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50 Protection Logos To Build Your Brand Integrity

Graphic Design50 Protection Logos To Build Your Brand Integrity

Whether you’re a security agency, antivirus company, hospital, or bank, a well-designed protection logo is what you need to make your customers feel safe and secure in your business. 

If you want to create your protection logo, you’re in luck! Below are some logo ideas you can use to inspire your design. No graphic design experience? Don’t worry; we also listed logo templates that you can easily customize through our beginner-friendly logo maker tool. 

Let’s start! 

How To Design A Protection Logo

Safe, secure, and stable those words you want to be associated with, especially if you’re in an industry that safeguards your customers. 

How do you do this? The answer is your logo. A logo that conveys protection is essential in crafting a reputable image for your business and building your brand integrity.

Here are some tips on how to design a suitable logo:

  1. Use icons related to protection and security

Iconography is the art of using recognizable icons to convey your message instantly. For example, we all know that a speech bubble means chat, and a magnifying glass means search.

The same logic applies to your logo. Use icons related to protection to let your customers know they can feel safe with you. These can be shields, armor, locks, and many more.

Make sure to choose an icon that matches your industry. For example, home security companies can use cameras, locksmiths can use keys, and clinics can use face masks. 

  1. Choose bold fonts

Bold and blocky fonts are well-suited for this type of logo. This is because heavier fonts can give off a feeling of reliability and strength, unlike thin or wavy fonts. 

Some fonts that you can use are Arial, Roboto, and Impact. Avoid fonts that have a lot of flourishes or fancy styling. It’s better to go for clean, bold, and straightforward.

  1. Play with geometry

Geometric logos are a popular design choice. Each shape portrays a specific feeling that anyone can understand and recognize.

Want to apply geometry to your protection logo? Use rectangles or squares. The heaviness and solidness of these shapes convey a sense of stability and security. 

Geometric logos are also loved because of their versatility. Try to play around with perception, depth, 3D, or layering multiple shapes over each other. Don’t limit yourself to basic shapes, either! Feel free to use a hexagon, pentagon, or rhombus.

Protection Logo Design Examples

Ready to start designing? First, consider different design ideas and concepts to get your creative mind running. We’ve divided them into three categories below: 

Shield Logos

Nothing says protection more than a shield! This icon is perfect for Free VPN services, antivirus software, and cybersecurity agencies.

Whether you want a clean and modern 2D shield logo or an intricate medieval-style shield, we’ve got you covered. Browse our samples below:

Oak Sheild BY dhikmaaa

SHIELD_A BY Filippo Albanese

Ninja Sheild Logo BY TesignLab ?

BEAR SHEILD BY marvadesign_

Fistshield BY Garisztemu

ROCKET SHEILD BY Minhauzul Sohan

Gaurdstle logo design with Castle + Sheild Gaurd + G letter BY Logo Eden

H + I + Sheild BY Bowo

CCMTB Sheild BY Darren Ansley

Love + Sheild BY Logo Eden

Green Leaf Shield by ions

Shield Crown Crest by marcololstudio

Soccer Ball Shield by spayro

Modern Shield Letter U by town

Gold Royalty Shield by RainDraft

Generic Star Shield by MDS

Red Keyhole Shield by town

Golden Letter Emblem by Brandcrowd

Shield Security Orbit Mask by MDS

Red Shield Letter by Brandcrowd

Lock Logos

Make your customers feel safe with a lock logo! You can also use a key logo. These icons are perfect for security agencies, locksmiths, or banks. 

Scroll down to view more:

Lock Logo BY Daniel Nguyen

Home Lock Logo BY Scott Slagsvol

Lock Logo design BY Anil Nayak

Home Lock Logo BY Mr Murad

Lion lock BY Andrii Kovalchuk????

Lock Logo Design BY Marko Bulatovic

Lock Icon BY Faruk Aslan

Lock Icon BY Molly Gertenbach

American Lock & Safe BY Andrew Wiseman

Lock Logo Icon BY Joe Taylor

Security Cloud Lock by Riri

Magnet Lock Security by shad

Sim Card Lock by SimplePixelSL

Blue Mouse Lock by JimjemR

Cloud Circuit Lock by Riri

Green Eco Security Lock by ions

Digital Security Lock by ions

Light Bulb Lock by MusiqueDesign

Metal Lock Security by lazeefish

Swan Lock by SimplePixelSL

Abstract Logos

Want to be more creative with your logo? You can look more abstract and use icons that subtly portray security without being too literal. 

These could be animals like a protective Doberman, a fierce eagle, or a strong bull. Some other icons you can use are castles, fortresses, armor, or swords. You can also go for abstract geometric shapes or lines. 

Pillar Insurance Protection by marcololstudio

Global Environment Protection by SimplePixelSL

Shield Protect Letter B by VinP

Shield Lung Protection by Alexxx

Protection Shield Letter M by vixiiiart

Secure Protection Shield Letter J by spayro

Protective Face Mask Shield by MDS

Green Abstract Shape by JimjemR

Work Shield Protection by SimplePixelSL

Business Company Protection by ions

Create Your Protection Logo Now!

There you have it! We hope our tips above have helped you. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or if there is a logo design that you want us to explore next.

If you’re ready to start your design journey, we got you covered. Our host of tools can make your editing process easier. Check out our AI logo generator, business name generator, and Facebook cover maker. You can also hire a designer here at DesignCrowd. 

Get started on your protection logo today! 

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