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50 Cool and Chill Brewery Logo Design Ideas

Graphic Design50 Cool and Chill Brewery Logo Design Ideas

Planning to start a brewery? Or perhaps you are running a brewpub or bar? Whatever business you may have, a well-designed brewery logo can help you attract customers and encourage them to visit your establishment. 

Don’t worry; you can easily create a refreshing brewery or beer-inspired logo with our logo maker tool. Just search for related keywords (ex. beer, tavern, bar, sports pub), choose a logo template that you like, and customize as you wish. Voila, you now have your logo!

Need some inspiration first before designing? We have compiled a list of logo ideas below to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s check them out! 

Tips For Creating Brewery Logos

To craft a great logo, you need to know the design process that comes with it. These are: 

Decide on your brand identity

Knowing what kind of brewery you want to be known as is essential when deciding your logo. After all, your logo is your brand’s main identifier. Your logo design will dictate what kind of “image” your customers associate with you.

Take a look at the Stella Artois logo. They have a sophisticated and elegant emblem logo design that references their historical roots. It’s very fitting for the long-running brewery company. 

On the other hand, Bud Light’s logo is clean, bright, and modern. The blocky sans-serif font and bright blue color palette make them look friendly and refreshing, which is fitting for their beer which is known for its light and excellent taste. 

Thrown in some references

The brewery industry is usually steeped in history and tradition. It’s even more popular for microbreweries or craft breweries, as they usually focus on using local ingredients using traditional brewing methods, or focus on distributing it to their local community. 

An example would be Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s logo. It shows a beautiful mountain range, which is a nod to their California roots and the founder’s love for the outdoors. 

Ever notice the iconic gold harp on the Guinness logo? That’s also a nod to their Irish heritage. It’s meant to represent the famous 14th-century Irish harp known as the “O’Neill” harp. 

Consider your typography

Your typography will also dictate how your customers will perceive you. This is crucial if you plan to use your brewery’s name as your main visual point. 

Try to come up with your font or at the very least, play around with how you align or layout it. Be inspired by famous wordmark logos like Budweiser, Asahi, Modern Times Beer, and Stillwater Artisanal. 

Brewery Logo Design Examples

Let’s look at logo concepts that will leave you in high spirits. We’ve categorized them into three groups below:

Emblem Logos

An emblem logo is a popular choice for breweries as it conveys the feeling of tradition, history, and heritage. The intricate details and complex design also give off a sense of artistry and craftsmanship, which breweries want to embody with their hand-crafted beer products. 

Take a look at our samples below: 

BrewLord – Logo Design ?? by Jeroen van Eerden

With It, Or On It by Michael McCauley

Logo for a beer game by Liza Geurts

Barrel Beer Lincoln Logo Design by ADE STD

Alternative Brewery by Nebojsa Matkovic

Elegant, Brown Craft Beers Logo Design by design.picnic

Masculine, Drink Logo Design by MEDIA GLASS

Traditional, Awesome Logo Design by NILDesigns

Traditional, Awesome Logo Design by Designer_Morwa

Upmarket, Great Brewery Logo Design by at-as

Beer Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Elegant, Beer Cafe Logo Design by mldtrvs

Rustic Mountain Brewery by brandcrowd

Rustic Beer Brewery by brandcrowd

Beer Mug Brewery by brandcrowd

Beer Bottle Brewery by brandcrowd

Beer Brewery Emblem by brandcrowd

Modern Logos

Breweries can also be for a modern audience. You can do this by focusing on distinct typography, using simplified beer illustrations, or prioritizing a minimalist approach. While minimalist logos are typically associated with black and white, you don’t have to be limited by that. A great example is the Heineken logo. They kept the design clean and simple by focusing on their distinctive font while still maintaining a vibrant green color scheme. 

Other modern logos examples are BrewDog, Brooklyn Brewery, Magic Rock Brewing, and Busch Light.

Check out more samples below: 

BeerClub Brewing Logo by Tom Deja

Brew Happy by Garisztemu

Oaktree brewing by Alex Seciu

Final Branding for Lost Nomad Brewing Co by Luke Fehribach

BeerYouAre logo by Flora Farkas

Alcohol Brewery Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Personable, Alcohol Hunting Industry Logo Design by Taya Bright

Bold, Beer Logo Design by ART DEPOT

Upmarket, Beer Logo Design by wonderland

Traditional, Beer Logo Design by GLDesigns

Beer Logo Design by ecorokerz

Tropical Sun Brewery by brandcrowd

Beer Bottle Hops Brewery by brandcrowd

Barley Beer Brewery by brandcrowd

Organic Beer Brewery by brandcrowd

Summer Beer Brewery by brandcrowd

Playful Logos

Only some breweries want to focus on a traditional design. Some want to appeal to a younger audience. And that’s fine, too! You can see many fun and vibrant logos in new craft breweries and brewpubs. These feature unconventional illustrations, cute mascots, neon color palettes, and whimsical typographies. 

Some famous examples would be the logos of Beavertown Brewery, Mikkeller Beer, and Omnipollo. 

Scroll down to see our collection: 

Savannah bar by Tanvir

Vicious Brewing CO. by Koen

Early Bird Social by Bebak

Lumberjack Logo by Bebak

Quantum Brewlab Logo/Identity by Ryon Edwards

Drink Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Personable, Beer Craft Brewing Logo Design by Gigih Rudya

Bold, Drink Bar, club, restaurant Logo Design by johnronielgomez

Playful, Beer Media Logo Design by S. Shin

Personable, Beer Craft Brewery Logo Design by Buck Thylacine,

Playful, Cool Brewery Logo Design by VGB

Bold, Cool Craft Brewery Logo Design by Pixel Desert

Brewery Beer Hops by brandcrowd

Natural Beer Brewery by brandcrowd

Brown Bear Brewery by brandcrowd

Beer Brewery Skull by brandcrowd

Beer Garden Brewery by brandcrowd

Craft Your Brewery Logo Today!

Raise your glass; you’ve made it to the end! 

We hope you learned much about how to design your brewery logo with this article. If you’re still in need of more guidance, you may want to read our article about famous beer logos here.

After creating your logo, it’s time to promote your brewery. Use our customizable templates to create your Facebook cover, make fun TikTok posts, or run Instagram Ads.

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