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50 Startup Logos To Pioneer Your Success

Graphic Design50 Startup Logos To Pioneer Your Success

What makes a successful startup? It takes a strong product, a collaborative team, and a well-researched marketing strategy. But one thing you shouldn’t forget is your branding your logo design.

A great startup logo can greatly affect how well your target audience will remember and recognize your business. It should be memorable and unique to help you stand out in a sea of aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Join us as we look at various innovative startup logos that you can easily customize through our logo maker tool. Let’s dive in! 

How to Design A Startup Logo?

Designing a logo is more than just randomly putting shapes and colors together. It’s about carefully crafting an image that accurately represents your brand’s identity, personality, and beliefs. 

Here are some tips that will help you when creating your logo:

Understand your brand

It’s important that you know and understand your brand deeply before you even start designing your logo. 

Ask yourself these questions: What does my startup stand for? What are my values and beliefs? What problems or issues can I solve? What kind of identity do I want to be known for? Who is my target audience? 

Knowing all of these can help you in your design process.

Research, research, research

Look at the logos in your industry to know what works and what doesn’t. Study trends and see if there are some elements you can incorporate into your design. Research what your target audience likes so that you can create a logo that appeals to them.

Be minimalist

Minimalist design is all the rage these days, especially for tech companies and app developers. Stick to a simple clean look and flat 2D design. 

Minimalist logos are great since they are more flexible and adaptable compared to intricate logos. Simpler designs mean it’s easier to adjust to smaller screens since the logo will still be readable. There are also fewer details or graphic elements that may be lost in translation.

But don’t be afraid to be creative!

Minimalist doesn’t mean boring. You can create a creative logo design even if you are keeping it simple. Play around with negative space, try conceptual designs, experiment with the alignment of your text, or create texture in your logo design.

Use the right color

The color of your logo has an effect on how your customers perceive you. Blue is seen as stable and reliable, which is why blue logos are a tech startup favorite. Red is seen as bold and powerful. While orange is associated with energy and positivity.

Choose the color that is best suited to the personality and identity that you want to portray. If you are planning to use multiple colors, take note of color theory and choose colors that will complement each other.

Pair your logo with a catchy name

Your startup name plays a huge role in your success as well. Choose one that is catchy, easy to remember, and unique.

If you don’t have a name yet, don’t fret! Our business name generator is here to help you. Simply enter a few prompts and we’ll give out suggestions to you. Best of all, we also give logo ideas to go along with your name so you can easily visualize what your branding will look like. Give it a try!

Startup Logo Design Examples

We’ve compiled a list of logo ideas and customizable templates that you can use to make your startup dreams a reality. Check them out below:

Cool-colored Startup Logos

Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are popular for tech startups, software developers, and rideshares. Use this if you want to be seen as modern and innovative.

Check out cool-colored logos here:

Logo by Zeeshan Ali

Logo by Saima Rehan

Jetpack Flip Game Logo by KV

Playosity – logo for game platform by White Site

Foodie Finder | Food delivery startup branding | Logo design by

Restaurant logo by 0TAK0

Tezono – Logo Design by Ashfuq Hridoy | Logo Designer

Dinofel by Ashfuq Hridoy | Logo Designer

Startup logo mark by Ahmed creatives

Around / New Logo by musho for Around

Crypto Startup Logo by tubik

yamaguchi logo y letter logo by Rony Pa – Logo Designer

Stay Cool by Marc

Cool Dog by Deeezy

BingoPizza by Victoria Poyarkova

Cool Orange Shoe by BryC

Orb Airflow Cooling by Clee

Colorful Letter D Company by ions

Propeller Ventilation Cooling by Clee

Colorful Startup Business Letter Q by KrystianPL

Warm-colored Startup Logos

Warm colors like red, yellow, orange, and pink are used by brands that want to be known as dynamic and passionate. E-commerce businesses, design agencies, or food startups use these. 

Bold colors like these can catch the attention of just about anyone. Get inspired below:

Technology Cube Startup by eightyLOGOS

Colorful Tech Symbol by ions

Colorful African Map by SimplePixelSL

Colorful Eye Media by town

Colorful Business Letter S by ernestjdx

Orange Diamonds Jewelry by MDS

Colorful Geometric Letter S by ions

Colorful Digital Tech by BryanPF

Colorful Letter M Lines by FrancesDC

Crocodile Brand Startup by christophers15

Dark-colored Startup Logos

Blacks, grays, and silvers are for entrepreneurs aiming for a traditional or classic feel. 

Browse our samples below:

Coco Loco Logo (Dark) BY Julian Gaviria

Double Ü stamped BY TRÜF

Sunshine Startup Logo Design BY Rishi Shah

Pod Logo on Black BY DEZGN Studio

Audio Punch – White Background BY Arash Hamdami

Import Dubai Auto BY Reynard Aditya

NONAP Co. BY Mohsen Kazem

EMILY ART BY Kirill Ushakov


in2rest BY Reynard Aditya

Startup Cube Letter Z by BryAd

Origami Startup Business Letter G by jaysonqbob

Infinity Startup Loop by town

Software Tech Startup by vixiiiart

Luxury Star Startup by Clee

Technology Generic Tech Startup by town

Dark House Door by ernestjdx

Delivery Food Truck by BryAd

Asian Noodles Food by yulianrhmn

Office Building Hexagon by Clee

Get Started on Your Startup Logo Today!

According to studies, 20% of small businesses fail within their first year. But it doesn’t have to be you! Follow our tips above on how to create a strong logo that will make a mark on your customer’s mind. We also have articles on mistakes that startups make and how you can avoid them to further guide you. 

Don’t underestimate the power of marketing and promotion as well. Use our templates for business cards, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn posts to spread the word about your business. 

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

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