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36 Security Logo Inspirations

Graphic Design36 Security Logo Inspirations

Are you a business owner looking to create a captivating logo for your business? 

If you’re in the field of providing security and safety to your customers, then you’re in luck! Whether you have no experience or design skills, you can still create a private security logo to earn people’s trust.

Before starting from scratch and exploring designs with our logo maker, you can come up with some creative business names using our business name generator.

Join us as we look at security logos for ideas and inspiration! Let’s start.

When To Use Security Logos?

Whether your business focuses on protecting homes or keeping things secure online, the most important thing you give customers isn’t just a product or service—it’s a sense of peace and comfort. To ensure customers feel safe with your company, you need a brand voice that shows your knowledge and skill in security.

Build trust with a security logo that instantly makes people believe in your abilities. To ensure that you use security logos the right way, here are the best times to use this type of logo:

  • Security Service Providers: If your business specializes in security services, such as home security systems, cybersecurity solutions, or private security firms, using a security logo is essential. It instantly communicates your expertise in safeguarding people, property, or data, helping potential clients trust your capabilities.
  • E-commerce Websites and Online Platforms: In the digital age, e-commerce businesses must prioritize data security and online safety. A security logo on your website assures customers that their personal information and transactions are protected. This fosters trust, leading to increased conversion rates and customer loyalty.
  • Physical Premises and Facilities: For businesses with physical locations, displaying a security logo on entrance gates, windows, or security vehicles serves multiple purposes. It signals potential intruders that your premises are protected, acts as a visual deterrent, and reassures customers and employees about their safety.
  • Product Packaging for Security Products: If your business sells security-related products such as locks, safes, surveillance cameras, or alarm systems, a security logo on the product packaging is crucial. It instantly communicates that your products are reliable, trusted, and designed to protect what matters most to your customers.

Best Security Logo Ideas For Your Business

As a business owner, you understand the significance of establishing a solid and trustworthy brand that conveys your commitment to safety and protection. Pair your business name with the perfect security logo to stand out!

Check out the best security logo ideas for your brand. We’ve divided them into four major categories below:

Home Security Logos

Protect what matters most with a compelling home security logo. Our collection features designs that evoke a sense of safety and reliability, incorporating elements ranging from house logos and lock symbols to shield emblems and surveillance camera logos.

Create a logo that assures your customers of a secure haven from the templates below:

xhome by Badr Edd

SafeHouse – Logo Design ??? by Jeroen van Eerden

Home security Logo by Masuder Rahman

Stammen Logo by Anthony Gribben

Home security logo design. by pixivect

Guard dog by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Safe, Secure, Simplified Housing by Petra Lee

Securent by Sumesh

Feminine, Simple Logo Design by renderman

Security Security Logo Design by L.A.

Security Security Logo Design by Actime

Security Security Logo Design by Benjamin

Bold, Security Security Logo Design by Wynny Lim

Bold, Security Security Logo Design by rednixvenkat85

Company Logo Design by

Home Security Keyhole by novita007

Home Security Key by eyed

Home Security Padlock by wasih

Key Home Security by novita007

Security Home Lock by GianC

Home Security Keyhole by Acel

Cyber Security Logos

Defend against digital threats with a cutting-edge cyber security logo. Our handpicked logo ideas combine sleek and tech-inspired designs with elements like shields, padlocks, or interconnected networks. 

Establish trust in your cybersecurity solutions and gain people’s confidence using our customizable templates below:

Flash Guard Logo Design – Shield / Lightning Bolt / Security by Dalius Stuoka

tech logo by winmids

Cloud+Security Logo by GreatVect

Crivacy logo,security logo,tech logo by Sabir Ahmed

vpn logo | Security Logo | Cyber Security Logo | Privacy Logo by Mahjabin Afrin

logo design, modern logo, security logo by Md Asraful

Netoiy – Logo Design by Md Zahid Hasan

Masculine, Security Logo Design by JohnM.

Modern, Company Software Service Logo Design by JohnM.

Modern, Company Software Service Logo Design by shakuna

Modern, Company Logo Design by sankar999

Modern, Company Logo Design by 4tech services

Bold, Emblem Logo Design by Elmossa

Masculine, Security Logo Design by ace_art™

Masculine, Security Logo Design by alexis alemán

Elegant, Rocket VPN Logo Design by LaGregz

Security Keyhole Lock by novita007

Fingerprint Security Scan by MDS

Technology Security Shield by royallogo

Cyber Security Shield by royallogo

Cyber Eye Security by yhinna

Cyber Security Shield Letter by VinP

Shield Security Lock Logos

Lock in confidence with a shield security lock logo. Browse through our selection of symbols that capture the essence of protection and security. Whether you specialize in physical locks or offer comprehensive security solutions, our logo ideas will help you create a brand that exudes trust and reliability.


Browse through our customizable templates below and edit one to fit your business requirements:

Minimalist, Modern K letter Secure Check by Nayan Tamli

Security logo design by Yeasin Arafat

Security Logo by Salim Ahmed

House lock logo idea by Andrius Tamosaitis

CASTLE KEY Logo Idea! by estedesigns

LightHouse Shield Logo Idea! by estedesigns

security, crest, safety, technology, tech logo design by Rakibul Hasan??

Modern, Letter G Security company Logo Design by dennisdesigns

Serious, Security Security Logo Design by logo_s

Professional, Complete Logo Design by Vetroff

Security Security Logo Design by Anhlee

Serious, Simple Construction Logo Design by bambastudio

Elegant, Company Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Shield Security Lock by novita007

Security Padlock Passcode by Dessy

Padlock Person Security by wasih

Crown Security Shield by marcololstudio

Key Lock Security Eye by Mypen

Realty Building Security Lock by novita007

Design Your Security Logo Today!

A well-designed security logo can play a pivotal role in instilling a sense of safety, professionalism, and expertise in the minds of your customers. We hope you enjoyed browsing through our templates above! Feel free to choose one from our customizable templates or create your own with our logo maker.

Aside from your logo, we have other customizable templates for your design and advertising needs, such as Facebook Event coversPinterest PinsInstagram Stories, and many more!

Create your security logo design now!

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