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50 Finance Logos That You Can Bank On

Graphic Design50 Finance Logos That You Can Bank On

Whether you’re an insurance company, accounting software, bank, or a financial advisor, a finance logo is crucial. This is because your logo portrays credibility, trust, and professionalism to your customers.

If you need a finance logo, you’re in luck! This article will show you everything you need to know about logo design. We’ve also compiled a list of stunning logo templates you can easily customize through our handy logo maker tool.

Let’s get started! 

How To Design A Finance Logo

To create a well-designed finance logo, consider the following steps:

    Use symbols

Use the power of iconography and incorporate financial symbols to instantly communicate to your audience what your business is all about. This could be dollar bills, coins, piggy banks, credit cards, currency, or bank books.

You can also use symbols associated with growth, such as an upward arrow, a rising sun, graphs, a scale, or a plus sign. 

Animals like lions, tigers, and eagles are a top logo design element. These animals are seen as powerful and strong, which are positive traits businesses want to be associated with.

You can also go for abstract shapes as well. Use an eye-catching dynamic shape that still holds meaning for your brand. Examples of this can be seen in HSBC, Raiffeisen Bank, and JP Morgan logos. 

    Consider your colors

Did you know that color psychology plays a huge role in your logo design? Your color palette will make a difference in how your audience perceives your business.

For example, the color blue is perceived as stable, secure, and safe. This is why it’s a popular color choice for banks, tech companies, and government agencies. This is because they want to evoke that feeling of credibility and stability in their customers. 

Some famous examples are PayPal, Citi Bank, Bank of America, and Barclays.

Let’s move on to the color green. What object usually comes to mind when you think of the color? Correct, it’s dollar bills. This is why green is closely associated with money. Green is also dubbed as the color of growth and prosperity, which is why financial companies and accounting software use it for their logos. 

Some examples of green logos are QuickBooks, Sage, and TD Bank.

You can also go for a more elegant vibe to your logo by using black. Black is associated with prestige, power, and authority. Black is a great choice if you want to look minimalist but sophisticated. 

    Make sure it’s versatile.

A great finance logo is one that is adaptable to various platforms. Whether it’s on your website, business card, mobile app, credit card, or corporate brochure, your logo needs to look visually appealing and consistent. 

How do you do this? First, when designing your logo, think of the platforms where your logo will appear. This will help you visualize what kind of shape or look will work best on different materials.

Next is to design logo variations. Come up with a text-only, icon-only, horizontal design, and vertical design. This will make sure that your logo will remain visually consistent.

Last is to keep it simple. Stick to clean lines, one or two colors, and simple fonts. This makes it easier to translate your design to different platforms. 

Finance Logo Design Examples

Ready to start designing? Before you head on to our logo maker or our AI logo generator, why don’t you browse through our samples first? This could help give you inspiration or make your creative juices flow. 

We divided them into three categories below: 

Money Logos

Nothing says finance more than a money logo. View our customizable templates below that feature dollar bills, wallets, coins, or currency.

Ltter V with Paper plane(vsend) Logo Design by TAREQ GFX

Simple Money by Imon Hossen

Bank Logo design by Jowel Ahmed

logo concept byYuri Kartashev

Pepar Money by Milon Mia I Logo designer

Magnified Money Logo Animation by Mellow Mograph

Crypto Wallet Logo Design | Digital Wallet Logo Concept by Sumon Yousuf for Wonlift

Money Logo by Chris Balzano

My Money Matters | Letter M + Growth Arrow & Money Combine logo by Designer Jahid

Wallet Logo by Zarla logo maker

Money Trading Exchange by Jhe

Money Cash Fund by Jhe

Money Roll Cash by Jhe

Financial Money Cash by LogoRU

Bank Money Vault by ions

Money Currency Finance by Clee

Money Bag Savings by Mypen

Money Currency Finance by Clee

Money Currency Finance by tetsieeroll

Dollar Money Currency by tetsieeroll

Arrow Logos

Arrow logos, particularly one that points upward or to the left, are a popular choice for financial companies. This is because this symbolizes growth, prosperity, and drive.

Browse our designs below:

Statistics Finance Accounting by ernestjdx

Cash Finance Upward Arrow by GianC

Finance Arrow Letter Z by yulianrhmn

Finance Management Arrow Letter A by LogoRU

Industrial Arrow Finance Marketing by CreativePixels

Cryptocurrency Finance Arrow by JimjemR

Arrow Finance Statistics Graph by BryanPF

Marketing Finance Arrow by town

Economy Finance Arrow by town

Financing Graph Arrow by Tuts

Generic Arrow Financing by yulianrhmn

Finance Arrow Graph by BryanPF

Graph Arrow Finance by Jhe

Finance Graph Arrow by Clee

Finance Arrow Graph by harvector

Abstract Logos

These abstract logos feature geometric lines, stylized animals, or lettermarks. Abstract logos focus on vague shapes and lines instead of accurate depictions of real-life objects. This is favored by businesses that want a more modern and sleek appeal. 

Finance Arrow Business by JoeyRay

Finance Consultant App by lazeefish

Teal Modern Globe by OBSESSIVO

Modern Geometric City Buildings by eightyLOGOS

Generic Finance Firm by Alexxx

Business Finance Money by juana

Finance Graph Level by Riri

Business Finance Tech by Alexxx

Business Finance Management by eightyLOGOS

Gold Business Company Shield by JimjemR

Finance Startup Business by Alexxx

Generic Finance Firm by BryAd

Abstract Arrow Loop by spayro

Abstract Green Shield by town

Abstract Person Ribbon by realdreams

Create Your Own Finance Logo Today!

And there you have it! We hope you found a design that fits your business in our list above. 

Add more to your business credibility by using professionally designed marketing materials. We have business cards, invoices, and email signatures waiting for you. 

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