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48 Regal King Logos That Command Attention

Graphic Design48 Regal King Logos That Command Attention

Want your brands to be treated like royalty? Start with a regal king logo. Explore our latest collection of king logos — gathered and curated from our own design platform and from other inspiring designers. 

We’ve handpicked the finest king-themed logo designs, each designed to capture and hold your gaze. These designs offer usual images for kings and other royalties: intricate crowns, gold color pairings, majestic fonts, and more glitters and sparkles. 

For lovers of design and leaders seeking inspiration, this selection is a treasure trove. Remember, It’s not just about the visual appeal but also the emotions and the stories. 

Ready to get inspired by an assortment of king logo designs? If you find one that speaks to you, download it immediately. Or design it further using our beginner-friendly and user-intuitive tool. 

Why Choose King Logos

The choice of a king logo is not one to be made lightly. Such logos embody power, authority, and prestige, qualities that any brand would aspire to be associated with. King logos are particularly effective for businesses looking to establish themselves as leaders in their industry or for those who wish to inject a sense of luxury and exclusivity into their brand identity.

Beyond their symbolic meanings, king logos are versatile. They can be adapted to a wide range of industries, from luxury goods to esports teams. The key is in the execution — the right design can make your brand unforgettable.

King Logos to Consider

King logos, rich in symbolism and history, offer an air of authority, power, and luxury that few other themes can match. In other words, they’re statements too. 

Here’s why and how the motifs of lions, crowns, and gold can significantly enhance your brand identity:

Lion Logos

The lion, with its powerful stature and majestic mane, is often celebrated as the “King of the Jungle.” This title alone carries connotations of strength, leadership, and courage, making lion logos a favored choice for brands aiming to project these qualities. 

These logos might feature stylized renditions of the lion, focusing on the head for a direct, impactful presence or encompassing the full body to capture a sense of grandeur and command. The poses and styles can vary widely, from serene and noble to fierce and bold, each suggesting a different facet of power and confidence.

Scottsdale Mint by Jared Tuttle

Negative Lion Logo by Daniel Olah (Oala)

Sovereign Logo Design by Koen

Moroccan Vintage Club Logo by Creatoro Design

Royal Lion Logo Mark by MahbubNur

Elegant, Strong Logo Design by leopoldo

Elegant, Lion Logo Design by Mario 11

Conservative, Lion Logo Design by ThiagoB

Professional, Lion Christian Logo Design by StudioD™

Traditional, Temple Martial arts Logo Design by StudioD™

Bold, Lion Barbershop Logo Design by Graphic Bricks

Wild Lion Animal by brandcrowd

Royal King Lion by brandcrowd

Lion King Crown by brandcrowd

Lion Head King by brandcrowd

Lion King Crown by brandcrowd

Crown Logos

Crowns are the ultimate emblem of royalty, evoking images of authority, power, and sovereignty. Logos featuring crowns can span from minimalist designs that speak to modern sensibilities to richly detailed illustrations that evoke a sense of tradition and history. 

Whether used independently or integrated with other elements, crown logos suggest that a brand is at the pinnacle of its industry, offering superior quality and service. It’s a symbol that promises not just excellence but leadership.

Royal Family Records Logo by (SEALS)

Crowns by Defaced

KING PICTURES by Omega-Pixel


Crown logo by Haseeb Arshad

Masculine, Tattoo Logo Design by G.Krastinkova

Masculine, Blue Welding Logo Design by ZeneFashions

Bold, Church Religious Logo Design by ecorokerz

Crown Logo Design by Farqaleit™

Serious, Elegant jewelry Logo Design by Mr_Ank

Conservative, Parrot Logo Design by hery_krist

King Puppy Dog Crown by brandcrowd

Luxury King Crown by brandcrowd

King Skull Crown by brandcrowd

Owl Crown King by brandcrowd

King Dog Crown by brandcrowd

Gold Logos

Gold, long associated with wealth, success, and prestige, naturally lends a touch of opulence and exclusivity to any design. Logos that employ gold coloration stand out with an allure that’s both timeless and luxurious. 

When combined with regal imagery such as lions and crowns, gold logos grab attention and convey a brand’s commitment to unparalleled excellence and quality. 

This color theory option is particularly effective for brands seeking to portray themselves as the gold standard in their field, offering products or services that are a cut above the rest.

Hopulence Glass Design for Arizona Craft Beer Community by Will Mejia

Tree House Monoline logo by ponuppo

Susan Strong Jewelry logo design proposal. by Ardian | Logo Designer


B Logo design by Rony Pa – Logo Designer ??

Serious, Elegant Logo Design by D_Mantra

Golden Logo Design by ArtisticQuest

Elegant, Brown Chocolate Logo Design by Designed™

Elegant, Elegant Home decor by ArtTank

Elegant, Elegant Apparel by Kejo87

Serious, Accounting Logo Design by Birdcage

Gold Ring Crown by brandcrowd

Gold Bird Outline by brandcrowd

Gold Wreath Crown by brandcrowd

Gold King Hops Brewery by brandcrowd

Royal Gold King by brandcrowd

Design Your Own King Logos

Feeling inspired yet? With the ideas above, you might be tempted to create your own king logo. Partner it with other designs like flyers, menus, and business cards, and you’re good to go!

Using our beginner-friendly and user-intuitive AI logo maker tool, you can experiment with different elements to see what resonates most with your vision. Don’t be afraid to mix and match — sometimes, a hybrid of two concepts can result in a truly unique logo that stands out in an otherwise competitive marketplace.

In the end, a king logo is more than just a design but a communication tool. So, choose wisely, and let your logo reign.

Written by DesignCrowd on Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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