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49 Medieval Logos for Inspiration

Graphic Design49 Medieval Logos for Inspiration

The allure of the medieval era is timeless. From tales of knights and dragons to the grandeur of castles and chivalry, the medieval theme has a unique charm incomparable to other ages. This charm is not just limited to stories, movies, and books. It extends to the world of branding and logo design as well. Medieval logos are just as attractive as medieval art.

Medieval logos can be a perfect choice for businesses that want to convey strength, tradition, and a touch of mystique. Whether it’s a horse emblem symbolizing speed and power, a knight representing protection and honor, or a priest signifying wisdom and spirituality, you can get it through AI logo makers.

To help you in your quest for the perfect medieval logo, we’ve curated a selection of designs inspired by the bygone era. From horse logos to knight logos and priest logos, you’ll find many choices to suit your brand’s personality.

Let’s go for a medieval-inspired branding. 

Why go for a medieval logo?

Choosing a medieval-themed logo comes with its own set of advantages. Here’s why you might consider one for your brand:

Medieval themes have a timeless appeal. They evoke feelings of nostalgia, grandeur, and tales of heroism. Icons such as swords, shields, and crowns can instantly transport one back to the age of kings and queens, battles and conquests. 

A logo with such a theme can make your brand memorable and stand out. For instance, a restaurant might use a goblet or feast table as its logo to imply luxury. Images of the grand banquets of medieval times can mean they offer a lavish experience.

Whether you’re a gaming company, a brewery, a book store, or tech startup, a medieval logo can be tailored to fit various industries. It’s all about how you interpret and present the theme. 

For example, a gaming company might opt for a dragon or a warrior, symbolizing adventure and challenge. A brewery could use a medieval tavern or chalice, representing age-old brewing traditions. 

A tech startup might choose a medieval tower combined with modern elements, showcasing a blend of old-world stability with cutting-edge innovation.

  • Conveys Strength and Reliability

Symbols like knights and castles are often associated with protection, strength, and reliability. A knight, with its armor and shield, communicates defense and security, making it an ideal choice for security firms or insurance companies. 

With their sturdy walls and fortifications, castles symbolize longevity and stability, perfect for financial institutions or real estate businesses. If you want your brand to be associated with these traits, a medieval logo might be the way to go. 

Imagine a consulting firm using a medieval compass or astrolabe in their logo, suggesting they provide guidance based on time-tested wisdom.

Medieval logos to dive into

Now that we understand the advantages of opting for a medieval-themed logo let’s delve deeper into some iconic symbols that have graced brands with a touch of medieval elegance. 

From powerful steeds that have become synonymous with speed to knights that embody valor and priests that signify wisdom, these icons have been masterfully integrated into modern branding while preserving their age-old charm. Let’s explore these symbols and see how various brands have adapted them to resonate with contemporary audiences.

Horses have always been emblematic of the medieval era with their majestic gallop and regal stance. Brands like Ferrari and Mustang have harnessed the power of the horse logo to symbolize speed and agility. 

In medieval times, horses were not just means of transportation but also symbols of power, nobility, and freedom. Drawing from this rich history, a horse logo can be an impeccable choice for businesses aiming to project an image of speed, agility, and power. 

Whether it’s a silhouette of a galloping horse for a travel agency, a horse with a royal saddle for luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, or a horse with wings for innovative tech startups, the adaptability of this icon is vast. Dive into the world of horse logos and let the spirit of these magnificent creatures elevate your brand.

Stallion by Djordje Djordjevic

Standing horse by David DeSandro

Cowpoke by Mark Johnston

Young horse mark by Mykola Striletc

D / Horse by Second Eight

Pegasus logo by Veronika Žuvic

Centaur by Stevan Rodic

Horse by Nikola Matoševic

Horse by Petar Shalamanov

Pony by Gert van Duinen

Pegasus Horse Equestrian by marcololstudio

Equine Horse Steed by JasonND

Horse Stable Stallion by Mypen

Equestrian Stallion Horse by marcololstudio

Galloping Horse Flag by marcololstudio

Horse Equestrian Animal by AleksandrO

Yellow Square Horse by SimplePixelSL

Modern Geometric Horse by SimplePixelSL

Gray Horse Marketing by Mypen

Minimalist Golden Horse by juana

The image of a knight, armored and ready for battle, is a powerful representation of bravery, honor, and protection. Brands like the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights have tapped into the fearless image of the knight to represent strength and competition. 

Knights, with their chivalrous code, have been revered figures of the medieval age. Drawing inspiration from this, a knight logo can be a formidable emblem for brands that stand for security, courage, and trust. Imagine a cybersecurity firm like KnightSec using a knight with a raised shield, symbolizing defense against threats. 

Or a gaming company like Knight Games showcasing a knight on a horse, representing the adventurous quests in their games. For businesses that pride themselves on their honor and commitment, a horse logo can be the beacon that communicates their ethos.

Knight // MARK by Cris Labno

Knight by Oleg Martcenko

King Shield by niddsign

Suit Maker Logo by Jessie Maisonneuve

Knight by Alex Seciu

Creative Soldier by Dusan Klepic

Forsaken – Knight Mascot Logo Design by Mason Dickson

knight by matthieumartigny

Knight by Modal Tampang

Medieval Knight Soldier by christophers15

Knight Sword Armor by marcololstudio

Medieval Knight Soldier by marcololstudio

Medieval Knight Armor by FishDesigns61025

Knight Warrior Helmet by Tristan

Classic Knight Gaming by Tristan

Knight Swordsman Esport by AleksandrO

Angry Knight Gaming by Tristan

Knight Gaming Helmet by Tristan

Gaming Royal Knight by BryanPF

In the tapestry of medieval society, priests held a unique position. Beyond their religious duties, they were scholars, advisors, and knowledge keepers. Brands like ScholarPriest Publishing have drawn from the priest’s image to signify wisdom and guidance. 

Their role was multifaceted, from guiding the spiritual journey of their followers to being the learned voice in matters of state and science. Drawing from this rich legacy, a priest logo can symbolize wisdom, guidance, and trust. For educational institutions, a logo with a priest holding a scroll or book can signify the pursuit of knowledge. 

For counseling or advisory services, a brand like Priestly Advice might use a priest with an open hand to represent guidance and support. Icons like these are often used in places of worship and other religious institutions.

Cross Church Monastery by arishu

Christian Chapel Church Cross by Santipanes

Catholic Parish Church Cross by Santipanes

Diamond Floral Cross by MDS

Crystal Yoga Boutique by SimplePixelSL

Christian Church Podcast by ernestjdx

Hexagon Fire Cross by novita007

Gold Decorative Cross by royallogo

Dove Christian Cross Dove Christian Cross

Holy Church Crucifix by novita007

Craft Your Own Medieval Logo

Are you thinking of a logo revamp or starting fresh? A medieval-themed logo might be just the ticket. It’s not only about knights and castles; it’s about tapping into timeless symbols that resonate with many. Industries like gaming, breweries, bookstores, event planning, and even tech startups can benefit from this classic touch. It gives a sense of tradition, strength, and a dash of mystery.

With BrandCrowd’s antique logo maker, creating a medieval-inspired design is a breeze. Whether you’re designing business cards, flyers, Instagram posts, or Facebook ads, this theme can set you apart. And remember, it’s not just about looking cool; a medieval touch can give your content marketing campaigns a unique edge.

Ready to dive in? Whether you’re a newbie or a branding pro, playing around with designs can lead to that perfect logo. So, why wait?

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