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50 Bio Logos For Eco-Friendly and Environmental Brands

Graphic Design50 Bio Logos For Eco-Friendly and Environmental Brands

Do you mainly work in the science and environmental industry? Or maybe you sell organic and all-natural products? Or perhaps you want to focus on improving the health and wellness of your customers?

Whatever your business may be, a bio logo perfectly fits you. These logos use nature-inspired icons (flowers, leaves, trees) or science-related illustrations (medicine, DNA strand) paired with a green or blue palette. Perfect to convey the nature of your industry!

Need inspiration for your design? We got you. Please scroll down below to view our logo design ideas, plus read our tips on how to craft your logo. 

Tips For Creating Bio Logos

Your logo is not only a branding material or a visual element to be used in your marketing. It’s a symbol conveying your business or organization’s essence – highlighting your purpose, message, or beliefs. It should also appeal to your brand’s target audience, which they will find relatable or engaging. 

To create a great bio logo, take note of the following:

Use relevant icon or symbol

Use icons or symbols related to your niche to clarify your brand’s purpose or message. 

If you are in the environmental industry, you can choose from icons such as leaves, flowers, trees, roots, or soil. If you work in science or research, you can use symbols such as a DNA strand, medical cross, test tube, microscope, etc.

If you are in the wellness industry, you can use illustrations of yoga poses, Chakra symbols, or mandala symbols. 

Use nature-inspired colors

Colors related to nature, such as green, blue, or brown, are the best bio logo choices. You can then use a white, black, or deep green color on the background to make your logo pop. You can also add a sprinkling of yellow, warm orange, or dark red to add a nice contrast to the logo. 

Consider your typography

Choose a font that complements your logo style and business or brand identity. For example, research institutes typically use formal serif fonts since those fonts tend to look more professional and authoritative. Meanwhile, a small business selling homemade soaps made from natural ingredients would be more suited to a handwritten font to look more approachable and natural. 

Make sure your name is legible and readable, no matter which font you use. Avoid fonts that are too fancy or intricate and may be difficult to read. 

Bio Logo Design Examples

It’s time to look at different logo designs to inspire you and help you decide on what logo style will suit you best.

We’ve scoured the web and compiled the top trending categories for you:

Leaf Logos

These logos use leaves as the main focal point of their design. You can go for a single leaf, or an intricate illustration of leaves for a more eye-catching design. It’s a very versatile symbol that can be used to represent nature, wellness, relaxation, science, sustainable practice, and even money growth. 

Whether you want a minimalist logo or a graphic one, you’ll surely find a logo design that you’ll like below:

Maple Leaf by Vedant Patel

Grape leaf + Crown / 1 by Kakha Kakhadzen

B logo,letter mark logo,modern logo by Sonia Afroz

S + Leaf by Ahmed creatives

Z Leaf Logo by Dylan Menke

Logo design, leaf logo, butterfly by Pixel Crafter

Globe Leaf Logo by jeff lopilato

Q leaf logo by Roniphics?

Leaf Logo by Tahmin Sathy

Leaf and Letter N Logo Design by Prio Hans

Organic Leaf Spa

Green Cannabis Marijuana Leaf

Environmental Organic Leaf

Green Leaf Pot

Organic Leaf Stroke

Green Eco Leaf

Minimalist Marijuana Leaf

Leaf Eco Agriculture

Green Cannabis Weed Leaf

Herbal Nature Leaf

Nature Logos

While leaves are the most famous icon used for anything bio-related, there are other parts of nature that you can use. This can be flowers, roots, trees, mountains, birds, or fishes.

Get some ideas for your logo below:

Earthwise Logo by Camila Vesga


Nature Logo by MD. Sharif Hossain

A NATURE LOGO by Mhk Rocky

biodiversity modern by Jakiya Khatun

Nature Energy Logo by Lanof Design

Nature Qoutes Logo by Galang Aryo Jati

Nature logo by md monir hossain

Nature logo by Mr. Dhenda

Hossa nature logo by Tanya Shegol

Blue Generic Wordmark

Simple Minimalist Company

Natural Eco Tree

Nature Gardening Farm

Natural Tree Flower

Natural Eco Leaf

Natural Olive Branch

Natural Pharmacy Cross

Natural Tree Nature

Green Natural Forest Park

Green Logos

You don’t have to be limited to nature for a successful logo. You can use products related to your niche and just use a green color palette to it. You can also use a wordmark logo, and just add some small leaf embellishments to it.

You can use a book, a greenhouse, a candle, a line art of a lady, a yoga pose illustration, medicine, a test tube, and more. You can also go for abstract shapes, geometric patterns, or an ornate Mandala-inspired pattern. This can be used by various businesses such as a massage store, a beauty salon, a yoga studio, a mobile app, a research laboratory, a pharmaceutical company, etc.

Elegant Luxury Wordmark

Generic Yellow Text Wordmark

Makeup Beauty Wordmark

Elegant Business Wordmark

Neon Company Lettermark

Green Nature Floral

Green Leaves Nature

Green Natural Flame

Green Natural Leaves

Green Leaf Nature

Create Your Bio Logo Today!

Ready to start designing your logo? We got you. Head on to our logo maker tool now to get started. Simply choose a design from our wide range of templates, then further customize it to suit your taste. You can change anything – from the colors, background, font style or font size, icons, or even add some cool animation!

Happy with the look? Click to download, and you’re good to go! You can now use your new logo on your marketing materials such as business cards, posters, or Facebook Ads

Want to get a more professional touch to your logo? You can also tap into our creative community now to hire a designer to help you out. 

Till next time! 

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