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48 Stylish Pattern Logo Design Ideas 

Graphic Design48 Stylish Pattern Logo Design Ideas 

Patterns are defined as a series of repeated lines, shapes, illustrations, or colors that form an image. Some common patterns are stripes, polka dots, or florals.

While patterns are more commonly associated with fashion, it’s also trendy in the field of art and design. A harmoniously and stylishly arranged pattern can give people a sense of satisfaction. Using a unique pattern for your logo can also help you stand out from the crowd.

 If you think a pattern logo is an excellent fit for your brand, you’re in the right place! Today, we’ll break down how to create a pattern logo suitable for your brand and give you a list of creative and stylish logo design ideas that you can use.

Let’s get crafting! 

Tips For Creating Pattern Logos

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your pattern logo:

Understand your brand identity

Your pattern’s overall style, look, and mood highly depend on your brand identity. For example, a corporate brand will be more suited to a symmetrical geometric pattern while a creative design agency will find a colorful abstract pattern more fitting.

The type of product that you offer can also influence the logo design. This is because you can throw in references or create an image from the pattern to represent your products.

As you can see, fully understanding your brand and identity can help create a successful logo design. 

Choose the right pattern style

Now that you know your brand identity, you’ll have an easier time finding which pattern suits you best. 

For instance, symmetrical geometric logo patterns are fitting for more formal businesses. These can be financial companies, academic institutions, or medical apps. You can use checkers, plaid, or striped patterns for them.

Asymmetrical patterns are great for businesses that want to portray a creative and dynamic vibe. These are great for fashion brands, marketing agencies, startups, and more.

Ornate patterns like quatrefoil, damask, and medallion fit businesses with a sophisticated and luxurious target market. 

Use the right color

The right color can make or break your logo. 

You can follow color psychology, where you use color to evoke a certain emotion or feeling in your audience.

You can also follow the rules of color theory, where you choose a color palette wherein the colors complement each other. 

Colors can also maximize the vibe of the logo. For example, using a gold or silver color can up the feeling of luxury in an ornate logo. Using neon yellow and dark red can make an abstract logo look more artistic and eye-catching. Using dark blue or black for a simple grid logo can make it look more formal. And so on. 

Consider flexibility and scalability

Don’t forget that your logo design will be used across all your marketing materials. Therefore, you should ensure that the logo will look good, whether resized to fit a small sticker or enlarged to be used as store signage. 

Pattern Logo Design Examples

Let’s now take a look at the top trending patterns that are used right now. These are: 

Lines and Geometric Pattern Logos

Here, you’ll see designs that leverage lines and sharp angles. You can also find logos using geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and diamonds. 

You can also use common patterns such as stripes, plaid, chevron, or checkered patterns. Mobile apps, tech companies, construction companies, and finance businesses prefer this type of logo design.

Check out our samples here:

Pattern in Square – Geometric Logomark Design by Saiduzzaman Khondhoker

Digital Elements Logo by Davie Ross

Monogram geometric logo b AK

geometric logo design by Ak Saju

Unused Geometric Logo by Jord Riekwel

Geometric logo by Yahor Martsinovich

Line shape exploration by Rolans Kims

Geometric logo by Theodora Ispas

Geometric Logo by Joexlil

geometric form by Bojan Oreskovic

Minimalist Geometric Textile by brandcrowd

Gradient Tile Pattern by brandcrowd

Professional Square Line Art by brandcrowd

House Diamond Pattern by brandcrowd

Celtic Interior Pattern by brandcrowd

Geometric Tribal Pattern by brandcrowd

Textile Pattern Company by brandcrowd

Geometric Flower Pattern by brandcrowd

Geometric Diamond Pattern by brandcrowd

Radial Geometric Pattern by brandcrowd

Floral and Circular Pattern Logos

On the other hand, you can also go for fluid, circular patterns instead of sharp-angled ones. These are great for brands aiming for a more “approachable” vibe, as circular shapes lack other geometric shapes’ severe and strict edges.

Floral patterns and polka dots also fall under this category. Browse more samples below: 

Colour Rush – Gradient logo concept by Victoria Georgieva

Geometric flower by Aleksa Radakovic

Abstract flower logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Geometry Flower by Sheetal Mehta

Abstract Flower circle logo design by Rebeka Sultana

Abstract logo | Flower logo by graphicat007

Geometric Flower by Aleksa Radakovic

Florae – flower mark by Helvetiphant™

B bloom flower logo design by Amadul 

Flower by Kakha Kakhadzen

Luxury Floral Pattern by brandcrowd

Leaves Floral Pattern by brandcrowd

Sun Floral Pattern by brandcrowd

Garden Floral Pattern by brandcrowd

Floral Star Pattern by brandcrowd

Floral Symbol Pattern by brandcrowd

Elegant Wreath Lettermark by brandcrowd

Elegant Floral Pattern by brandcrowd

Floral Flower Pattern by brandcrowd

Elegant Floral Pattern by brandcrowd

Abstract and Intricate Pattern Logos

Want to add a touch of artistry to your brand? Go for logos that have more intricate and detailed patterns. You can go for Mandala-inspired logos, or for Damask, Paisley, and Aztec ones. Logos that use illustrations to create a pattern (a famous example would be the Unilever logo) are also under this category. 

Jungle Flower Pattern by brandcrowd

Cube Pattern Decor by brandcrowd

Elegant Intricate Tile by brandcrowd

Intricate Celtic Decoration by brandcrowd

Elegant Tribal Abstract Pattern by brandcrowd

Intricate Textile Decor by brandcrowd

Star Intricate Ornament by brandcrowd

Intricate Pattern Decoration by brandcrowd

Intricate Ethnic Pattern by brandcrowd

Intricate Celtic Pattern by brandcrowd

Create Your Pattern Logo Today!

While some businesses prefer using icons to convey their brand’s message, don’t forget that a pattern can also do the same. The pattern style, color, and overall design can be used to communicate your brand’s identity. 

Patterns also add a sense of visual harmony and aesthetic appeal, making it a great logo choice for businesses. Ready to create your pattern logo? You can hire a designer here at DesignCrowd or DIY it with our easy-to-use logo maker tool. Pair it with a stunning business card or a fun Facebook cover, and you’ll be able to take your business to new heights! 

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