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46 Nurse Logos That Shows Care and Compassion

Graphic Design46 Nurse Logos That Shows Care and Compassion

A practical nurse logo conveys compassion, empathy, and warmth. They show the genuine care and concern nurses have for their patients while still displaying high professionalism and reliability. 

In need of a nurse logo? We got you covered. We have scoured the web for the latest logo ideas that you can use for your clinic or healthcare business. And there’s more! We’ve also shared some tips on creating your logo, which can be done easily with the help of our logo maker tool. 

Let’s check them out! 

Tips For Creating Nurse Logos

Whether you run a clinic, a nursing service, a pharmacy, or a hospice care, a great nurse or medical logo is needed to establish trust with your customers and establish yourself as a professional business. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your logo: 

Incorporate nurse or medical-related elements.

A great logo should instantly convey to your audience what you do. Use recognizable symbols that people usually associate with nurses or clinics for your logo. This can range from nurse symbols like the Caduceus to medical equipment such as a syringe to an ambulance or a hospital. 

Use soft and soothing colors.

The best colors are light pastel colors such as baby blue, light green, pale yellow, soft pink, and milky white. These colors are soothing to the eyes and portray a sense of calm and peace. 

A muted color palette is your best bet. Avoid bold colors like deep reds or neon oranges as much as possible. 

Evoke the feeling of compassion.

An emphasis on compassion and care can’t be forgotten when creating your logo. This can be done through joined hands, an embracing gesture, or hearts. A drawing of a baby can also evoke that nurturing feeling. 

Keep it clean and minimalistic.

Simple and clean designs are favored when creating this type of logo. Ensure that your overall look is easy to understand and not filled with too many details that are overwhelming to the eyes. 

Avoid using too many colors as well. As much as possible, stick to 1-2 colors only. 

Out-of-the-box designs, experimental layouts, or exaggerated fonts may not be a great idea, as your target audience might not appreciate it. Prioritize making your design look professional and trustworthy instead. 

Follow the basic design principles to ensure your final look is balanced and harmonious. 

Nurse Logo Design Examples

Ready to create your logo? You can use our logo maker tool. Choose a template from our wide range of healthcare logos, customize it as much as you want, and then download it. Easy, right?

If you want to look for samples and inspiration before designing, just scroll down to see our curated list.

Mascot Logos

Logos that feature illustrations of nurses are a top trend. You can also do an illustration of your target customers as well, whether they are babies or the elderly. You can also use common medical items, like a capsule or a medical kit, and give them a face to use as a cute mascot. 

Dr. Smiley Face Illustration by Paige Blakeslee

Happy Nurse Logo by Designcute

American Nurse Wearing Mask Side USA Flag Mascot by Aloysius Patrimonio

Nurse Kitten Logo Template by ianmikraz

Nurse Logo Mascot Illustration by dansdesign

Nurse Station minimal logo by Nil Logo

Female Logo Design by hamkur

Silhouette Logo Design by PsyPen

Teal Logo Design by Keita

Serious, Female Healthcare Logo Design by aykutturan

Female Hospital Nurse by town

Nursing Home Heart by BryC

Medical Doctor Nurse by town

Hamster Nurse Veterinary by AK_Designs

Clinic Nurse Healthcare by DanikBrt

Medical Symbols Logos

What better way to show that you are in nursing than by incorporating medical symbols? You can use the Caduceus, the Staff of Asclepius, the Star of Life, the Medical Cross, or a nursing cap.

View our collection below:

Ascend Medical Logo by Sagor Chandra Das

Apex Legal Nurse Consulting Logo by sahin miah

Logo Design by Pasindu Rathnayake

Janssen Pro Nurses logo by Ique Zaidan

Orange County EMS by Jennifer Rice-Daniels

Bold, Great Logo Design by alitjuara

Teal Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Elegant, Nurse Healthcare & Mental Health Logo Design by Iris 3

Company Logo Design by Suwaji Suwaji

Nurse Logo Design by Kelvin-Kranj

Modern, Green Healthcare Logo Design by Fandiart

Hospital Charity Cross by marcololstudio

Medical Heart Heartbeat Pulse by VinP

Medical Caduceus Health by JasonND

Abstract Caduceus Symbol by Lei

Healthcare Medical Symbol by town

Medical Equipment Logos

Lastly, why not use the tried and tested medical equipment as your main design element? This can be a stethoscope, a syringe, a medical kit, a facemask, and so on. 

Browse our samples here:

Medical Logo Design – Proactive Primary Care by DesignsWeekly

RippinRN Logo Design by Ahmad Jabbar

Star of life by Studio Kisinas

Visiting Nurse 01 by Brian Paul Nelson

Nursing College Club Logo Design by Omor Faruk | Creative Designer

Bold, Nurse Healthcare Logo Design by Logocraft

Serious, Heart Logo Design by CMYKINK

Bold, Medical Medical Logo Design by Raoul Camion

Serious, Professional Service Logo Design by ecorokerz

Elegant, Wellness Healthcare Logo Design by Dedcov

Blue Medical Stethoscope by SimplePixelSL

Nurse Medical Vaccine by Riri

Pink Heart Stethoscope by town

Medical Gloves Cross by VinP

Green Injection Outline by ions

Create Your Nurse Logo Today!

That’s it! We hope you found a design that you like. 

We have a wide suite of tools that you can use to help you create the logo of your dreams. You can check out our AI logo generator logo maker tool or hire a designer here at DesignCrowd if you need an expert touch. 

We also offer marketing templates that you can use to promote your clinic or healthcare service. Check out our social media templates, such as our Facebook cover maker or Instagram Post maker.

Have any questions or have a topic suggestion for our next article? Leave a comment below! 

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