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50 Icon Logos To Fuel Brand Growth

Graphic Design50 Icon Logos To Fuel Brand Growth

A strong brand presence is essential to win in the modern marketing world. A strong brand identity is inviting and alluring to the target audience. A brand’s many facets need to be improved to achieve an engaged brand personality. One key element? Icon logos. These simple symbols say a lot about a brand’s identity.

Icon logos are picture-like symbols that tell much about the brand, its products, target audience, personality, and other general details. Symbols can be made through logo makers or your creative effort. 

But they’re not just pretty pictures. They’re powerful tools for brand recognition. When people see them, they instantly think of the brand they represent.

These logos are also versatile. They can be used on products, websites, and ads, always reminding people of the brand.

In this article, our icon logo collection from BrandCrowd and DesignCrowd can help inspire your next logo design. Through our examples, we’ll show just how impactful these simple symbols can be. 

Why choose icon logos

Here, we explore the reasons why icon logos are a preferred choice for brands aiming to for a strong brand presence.

Simplicity is its biggest strength.

Icon logos are characterized by their simplicity. With a single icon or image, a logo is complete. There’s no need to elaborate on many details. In a cluttered marketing landscape like we have now, where consumers are bombarded with countless brand messages, simplicity is key to ensuring that a logo stands out and remains memorable. 

By distilling complex brand identities into simple, visually appealing symbols, icon logos leave a lasting impression on consumers. Result? Better brand recall and recognition.


One of the key advantages of icon logos is their versatility across various platforms. Whether it’s printed materials, merchandise, digital channels, or physical products, icon logos seamlessly integrate into diverse marketing mediums.

Whether displayed on a website, social media profile, or product packaging, icon logos maintain their impact and effectiveness.

Universal Appeal

Icon logos possess a universal appeal that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. Unlike text-based logos that may require translation or adaptation for different markets, icon logos communicate brand values and messages in a visual language that is universally understood. 

This universal appeal makes icon logos well-suited for global brands seeking to establish a cohesive brand identity across diverse geographical regions. By leveraging visual symbols that resonate with audiences worldwide, icon logos facilitate effective communication of brand values and ideals to a global audience.

Icon logos to consider

Exploring different categories of icon logos can provide valuable insights into selecting the most suitable option for your brand. 

Here, we examine three popular choices and delve into various aspects that contribute to their effectiveness.

Letter icon logos

Letter icon logos understand that the power lies in typography. To create a visually appealing symbol that embodies your brand identity, letter/s will do the job very well. 

Whether it’s a single letter (letter c) or a combination of initials (BBC), letter icon logos offer endless possibilities for customization. If this is your style, you’ll never run out of options. from various font styles, from sleek and modern sans-serif fonts to elegant and sophisticated serif fonts. Each is perfectly designed to convey your brand’s desired tone and personality uniquely. 

To make your letter icon logo even more effective, try experimenting with different color schemes to evoke specific emotions and associations. For example, the partner letter A logo with bold and vibrant colors for energy and excitement, or letter Z logos with soft and muted tones for sophistication and elegance. 

Letter icon logos are versatile and timeless, so industries like banking, agencies, and tech can use it to their advantage. Try these designs for inspiration:

Minimal N Letter Logo by Ery Prihananto

W letter mark, logo design. by Aditya Chhatrala

Logo.icon by ERS_ART

A letter logo by Liton Mree

X logos by Nelson Fraga

Zenith by Rh Holy

Logo Icon Design by Anna Crawshaw

Typographic Logos by Natia Kutalia

R Letter Mark by Mehedi Hasan

Bendichas Manos Logo by James St Louis

Gaming Letter M By Brandcrowd

Modern Geometric Letter B By Brandcrowd

Professional Play Button Letter D By Brandcrowd

Blue Crystal Letter P By Brandcrowd

Gaming Application Icon Letter A By Brandcrowd

Application Icon Letter R By Brandcrowd

Digital Icon Letter A By Brandcrowd

Digital Icon Letter C By Brandcrowd

Bird Icon Letter B By Brandcrowd

Letter U App Icon By Brandcrowd

Emblem Logos

Emblem logos combine imagery and text to create a cohesive brand representation with a touch of sophistication. By incorporating decorative fonts and intricate designs, they exude a sense of heritage and tradition, appealing to audiences seeking reliability and trustworthiness.

The choice of colors and symbols in emblem logos can evoke specific emotions and associations, further enhancing their impact. Industries such as luxury goods, automotive, and academic institutions or universities often favor emblem logos for their ability to convey prestige and authenticity. 

Symbols commonly associated with emblem logos include shields, crests, and heraldic elements, which lend a sense of authority and distinction to the brand’s image.

Abstract Symbol by Ery Prihananto

Abstract logo by Aleksandar

Abstract Flower by Patricia Lara

Abstract symbol by MahRi

abstract mark by Artology 

Abstract Logo by Fazztudio

Abstract Mark by Sayedur Rahman

Abstract Logo by aninndesign

Abstract logo by Tornike Uchava

Abstract logo by Ana Psuturi

Orange Abstract Lines By Brandcrowd

Premium Startup Letter A By Brandcrowd

Natural Abstract Pattern By Brandcrowd

Pink Pyramid Icon By Brandcrowd

GS Green Icon By Brandcrowd

Arrow Icon Logistics By Brandcrowd

Circuit Tech Icon By Brandcrowd

Star Application Icon By Brandcrowd

Abstract Tribal Symbol By Brandcrowd

Abstract Interlaced Shape By Brandcrowd

Abstract icon logos

Abstract icon logos leverage non-representational shapes and forms to create visually striking symbols that captivate attention and evoke curiosity. Embrace bold geometric elements, gradients, and negative space to craft a unique and memorable design. 

Abstract icon logos offer flexibility in interpretation, allowing your audience to attribute their own meanings and emotions to the design. Partnering with the right font can enhance the overall aesthetic of your logo—consider pairing abstract symbols with clean and modern fonts for a cohesive look or contrast them with ornate and decorative fonts for added visual interest. 

When choosing colors for abstract icon logos, consider the emotions you want to evoke—warm tones like red and orange for passion and excitement or cool tones like blue and green for calm and tranquility. Abstract icon logos are ideal for brands looking to stand out and make a bold statement in their industry.

Sun Ray Emblem By Brandcrowd

Sunshine Swirl Emblem By Brandcrowd

Spa Floral Emblem By Brandcrowd

Tarot Eye Emblem By Brandcrowd

Luxurious Spa Emblem By Brandcrowd

Fashion Boutique Letter By Brandcrowd

Sakura Flower Ornament Emblem By Brandcrowd

Regal Emblem Floral By Brandcrowd

Finance Tech Emblem By Brandcrowd

Royalty Firm Emblem By Brandcrowd

Design Your Own Icon Logo

When crafting your brand’s icon logo, consider options like emoji, emblem, and mascot logos. 

Consistency is key across all marketing channels, including Pinterest, Twitter, flyers, and business cards. Maintaining a cohesive brand image helps build recognition and trust with your audience. 

Our platforms provide easy-to-use tools for designing your own icon logo. Whether you prefer pre-designed templates or custom options, these platforms offer the flexibility to create a logo that reflects your brand’s unique personality and values. Remember, your logo is a visual representation of your brand—it’s worth investing in to build recognition and engagement with your audience.

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