bright and fun colors

Bright colors like yellow, light pink, sky blue, or lime green work best since they give off a happy and approachable vibe. Try pairing these colors with a white background to give contrast and make your logo stand out more. 

Orange logos are famous for childcare businesses as orange symbolizes playfulness and youth. You can also experiment with multicolored logo designs (think of the logo of Toys R Us). 

  1. Pair it with the correct font

With kids and parents as your primary target audience, avoiding stiff and old-school fonts is best. Look for creative and informal fonts to make your nursery more approachable and welcoming. You can also go for handwritten logos for a human and personal touch. 

Some options are Good Unicorn, Wonderbar, and Scribblebox. If you want to keep it simple, you can also use fonts like Andika, Bubblegum Sans, and Gill Sans Infant Std, which are less whimsical but still look playful. 

  1. Keep it balanced

While nursery logos are supposed to look bright and colorful, you don’t want them to look too childish or amateurish. You still want to be seen as professional, someone parents can trust. 

The rule is to keep it balanced. Keep the rest simple if you already have a standout element in your design. 

For example, keep your typography simple if you’re using a vibrant yellow and orange color palette. If you’re using a playful font, it’s better to pair it with muted pastel colors. And so on.   

Nursery Logo Design Examples

Ready to design your logo? Head on to our logo generator tool to get started. You can also browse our samples first to get inspired and find elements you can incorporate into your design. We divided them into three categories: 

Kid Logos

What more can symbolize your nursery than using a kid illustration in your logo? You can also use a mother and child, a baby, or a stylized kid character. 

Browse our collection here:

My Busy Kids / Logo Design by Viktor Mykhailyk

Baby boy – doodle icon by Svetlana Shevliakova

Kids’R’Kids ver.4 by Standpoint

Kids’R’Kids ver. 3 by Standpoint

FunMeToys by Andrii Kovalchuk???? 

Kids Logo Concept by vinsdesign_

Letter B Silhouette Baby Logo by dmarza

Kidotel Logo by Rani Siddique

Good Rizqi Sensory Play Logo by by Eman Basty

The New Kids Logo Design by R A H A J O E

Bag Head Boy by R A H A J O E

Kids Being Kids Logo by Clay Hider

Child Hugging Dad by Victor Titus Apit

Poster Child Logo by Poster Child

#kids-logo by Imam Wijanarko

Toddle – Children’s Clothing & Accessories by Lucy Walker

Kid king logo by Blend.nin

Logo for a kids clothing brand by Darya Kovaleva 

???? by LilyChan

Baby logo design by Md. Akash

Animal Logos

Cute animals can serve as a mascot for your business. Businesses use mascots to appeal to children and create an emotional connection with their audience. Our samples show designs filled with cute giraffes, friendly teddy bears, and fluffy bunnies.

Kidog Illustrations by Emmanuel Oquendo

Crococo by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Honey tweed by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Baby Bird by Hasan Almas 

littledog by sahri ramadhan 

Tiny Black Royalty by Omega-Pixel

smart bunny logo by vina.R

Personal Branding by Singgih Nugroho

Logo Design by Mario Uranjek

Bee Hive Logo Design by Ruku Moni

Kid and Dolphin by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Craw Cloths by Unnati Chauhan

PabySong Logo design by RyannnStudio

Kangaroo Mom And Baby Logo by Mk4gfx

Cat Chat Logo by Mk4gfx

Lovely Pets Logo by Mk4gfx

Logo for children’s clothing brand by Volha Paulava

Blueberry berry by Tamara Radke

Smashing Baby by Tim Lum

Dear Book by Alexandra Erkaeva

Objects Logos

As mentioned earlier, icons are a great way to communicate your nursery’s message. Use objects like a rocking horse, baby bottles, toy castles, flags, rockets, stars, and other objects associated with kids for maximum appeal.

Cute Nursery Pacifier by marcololstudio

Rocket Launch Nursery Logo J-lao

Funny Jester Music town

Child Nursery Puzzle by BryC

Kitten Baby Pacifier by SimplePixelSL

Star Baby Stroller by SimplePixelSL


beer baby logo by Nilesh Solanki

Typographic logo – Playful logo design by MEGA MALIK

Pampering PATHways Logo by Kaitlyn Kirk

Baby webshop logo design by Boros Viktor

Food Baby – Logo Design by Hatypo Studio

Baby Apparel Brand Logo – Bloom & Baby by Mohammed Mayat

Mommy & Baby by Dragisa Trojancevic

Create Your Own Nursery Logo Today!

Branding can make a huge difference in parents choosing your nursery over the others. A professionally designed logo will make you look more credible and trustworthy and show you have the utmost care for your nursery. 

However, being professional doesn’t mean being boring. Nursery logos usually look colorful and bright to attract attention and appeal to kids. Try using cute characters, poppy colors, and fun fonts to give your logo a whimsical feel.

To make your nursery even more successful, try promoting yourself on social media. Use our templates for Facebook covers, Facebook Events, Instagram Posts, and many more. 

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