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46 Beverage Logos For That Refreshing Vibe

Graphic Design46 Beverage Logos For That Refreshing Vibe

When it’s a hot summer day, we all look forward to a cool and refreshing drink to quench our thirst. This is why the beverage industry is one of the hottest and most competitive industries to be in, with it being valued at a whopping $26.8 billion. 

Whether you run a pub, juice bar, cafe, bubble tea shop, or smoothie stand, a colorful and vibrant beverage logo is what you need to attract customers to your business and stand out from your numerous competitors. 

Don’t have any design experience? Don’t fret! Today, we prepared a beginner-friendly guide on how to design your beverage logo. We’ve also compiled a list of logo design ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Shall we take a look at it? 

Tips For Creating Beverage Logos

Designing your logo doesn’t have to be difficult. By considering some basic logo elements, you’ll be able to create an effective one.

Below are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Use relevant icons

One of the easiest ways to design your logo is to use an icon that symbolizes the type of beverage that you sell. For example, use coffee beans or a steaming coffee cup if you’re a cafe. Or a frothy beer mug or a bright red glass of Cosmopolitan if you’re a pub. Have a tropical-themed juice bar? A coconut with a straw or a sunny lemonade might do the trick.

Why is this so effective? It’s because of iconography – by using universal signs or icons, you can instantly communicate to your customers what kind of business you have. Just from your logo alone, they already know what kind of drinks to expect from you. 

Or use meaningful symbolisms

Want to take your creativity up a notch? Why not use a symbol that relates to your location, heritage, personal story, or brand identity?

One example is Starbucks. The iconic mermaid is actually a callback to their location, a port city. It’s also meant to represent a siren’s identity. It’s alluring and irresistible, just like their drinks.

Another is the logo of whisky brand Johnnie Walker. The mascot named “Striding Man” is dressed in an elegant suit and is walking powerfully – a representation of their brand identity of luxury, prestige, and sophistication. It’s fitting for the premium brand.

Take inspiration from these famous logos and come up with a more creative symbolism for your business. Who knows, you may just strike gold! 

Consider your colors

The color of your logo plays a huge role in how your audience perceives you. Red, for instance, is a bold and powerful color. It also incites hunger. This is why it’s a popular color to use for sodas and energy drinks.

Meanwhile, green is perceived as calm and healthy. Use this if you sell herbal teas, low-sugar juices, or organic smoothies. 

Want to be seen as cheerful and bright? Go for colors like yellow, bright pink, or vibrant purple. Orange logos in particular are popular for beverages as well. 

Use logo maker tools

You can also use tools like our logo maker to create your beverage logo. 

Simply search for a keyword related to your business (ex. bubble tea, sports drink, juice bar, etc.) and browse our available templates. Once you find one you like, you can customize it to fit your taste. Apply the tips that you’ve learned here. Once done, you can download it to use. It’s that fast and easy! 

Beverage Logo Design Examples

Now, it’s time to see our list of beverage logo ideas. You can see them in different styles, from colorful, graphic, abstract, chic, mascot, to wordmark.

We’ve divided them into three popular categories below:

Juice Logos

From boxed juice cartons to a glass of organic fruit smoothie down to our more everyday “juice” (by that, we mean cocktails!), one sip of this cool drink is enough to lift your spirits. 

Check out our samples of juice logo here:

Pineapple & Mango Juice Bar – 30 Days of Logos by Cameron Maher

juice (for sale) by ForSureLetters

Lemonade BY Artnivora Studio

Organic Juice Brand BY Abdullah Hasani for Honedon

Pineapple royal juice by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Juicy by Rakib Hasan

orange juice Logo by plus44

banana juice logo by talel ben salah

Juice Logo! by Farjana Islam Jerin

SLUSH JUICE BAR by Rifat Hosen

Fruit Juice Pitcher By Brandcrowd

Orange Juice Stand By Brandcrowd

Lemon & Honey Juice By Brandcrowd

Orange Juice Bottle By Brandcrowd

Orange Juice Drink By Brandcrowd

Fresh Coconut Juice By Brandcrowd

Pineapple Juice Drink By Brandcrowd

Mango Fruit Juice By Brandcrowd

Apple Fruit Juice By Brandcrowd

Tea and Bubble Tea Logos

Did you know that the global tea market size was calculated to be at $12.63 billion in 2023? Indeed, tea is a beloved industry. Whether you sell boxed tea packets, hot herbal teas, iced teas, or the ever-popular bubble tea, you’ll find a bubble tea design that you’ll like below.

Shenzhen Bubble Tea Logo by Mike Stimpson

Soda Labs – Branding by Jord Riekwel

Grape Soda Travel Vintage Logo by stech look

Gling, Beverage App Branding by Apolinário ©

drink rocket logo Rinaldo

Bubble Drink Logo by Mohammad Ripon

Day 8: Shenzhen Bubble Tea by Esther Lysyy

Tipsy Tea by Lynn Nguyen

Bubble Tea Shop Logo by Himadri Mukherjee

Boba Milk Tea By Brandcrowd

Boba Milk Tea Drink By Brandcrowd

Brown Boba Milk Tea By Brandcrowd

Modern Tea Drink By Brandcrowd

Chocolate Bubble Tea Drink By Brandcrowd

Bubble Tea House By Brandcrowd

Talk Bubble Tea By Brandcrowd

Ninja Bubble Tea By Brandcrowd

Soda Logos

Who can get enough of this fizzy drink? Not us. Find your sugary-sweet soda logo below: 

Canned Beer Banner By Brandcrowd

Cute Cartoon Soda By Brandcrowd

Retro Soda Cup By Brandcrowd

Multicolor Soda Vending Machine By Brandcrowd

Soda Drink Refreshment By Brandcrowd

Soda Can Cartoon By Brandcrowd

Soda Can Drink By Brandcrowd

Cartoon Soda Can By Brandcrowd

Retro Soda Drink By Brandcrowd

Soda Can Cartoon By Brandcrowd

Create Your Beverage Logo Today!

Raise your glass to that wonderful roundup above!

However, your job is not yet done. Now that you have your logo, your next step is creating your labels or marketing materials. 

If you sell bottled or canned beverages in particular, you may want to check out our guide to designing product labels to get a clearer idea of what you need to prepare. 

Then it’s time to put a buzz on your store or cafe and get more people to order in. Leverage marketing materials such as a cute menu, a witty TikTok ad, or a drool-worthy Instagram post. All of these are available on our BrandCrowd site as an editable template so that you don’t have to create one from scratch. Check them out today! 

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