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50 Neon Logos To Make Your Brand Shine Bright

Graphic Design50 Neon Logos To Make Your Brand Shine Bright

Neon is a bright and vibrant color that can catch anyone’s eye. It’s usually associated with nightlife and city life, especially if the neon lights are backlit with darker colors like black or midnight blue. 

Want to emulate the vibrant hustle and bustle of the streets of New York Times Square or the Shibuya crosswalk? Or portray the fun and electric vibe of a club? Try a neon logo! These radiant logo designs are perfect for a dynamic brand identity and make you stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

So scroll down now to view our tips on creating your neon logos, and browse our collection of colorful logo designs that can help you catch your customer’s attention. 

Tips For Creating Neon Logos

What sets neon logos apart from other logotypes is their unique aesthetic. The vibrant colors, luminous neon lighting, and dynamic shapes give it a sense of energy and excitement that is unmatched. It’s perfect for any business that aims to portray the same power and vibe.

To create your neon logo, take note of the following:

Use neon colors and lights

It might seem like obvious advice, but this is the most important step! Neon logos are recognizable due to these two elements, so you must get this right. 

Use the “fluorescent” version of your colors. These can be lime green, bright cyan, electric orange, neon yellow, cherry red, hot pink, or proton purple. 

Neon colors also stand out when placed on a dark background. Use black, midnight blue, or indigo.

Neon colors look great when paired together. Learn the basics of color theory to find out which colors look best together. We can suggest electric blue with bright orange and neon green with sunny yellow. 

The “lighting” can be done through a glow effect in your design platform of choice. You may even add some animation or flashing light effects to make it more dynamic. And if you want a physical version of your logo, you can add LED lighting when you transform it into signage. 

Try pairing it with retro designs

Neon and retro have always been paired together, especially since it brings forth the nostalgic charm of old-school style diners or bowling alleys. Try to emulate that in your logo using retro icons such as cassette tapes, roller skates, gameboys, analog TVs, or 90s-style sunglasses. 

You can also use some bubbly and chunky retro-inspired fonts such as Super Magic, Astral Delight, or Titania for a cool Y2K logo.

But don’t be limited to one style.

While yes, retro is the most popular style for neon logos, you don’t have to be boxed into that aesthetic. Neon is supposed to be fun and dynamic, so feel free to experiment! You can use neon for a compelling abstract logo graphic, a bold splash of color for a minimalist geometric logo, a neon glow to a modern wordmark, or a fluorescent color palette for a comic-book-inspired illustration. The possibilities are endless!

Neon Logo Design Examples

Let’s explore our compilation of captivating neon logo designs that will grab your attention. 

We’ve grouped them into three categories for you:

Neon Bar Logos

These logos are filled with luminous icons of disco balls, DJs, loudspeakers, guitars, wine, or a beautiful lady. You can also use a tropical beach illustration if you have a beach bar, roller skates if you have a disco bar or a saxophone if you have a jazz lounge. 

Scroll down to see our ideas: 

Neon Logo Mockup by Pixelbuddha

Neon logo by Robiul Hasan

Beerhouse by Inga Kusnierz

Tropic Bar Logo Design by Jelena Drobac

Neon Light Logo by Reda Fitriani

Wounded Spirits Bar Neon Sign by Jenny Huang

NEON CLUB LOGO by Praveen Soni

Neon by Anna Kagirova

shoro neon by Half & Half

Neon Beer Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Drinking Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Bar Drink By Brandcrowd

Neon Music Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Cocktail Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Beer Bottles Bar Sign By Brandcrowd

Cocktail Neon Bar By Brandcrowd

Bright Neon Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Light Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Beer Drinking Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Resto Logos

Here you can find electric food illustrations – from burgers, milkshakes, seafood, sushi, popcorn, and many more. Whether you have a retro-inspired diner or an all-night convenience store, these logos can work.

Get mesmerized by our restaurant logo samples here:

Neon Shot Glass Drinks By Brandcrowd

Neon Movie Popcorn By Brandcrowd

Neon Green Wordmark By Brandcrowd

Modern Neon Sign By Brandcrowd

Billiard Cocktail Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Liquor SignBy Brandcrowd

Star Music Bar By Brandcrowd

Neon Coconut Drink By Brandcrowd

Neon Tropical Cocktail Glass By Brandcrowd

Neon Cocktail Drink By Brandcrowd


“Closing Time” Neon Logo by Nick Kassebaum

Tolbar by Nol Cobben

Neon Sign by Luke Etheridge (Proud Designs)

Neon Logo by José Velázquez

Neon Retrogram (80’s Neon Style Logo) by Alfy J Harvey

neon logo by Amimul Ehsan

Neon Logo Design by Sara Khan

Neon Sparkle neon logo design with neon effect by Design Sea

HAWK by Manuele Carlini

Neon Modern Logos

While neon logos are popularly used by bars and restaurants, other businesses can use them, too. You can have a neon wordmark logo with your brand name backlit with fluorescent colors or an abstract pictorial logo with a neon color palette. Any industry can use this, whether you have a mobile app, gaming team, hair salon, clothing brand, or vape store. 

Check out some logo ideas below: 

Glitch Neon Business By Brandcrowd

Modern Neon Light By Brandcrowd

Modern Neon Wordmark By Brandcrowd

Neon Futuristic Gamer By Brandcrowd

Retro Neon Game By Brandcrowd

Neon Lights Letter CE By Brandcrowd

Modern Minimalist Letter M By Brandcrowd

Neon Infinite Loop By Brandcrowd

Neon Clock Time By Brandcrowd

Neon Bulb Meter By Brandcrowd

Design Your Neon Logo Today! 

And that’s it! Did you find a logo design that you like?

Whether you opt for a retro neon logo, a colorful graphic illustration, or a minimalist design, we got you covered. Our platform offers beginner-friendly tools to help you create your logo. Choose a template that you like, customize as much as you want, and download to use. It’s that easy!

We also have tons of marketing templates that you can use to promote your business. Check out our templates to create your own snazzy Facebook Event Cover, a glitzy Instagram Post, or an exciting TikTok video

Light up your business with a neon logo today!

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