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50 Ornament Logos To Elevate Your Brand

Graphic Design50 Ornament Logos To Elevate Your Brand

Whether you’re a jewelry brand, wellness spa, cosmetics, or granite business, an intricate and beautiful ornament logo is exactly what you need to showcase the level of craftsmanship and artistry that goes into your business. 

Want to add the same touch of elegance to your brand as well? In this article, we’ve curated a list of beautiful ornament logo design concepts that will surely inspire you. Some of these templates can be easily customized through our logo maker tool. But if you want to design one on your own, we got you covered! We also shared some tips below on what to remember when creating one from scratch. 

Curious? Let’s get into it! 

How To Design An Ornament Logo

Ornamentation is defined as the decoration that is used to embellish an object, artwork, or building. 

It has its roots in architecture. You can see it in the scrollworks in Ionic capitals, in the running dog pattern from Roman buildings, on anthemion petals on ancient Greek moldings, to the strapworks found in Islamic metalworks. 

Ornamentation began as a luxury. The more embellished your building was, the richer you were. This is why logo designers use ornaments in logos to signify luxury and glamor. 

However, it’s not limited to just portraying sophistication. An example is Mandala art, which is a symbol of peace and spirituality. Another is tessellation, which can be used to signify symmetry and precision. 

As you can see, this decorative logo type is incredibly versatile and can fit various industries. Want to use one for your business? Here’s how you can design one: 

Define your brand identity

The first step towards creating any logo is to know your brand identity. Do you want to be seen as elegant and sophisticated? High-class and luxurious? Or artistic and creative? And so on. 

By clearly defining what image you want to portray to your audience, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on how to design your logo. You’ll be able to choose the right design style and pick the right ornament or embellishment to use. 

Use ornate elements

Ornament logos are known for their intricate and artistic details. Use filigree, vines, flowers, swirls, fractals, tiling, or other decorative elements that will fit your brand’s personality. 

Pick the right color and font

The right colors and typography will also enhance your final look. 

For example, colors like gold or silver will emphasize that luxurious feeling. While going for a bold color palette can make you look more modern. Make sure you choose colors that work together to achieve harmonious coloring in your design. 

Choose a font that will complement your ornate elements as well. Cursive logos will work great paired with swirls, while a simple sans-serif font will be a better match for a colorful and busy geometric pattern. 

Ornament Logo Design Examples

Want to get more inspiration? Take a look at our examples below. We divided them into three categories:

Intricate Pattern Logos

Want to add a touch of sophistication to your brand? Go for classic ornamentations like filigree and scrollwork. These flowy and curved patterns can be used as a border or frame for your business name. 

These designs give off a sense of luxury and glamor. Browse our samples here:

Flower Ornament by Jon Howell

Infinity ornament by Shota Gochitashvili

ornament by Speeding

ornament by Saeed

Flourishing round ornament by Dmitry Mayer


Floral ornament by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Intricate by Andrii Mazurok

Flower Ornament by Mikylangela | Logo Designer

Georgian Ornament by Nanka Baghaturia

pattern by Speeding

Georgian Ornament by Nanka Baghaturi

Intricate Mandala Textile by eyed

Intricate Meditation Art by eyed

Intricate Hexagon Decor by CreativePixels

Golden Curvy Pattern by MDS

Herbal Leaf Pattern by town

Intricate Gradient Mandala by Bryan

Intricate Flower Ornament by CreativePixels

Intricate Nature Ornament by MDS

Intricate Star Company by CreativePixels

Luxury Intricate Pattern by CreativePixels

Orange Intricate Hexagon Pattern by royallogo

Golden Flower Pattern by royallogo

Floral Pattern Logos

Flowers, vines, leaves, and tree roots are also commonly seen in ornament logos. These are great if you want your brand to look delicate and soft, or if you want to portray a natural and organic image to your customers. 

Moroccan Tile Pattern by eyed

Leaf Flower Pattern by Alexxx

Spring Flower Pattern by J-lao

Flower Petal Pattern by royallogo

Yellow Floral Pattern by shen02

Floral Bohemian Pattern by shen02

Star Floral Pattern by SimplePixelSL

Square Floral Pattern by royallogo

Magenta Floral Pattern by MDS

Crown People Charity by town

Geometric Pattern Logos

Looking for something modern? You can also try geometric logos filled with angular shapes, chevrons, or zigzag lines. Intricate mandalas and tessellations also fall under this category.

Scroll down to see our samples: 

Intricate M logo design by Martín Penta

pattern by Suttlefish_design

A by Kitchen Sink Creative

Logo Design for Ghozali Family by Yefta Soteros Yusak for Kreatif Ninja Official

Sithroo_Logo by EDIFÉ

H&H Monogram Letter Logo Design by Faikar | Logo Designer

Line Art Logo by heru maulana

Star by José

Minimalist Geometric Tech Pattern by JerwinDC

Floral Tile Pattern by mareena

Elegant Floral Tile Pattern by azus

Design Studio Geometric Pattern by CreativePixels

Geometric Colorful Pattern by eyed

Geometric Hexagon Pattern by Bryan

Geometric Pattern Company by DanikBrt

Geometric Tile Pattern by azus

Create Your Ornament Logo Today!

Ornament logos convey a sense of beauty, timelessness, and high artistry and craftsmanship. Whether you go for a subtle embellishment or go all out on an intricate crest, an ornament logo can surely make you stand out. 

Need help in creating one? You can hire a designer here at DesignCrowd or check out our easy-to-use AI logo generator tool in BrandCrowd. 

Once you’re done, you can also flaunt your beautiful new logo on your business cards or email signature

We hope the article above has helped you. Till next time! 

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