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21 Creative Label Designs for 2023

Graphic Design21 Creative Label Designs for 2023

Your product is excellent, but what about your label design? A part of why your customers buy your product is its presentation.

Level up your product presentation in 2023 with our hand-picked label design ideas below.

Brief How-To-Design a Label

A part of your brand identity is packaging, specifically your product labels. Your logo design alone is excellent, but you need to physically show your brand on your sold goods.

The primary aspects you need to consider when you design your label are

  • Container Shape
  • Ingredients
  • Brand Consistency
  • and Printing Expenses.

How do I effectively design a label for my product, then? Learn the common types and read our tips to help you get started. Lastly, you can check out our ideas below to see what you want for your business.

Some of the common types are

  • Front and Back Label
  • Lid Label
  • Neck Label.

Next, check out our mini guide on how to 

  1. Pick the direction and personality you want for your product and how you’ll incorporate your branding scheme.
  2. Canvas for your product’s home, the perfect container, can help your costs and presentation.
  3. Add some resemblance of your color palette to your label. It could be an accent or the base of your design.
  4. Choose a readable font style that works well for the print format. The standard category would be sans serif fonts since they don’t have tails; whether in small or big fonts, they’re clear.
  5. Create a mock-up before finalizing your design.
  6. Finalize your template and ask your printing service provider for advice before paying for the prints.

Eye-Catching Label Designs

Did you gain a better understanding of how to design your label? We hope so; now, peek at our catalogue of label ideas. They’re a variety of types and three standard niche-based designs.

Box Label

First, on the list, we have box labels. These are especially needed if you’re sending something overseas or going for an eco-friendly or rustic vibe for your storage.

It often has your address as a business and the receipts plus the “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE.” stickers to help the delivery service handle the package you’re sending.

Get ideas from the ideas below.

Modern, Luminous Cosmetics Label Design by Kamran Sadikhov

Upmarket Label Design by vigie

Masculine, Reliable Label Design by Sonnet Arts

Elegant, Box Agribusiness Label Design by sarada.dissanayake

Modern, Beauty Label Design by Ravinder Rohilla

Serious, Oil Label Design by Maestroto

Bottle Label

Next we have bottle labels. These are great for any cylindrical container you may have for your products.

From sauces to perfumes and more, bottles are great packaging for your merchandise since they’re handy and sore liquids well. Innovate the design for your bottle label with the modern designs below.

Traditional Label Design by Graphic Storm

Elegant Label Design by Krasimira Georgieva

Elegant Label Design by Graphic Storm

Elegant, Bath & body Label Design by SAI DESIGNS

Playful, food/ beverage Label Design by Futuristic_Design

Bold, Wine and beverages Label Design by _Dudas_

Clothing Label

If your business has to do with garments or you’re selling shirts as part of your merchandise, don’t forget to include your clothing logo in your label for a professional and eye-catching product presentation.

Fashion is a massive part of self-expression; despite the label being on a tag, people must know what they wear is from you. Check out the clothing label ideas below to help you design your garments.

Bold, Screen Printing Screen Printing T-shirt Design by killpixel

Company Apparel Design by Heydale

Masculine, Design Apparel Design by ProStudi0

Apparel Design by Futuristic_Design

Modern Apparel Design by katan_designs

Modern, Bomber nightlife. Apparel Design by Ally Mac

Bold Apparel Design by GEK (agentfortysix)

Food Label

The ideas here are everything to do with food. From coffee cozies to lib labels on jars, stimulating your market’s appetite is your label’s goal.

Add red to your design since it stimulates hunger, according to color psychology. Another idea would be to add icons and line art to help your design stand out from the competition.

If your business is in the alcohol industry, have a beer logo that incorporates your heritage and still looks modern at the same time. Find the perfect label design idea from the examples below.

Mad Label Design by Navisol Creatives

Bold, It Company Label Design by Aistikart

Traditional, Bottle Health And Wellness Label Design by Oveja Quiroga

Masculine Label Design by SAI DESIGNS

Coffee Cup and Mug Design by SAI DESIGNS

Drink Food blog Cup and Mug Design by marjene0912 2

Playful, Creative Coffee Shop Cup and Mug Design by ataei.ismail

Mailing Label

With the season of gift giving here, sending loved ones a special something is unavoidable. The best way for people to know the present they received from you is through your mailing label.

Depending on your preference, it could be a sticker of your handicraft logo or a customized stamp. Or it could be a business card that goes with your mailing package. As long as the package shows that you created it, you’re good.

Get inspiration from the mailing label ideas below.

Professional, Company Construction Business Card Design by Vijay Solanki

Modern, High End CPA Firm Business Card Design by Imagine design000

Envelope Design by Creations Box 2015

Elegant, Printer Envelope Design by Atvento Graphics

Upmarket, Electric Company Electric Company Letterhead Design by logodentity

Elegant, Business Letterhead Design by logodentity

Elegant, Company Health Care Letterhead Design by mdreyad

Design the Perfect Label Design Today!

Can you see any of the label designs above coming home with you? You can customize your design with our expert freelance designers here.

And you can incorporate your logo design in your Twitter Header, Gift Certificates, Instagram Posts, and more!

Make your product pop with your custom label design!

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