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50 Mug Logos Enriching Your Brand’s Profile

Graphic Design50 Mug Logos Enriching Your Brand’s Profile

The beverage industry is getting saturated. All companies are cannibalizing on each other’s growth. You have one chance to stand out. Where would you put your efforts? Of course, you get it. Branding and logo makers can help you form a good brand identity that serves right. 

It’s time to upgrade your branding skills. Take inspiration from our collection of mug-inspired and mug-specific logo designs. Mug logos are perfect for their seemingly everyday relevance. But you have all the room for creativity and style. 

Each stroke, each element of these logos, tells a story that captivates your audience. It’s about crafting a narrative that resonates deeply. Let’s explore the artistry of some of the best mug logos at our collection. Use one or more and help them leave a lasting impression on your brand’s profile.

How to create mug logos

Creating mug logos for caffeine companies or beverage business is really simple. Besides, mugs are simple everyday things. The challenge is to make it stand out and unique. 

  • Research and Conceptualization: Before putting pen to paper, immerse yourself in research. Understand your brand identity, target audience, and the message you want to convey. Sketch out ideas, exploring different concepts and styles that align with your brand’s ethos.

  • Simplicity is Key: In cup logos, simplicity reigns supreme. Aim for clean, uncomplicated designs that are easily recognizable even at a glance. Remember, your logo will adorn various merchandise, so it needs to be versatile and scalable.

  • Iconic Imagery: Incorporate imagery that resonates with your brand and the beverage it represents. Whether it’s a frothy beer mug, a steaming coffee cup, or a sleek tumbler, choose symbols that evoke emotion and convey your brand’s essence.

  • Typography Matters: The font you choose can significantly impact your mug logo’s overall look and feel. Opt for fonts that complement your imagery and align with your brand’s personality. Whether it’s bold and playful or elegant and sophisticated, let your typography enhance the visual appeal of your logo.

  • Color Psychology: Delve into the psychology of colors and select hues that evoke the right emotions. For instance, bold and vibrant colors may suit a beer mug logo, while warm, earthy tones might fit a coffee cup logo more. Experiment with color combinations to find the perfect balance.

  • Adaptability: Consider how your mug logo will translate across various mediums and materials. It should look equally impressive whether it’s printed on a ceramic mug, etched on glassware, or displayed digitally on social media platforms.

Mug logos to try

Check out our list of mug logos in three major categories below:

Beer Mug Logos

Beer Mug Logos have a universal appeal that spans various industries, from local craft breweries to international beer conglomerates. The font style employed in these logos often exudes a sense of boldness and authenticity, capturing the essence of the brewing process. 

Colors ranging from deep amber to rich brown are frequently utilized, evoking the hues of different beer varieties and creating an inviting atmosphere. These logos elicit emotions of camaraderie and celebration, drawing customers into the vibrant world of beer culture. 

Notable brands such as Guinness and Budweiser have iconic beer mug logos, symbolizing their products and a lifestyle centered around conviviality and good times.

Logo for Brodwyn Bay Brewing by Kanades

Big Ears Beer by Mehedi Islam

PilsPas by Nikolina

Duck Mug by Farjana Islam Jerin

Logo with Yellow Beer Mug by Turbologo

Beer Mug Icon by Javon Greaves

Beer voyage by Daria Mikita 

Beer Brothers by Ryan Feerer

Logo with Beer Glass2 byTurbologo

Oaktree brewing by Alex Seciu

Digital Beer Mug

Beer Skull Mug

Beer Mug Pub

Geometric Beer Mug

Beer Mug Buildings

Beer Mug Barrel

Beer Mug Pub

Beer Mug Equalizer

Golden Foaming Beer Mug

Simple Beer Mug

Coffee Mug Logos

Coffee Mug Logos cater to a diverse array of businesses, including artisanal coffee shops, cozy cafes, and global coffee chains. The font styles employed in these logos vary widely, from elegant scripts to modern sans-serifs, reflecting each brand’s unique identity. 

Warm, earthy tones reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee dominate the color palette, evoking feelings of comfort and indulgence. Coffee bean motifs and steam swirls are often incorporated into these logos, symbolizing the aromatic allure of a well-crafted cup of coffee.

Renowned brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and Costa Coffee boast coffee mug logos that are instantly recognizable, serving as a beacon for caffeine enthusiasts worldwide.

Coffee Cup and Coffee bean by DewApples

Coffee cup logo icon by ArtBrain

Coffee by Foregroundd

Coffee Cup logo icon by DewApples

Tapestry Coffee Logo Icon by Alex Pesak

Coffee Mug by Kim Taylor

Coffee Balance by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Coffee logo by puSHka

Homey Coffee by Joel Benard


Red Mug Coffee Drink

Brewery Coffee Mug

Espresso Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug Banner

Piano Coffee Mug

Yinyang Coffee Mug

Hot Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug Masterclass

Iced Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug Cafe

Tumbler Logos

Tumbler Logos cater to the growing demand for sustainable drinkware among environmentally-conscious consumers. The font styles utilized in these logos tend to be sleek and modern, mirroring the design aesthetics of stainless steel tumblers and reusable cups. 

Color combinations often include refreshing blues, vibrant greens, and earthy neutrals, evoking feelings of freshness and environmental consciousness. These logos symbolize durability, functionality, and a commitment to reducing single-use plastics, resonating with consumers who prioritize eco-friendly choices. 

Leading brands such as Yeti and Hydro Flask have established themselves as pioneers in the tumbler industry, with logos that embody both style and sustainability, appealing to outdoor enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike.

Colorful Bottle Opener

Wine Bottle Key

Wine Bottle Cellar Door

Bottle Letter S

Blue Drinking Bottle

Apothecary Blue Bottles

Green Juice Tumbler

Strawberry Smoothie Drink

Monster Chocolate Drink

Green Juice Tumbler

Design your own mug logos

Mug logos can be an invaluable tools for enhancing your brand’s image. Whether it’s beer mug logos, coffee mug logos, or tumbler logos, each design element—from font style to color combination—plays a vital role in conveying your brand’s identity. 

By embracing the artistry of AI logo makers, you can create visuals that captivate consumers and leave a lasting impression. So, raise your mug to the endless possibilities of mug logos and watch as they elevate your brand’s profile.

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