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50 Aquatic Animal Logos That Will Make a Splash

Graphic Design50 Aquatic Animal Logos That Will Make a Splash

Whether you run a seafood restaurant, aquarium, fishery, scuba diving business, or water sports brand, a well-designed aquatic animal logo can help you make a splash in your industry. 

Need one for your business? Our handy logo maker tool can help you. And if you need logo design ideas, you’re in the right place! We’ve scoured the web and compiled tons of creative aquatic animal and ocean-inspired logo concepts for you.

Let’s dive in! 

Tips For Creating Aquatic Animal Logos

Aquatic animals are a great choice for logo design since they can fit a huge range of businesses. From graceful dolphins to cute penguins, an animal will surely fit the vibe you are looking for. 

Here are some tips on how to create an effective aquatic logo that will make waves:

Pick the animal that will represent you

Each animal has a unique characteristic and personality that is associated with them. For example, seals are seen as playful while sharks are seen as mighty. While penguins are viewed as cute and octopus are seen as mysterious. And so on.

Choose the animal that can accurately represent your business or brand’s personality

Consider your target audience

Your logo design should be appealing and fitting for your target audience. For example, a cute and vibrant penguin mascot is a good choice for a kid-friendly ocean park. While a rugged and fiery swordfish logo is a better fit for seafood grill restaurants. 

Your target audience will dictate the overall vibe of your design. It will serve as your guide on whether you should make a modern, retro, homey, playful, or minimalist logo. 

Choose the right color

Evoke the feeling of ocean and sea with colors like blue, white, or deep green. Blue logos in particular are commonly used for this type of logo design as it is the color of the sea. Use a blue-toned color palette that contains colors like teal, aquamarine, and navy. 

If you want to add a contrasting color to blue, choose complementary colors like citrus orange, sunny yellow, cherry red, or light peach. 

Aquatic Animal Logo Design Examples

Let’s now explore the deep sea of creative logo designs. Since there are tons of aquatic animals worldwide, we divided them into the three most common animals used in logos to make it easy for you. These are: 

Fish Logos

Fish logos are a popular choice for any ocean-related business. This is because fish is commonly associated with the water element, as you can see in the zodiac sign Pisces. Fish is also associated with positive traits such as tranquility, balance, and stability. 

Take your pick on our fish logos below: 

Fish Logo Design by Elif Kamesoglu for Elbu Studio

Vegas Smokehouse .2 by Jessie Maisonneuve

Chopped Fish Logo by Lucian Radu

Moonlight Daydream by Tyler Pate

Sea Change Labs Logo by Anthony Gribben

Fish Logo by Yoga Perdana

Pacific Fish Grill by Jerron Ames

Logo | Whale Bone Fishery by Rocky Roark

-finvy- by Jacek Janiczak

Just a half dead fish by Alex Seciu

Fish Ocean Seafood by CreativePixels

Fish Hook Catch by marcololstudio

Blue Fish Fishing by SimplePixelSL

Tuna Fish Fishing by podvoodoo13

Fisherman Fish Fishing by FishDesigns61025

Fish Seafood Fishing by PatrickDC

Astral Pisces Fish by shen02

Fish Pescatarian Fishing by CreativePixels

Blue Fish by SimplePixelSL

Pisces Zodiac Fish by marcololstudio

Crab Logos

Crab logos are another flexible design option as you can easily make them look playful, abstract, or intricate, depending on how you draw them. The red color of the crab also provides a bold contrast to the usual calm colors of blues and whites. 

Check them out here:

Crab Logo by Levi Lowell

Zodiac – Cancer BY Em the Creative

Crab traveler logo BY Nagual

Crab Logo Design BY Dalius Stuoka | logo designer

Velvet Crab BY Zalo Estévez

The Legend of Triangle Crab PRAISE THE SUN BY Peter Giuffria PGCREATES

Geometric Crab BY MisterShot

little craby BY Shylesh

Crab logo BY – Damian Patkowski

Crab Logo BY Valentyn Ananiev

Coffee Crab Cafe by MDS

Crab Shell Pincher by Enso2

Orange Minimalist Crab by AEmman

Teal Sea Shell by SimplePixelSL

Sea Wave Shell by shen02

Sea Conch Shell by yhinna

Sea Clam Shell by yhinna

Sea Shell Wave by yhinna

Walrus Aquatic Waterpark by marcololstudio

Crab Crustacean Seafood by marcololstudio

Penguin Logos

Who doesn’t love penguins? These animals can capture a kid’s and adult’s heart alike, which is why it’s a popular choice for logo design.

Are they a great fit for your business? Be inspired by our samples below: 

Penguin Zoo Wildlife by novita007

Penguin Trophy Dias by FishDesigns61025

Wild Penguin Zoo by christophers15

Penguin Bird Animal by BryAd

Penguin Baby Chick by FishDesigns61025

Wild Penguin Bird by Jhe

Penguin Mother Baby by ernestjdx

Cute Baby Penguin by Inovalius

Penguin Dancing Animal by eyed

Penguin Animal Bird by LogoRU

Design Your Aquatic Animal Logo Today!

Did our logo collection inspire you? If you’re ready to make your logo, head on to our logo maker tool now. Simply choose a template, customize it to fit your preference, and voila! Your new logo is done and ready to be used.

If you want a more professional touch, you can hire a designer here at DesignCrowd to help you.

Next on your list should be promoting your business. Check out our templates for Facebook ads and flyers. You can also read through our guide on how to create branded content for your business, which is perfect if you want to gain more customers.

We hope our article has helped you. Till next time!

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