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48 Urban Logos For Your Citified Customers

Graphic Design48 Urban Logos For Your Citified Customers

Highly citified customers need nothing short of urban – they want everything modern. Modern tracks, modern phones – and for brands, modern logos. 

So what does an urban logo mean? Clean lines, simple color palettes, and upfront fonts. You can take it up a notch by adding some decor. How about city lights? Tall skyscrapers? Robots on the side? 

We prepared for you a comprehensive list of expert-designed urban logos. Look at some of the urban logos we’ve collected just for you. Who knows, you might be looking at the replica of your first logo design. 

The Unique Appeal of Urban Logos

Who wants a logo that looks straight out of the Cold War era? While vintage designs have their place, modern, urban symbols truly capture attention in today’s market.

You can see this trend in action across industries. From tech enterprises to luxury car makers, brands embrace the urban logo, recognizing its appeal to contemporary consumers.

So, what characterizes an urban logo? You’ll notice elements like buildings, pathways, trees, skyscrapers, and clean, straight fonts. But the urban aesthetic also embraces more unique icons like windows, houses, roofs, robots, spotlights, and more.

Here are some sample logos that perfectly encapsulate the idea of urban logos:

1. Building Logos

The cityscape is defined by its buildings – the concrete and glass heart of the urban jungle. Building logos tap into this essential aspect of city life, making them perfect for brands seeking an urban aesthetic.

These building logos can take many forms, reflecting the diversity of architecture in cities worldwide. Some opt for simple, minimalist outlines of buildings, using clean lines and geometric shapes to convey a sense of modern sophistication. These designs often rely on a monochrome or limited color palette, allowing the bold shapes of the buildings to take center stage.

Building logos that embrace complexity and detail are on the other end of the spectrum. These designs might feature intricate renderings of skyscrapers, complete with windows, doors, and other architectural details. They might use a wider color palette, or incorporate additional elements like trees or people to create a more dynamic, lively image.

What makes building logos unique is their ability to instantly communicate a sense of urban sophistication. When people see a building, they think of the city – of progress, modernity, and a bustling, vibrant community. A building logo encapsulates all these associations, making it a powerful tool for brands seeking to position themselves as contemporary and forward-thinking.

Examples of building logos include:

  • The logo for a real estate company might feature a stylized skyscraper, conveying the company’s expertise in urban property.
  • A tech startup based in a city might use a minimalist outline of a distinctive local building in its logo, tying its brand to its location.
  • An architecture firm might use a detailed, intricate rendering of a building designed in their logo, showcasing their work and urban focus.

Check out some building logo templates below:

Apartment House Building by Kalenor

Architectural Office Building by Dessy

Architecture City Building by Ardimast

Bold, Building Real estate Logo Design by HWdesigns

Building City Property by Yulianrhmn

Building Realty Architecture by SaifU

Building, Modern, City by iKan

Buildings Logo by Lucian Radu

City Apartment Office Buildings by Bankana

Urban, Geometric, Simple Corporate Logo by BrandCrowd

Urban Letter C Building Logo by BrandCrowd

Corporate Building Real Estate Logo by BrandCrowd

Orbit City Buildings Logo by BrandCrowd

Tower Building Architecture Logo by BrandCrowd

Executive Commercial Building by BrandCrowd

City Building Construction Logo by BrandCrowd

Real Estate Developer Building by BrandCrowd

Luxurious Building Towers Logo by BrandCrowd

Urban Real Estate Building Logo by BrandCrowd

Red Building Stairs Logo by BrandCrowd

City Skylines by aquariian

Gold Building Flag Square by JimjemR

Home Apartment Building by logoroma

Realty Building Security Lock by novita007

Upmarket, Building Real estate Logo Design by drekkk

Urban City Apartment by marcololstudio

Urban City Architecture by realdreams

2. Graffiti Logos

Graffiti, the art of the streets, is an integral part of the urban landscape. It’s bold, it’s vibrant, and it’s unapologetically expressive. Graffiti logos capture this spirit, making them an excellent choice for brands that want to embody the energy and creativity of the city.

Graffiti logos are characterized by their use of bold, vibrant colors. These aren’t the muted, minimalist color palettes in other logos – graffiti logos aren’t afraid to be bright and eye-catching. They often feature a mix of colors, creating a dynamic, lively image that stands out.

In addition to their vibrant colors, graffiti logos often feature edgy, creative fonts. These fonts might mimic the look of spray-painted letters or take inspiration from the unique, stylized lettering found in graffiti art. The result is a logo that’s not just a brand identifier, but a piece of art in its own right.

What sets graffiti logos apart is their ability to capture the rebellious spirit of street art. Graffiti is an art form that’s born from a desire to express oneself, to make a mark, to disrupt the status quo. Graffiti logos embody this spirit, making them a powerful choice for brands that value creativity, individuality, and self-expression.

Examples of graffiti logos include:

  • A streetwear brand might use a streetwear logo featuring bold, spray-painted letters, reflecting the brand’s urban roots and edgy style.
  • A music festival held in a city might use a graffiti logo, with vibrant colors and dynamic fonts capturing the energy and excitement of the event.
  • A creative agency might use a graffiti logo to showcase its creativity and commitment to innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Check out some logos below:

Graffiti Letter by BrandCrowd

Urban Graffiti Letter by BrandCrowd

Skull Graffiti Mural Logo by BrandCrowd

Diamond Graffiti Business Logo by BrandCrowd

Graffiti Art Pain Logo by BrandCrowd

Streetwear Graffiti Company Logo by BrandCrowd

Skull Mural Graffiti Logo by BrandCrowd

Angry Fire Graffiti Logo by BrandCrowd

Graffiti Box Letter S Logo by BrandCrowd

Street Graffiti Paint Love Logo by BrandCrowd

Graffiti Art Spray Paint by BrandCrowd

Gradient Graffiti Artist Logo by BrandCrowd

3. People Logos

Cities are melting pots of diverse individuals, and logos that feature people capture this essence of urban life. These logos convey a sense of community and diversity, key aspects of city living.

People logos can be abstract, using stylized representations of people, or more detailed, showcasing the dynamism of city life. Regardless of the style, these logos are modern and engaging, reflecting the energy of the urban environment.

What makes logos special is their ability to evoke a sense of community. They remind us of the human connections that make city life vibrant and rewarding, making them a powerful tool for brands that value inclusivity.

Examples of people logos include:

  • A community organization might use a logo featuring a diverse group of stylized people, symbolizing inclusivity and community engagement.
  • A city-based fitness brand could use a fitness logo featuring an abstract representation of a person in motion, capturing the energy of urban life.
  • A tech startup might use a logo featuring a stylized, futuristic human figure, reflecting its focus on human-centered technology.

Browse through our logo templates below:

Flame People Logo by BrandCrowd

Puzzle Dancing People Logo by BrandCrowd

People Leaf Club Logo by BrandCrowd

Charity People Hug Logo by BrandCrowd

Community People Organization Logo by BrandCrowd

People Community Organization Logo by BrandCrowd

People Heart Hugging Logo by BrandCrowd

Blue People Arrow Logo by BrandCrowd

People Charity Group Logo by BrandCrowd

Design Your Urban Logo Today!

Ready to create your own urban logo? Whether inspired by the examples above or have a unique vision, tools like BrandCrowd’s logo maker and DesignCrowd’s crowdsourcing platform can help bring your ideas to life.

And remember, your logo is just the start. Once you’ve nailed your design, you can extend your brand’s urban aesthetic to brand pages, business cardsInstagram postsFacebook coversflyers, and even menu makers. Start shaping your brand’s urban identity today!

Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, August 11, 2023

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