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48 Communication Logos That Transcends Digital Barriers

Graphic Design48 Communication Logos That Transcends Digital Barriers

Whether you’re a messaging app, customer support service, IT company, PR agency, or any similar business, you’ll need a logo that instantly conveys that you are in the communication industry. 

Need help in designing one? No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share tips on crafting an effective communication logo and show you some awesome design templates you can easily customize with our logo maker tool. Our business name generator tool is also here to help if you haven’t developed an excellent brand name yet.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Mastering The Art of Effective Communication With Your Logo Design

Effective communication relies on delivering your message and information clearly and concisely. 

The same concept applies to your logo. It’s your visual identity, an image used to communicate to your target audience your brand’s message. With just one look, they should be able to instantly identify if you are an email provider, messaging app, voice app, and so on.

Want to know the secret of creating an effective logo?  Here are some tips:

  1. Use the right icon

It’s said that a picture tells a thousand words, and the same holds for your logo design. Use icons or images associated with communication, connection, and messaging to convey that to your audience instantly.

Some icons that you can use are chat boxes, mics, cell phones, pens, and envelopes. These are widely recognized as symbols for communication. On the other hand, you can also play around with more abstract themes, such as carrier pigeons or soundwaves. 

  1. Design for your niche

The communication industry is vast. Use specific design elements associated with your niche to set your logo apart. An example is a chatbox. Adding a headset can relay that it’s a customer support app, while adding hearts can instantly make it look like a dating app. 

Strategic use of colors can also help. Colors like blue and green are usually associated with IT and software. Meanwhile, yellow is the best choice for PR and advertising agencies since it’s the color of creativity. At the same time, reds and pinks are associated with romance; they are perfect for dating apps. 

See the difference? Make sure to keep your niche and target audience in mind to create a suitable and effective logo design.

  1. Keep it simple and flat

It’s easy to be tempted to add fancy details to make your logo look unique. But hold your horses! Keeping your logo simple is critical to making it look professional and timeless.

This is even more important if you’re designing an app or software. Minimalism is a popular app design trend, so many brands have simplified their logos. Keep up with the trend by sticking to one or two colors, using flat and 2D elements, and using tons of white space.  

Communication Logo Design Ideas

Now that you know what makes an excellent logo, it’s time to create one. But before heading to our logo maker tool, why not look at some examples first to get your creative mind running?

We provided some examples for you below:

Chat logos

If your business mainly focuses on messaging and chatting, a logo design that features chat boxes, speech bubbles, or messaging envelopes is your best bet. Try pairing these icons with vibrant colors like sky blue, yellow, or orange.  

Browse our samples here:

Fast Chat Logo by mizan

Panda Logo by mizan

italk Logo by LogoCaptain Studio

Communication Logo Design by Design Burg

T Home Chat Logo by unfold

chat cat by Badr erroucihaq

ecochat logo design by Khabib

Whistle Chat Logo by Srinivasan Rajan

Call logos

On the other hand, if you mainly focus on call, voice, or other auditory types of communication, using icons like loudspeaker, mic, cellphone, or TV will work best. If you want to make a minimalist logo, try pairing this with white space or playing around with negative space. 

Lama call logo by stonesuc

Video Call App Icon by Masuder Rahman

Letter P + Dial Call logo by Rahid Rehman

Callborat by RI Rafiq 

Group Call Logo by Bohdan Harbaruk

Food Delivery App Logo by Jowel Ahmed

call boat by Yuri Kartashev

Next Call logo by Khokim

Orange Call logo

Food Call Logo by Fazeel Ejaz

Call Logo by MyGraphicLab

Paper Chat logo animation by MyGraphicLab

Telephone Head Cartoon by novita007

Blue Wrench Telephone by SimplePixelSL

Telephone Ring House by wasih

Robot Call Operator by Chinobi

Telephone Orange Fruit by novita007

Call Sign Dating App by shen02

Retro Old School Telephone by JimjemR

Cyber Tech Letter C by royallogo

3D Telephone Isometric by J-lao

Customer Service Light Bulb by marcololstudio

Media Photography Vlog Letter C by FishDesigns61025

Chatbox Message Letter C by Joemar

Mobile Chat Application by SimplePixelSL

Web Cam Flash by AleksandrO

Mobile Phone Stethoscope by CreativePixels

Speech Bubble Headset by BryC

Creative Retro Telephone by JimjemR

Tech Support Person by MusiqueDesign

Music Headphones Podcast by Brandcrowd

Webcam Video Call by FishDesigns61025

Call Center Chat Messaging by marcololstudio

Feminine Letter C Assistant by MusiqueDesign

Abstract logos

Why not go outside the box and use abstract logos? These dynamic logos can instantly catch your audience’s attention in a sea of similar-looking logos. 

Abstract logos include soundwaves, network links, network towers, geometric shapes, signals, and animals. 

Abstract Mobile App by ions

Abstract Hawk Letter A by SimplePixelSL

Abstract Flower Bud by DanikBrt

Abstract Water Wave by Joemar

Abstract A Serif by wasih

Abstract Minimalist Building by JimjemR

Create Your Communication Logo Today!

And there you have it. We hope this article has taught you how to create an effective communication logo.

If you’re ready to start your logo journey, go to our logo maker tool or AI logo generator to get started. You can hire a designer here at DesignCrowd if you want a professional designer to help you. 

Of course, don’t forget your other branding assets! We also have a business card makerposter makerFacebook Ad templates, and other marketing tools to help you build your brand identity. 

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