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2024’s Guide to Ditching Outdated Marketing Tactics

Graphic Design2024's Guide to Ditching Outdated Marketing Tactics

Marketing, like all business endeavors, is always evolving. It is rooted in people, and people change. Decades ago, we had no social media. People are not expecting to see a wide variety of products and services in their peers. But now that social media plays a part, our voracity and sophistication have grown. We want it exactly how we see it, and we want it fast. 

In 2024, marketers should be in tune with these fine changes. Many tool technologies like AI logo generators, advanced ad platforms, and more exist. The strategies must evolve if they want to succeed in a finicky industry. How? Here, we listed some outdated ideas and how you can implement them better. Want to improve your engagement, interaction, and brand loyalty in your email marketing, content marketing, and other assets? Then, it’s time to stash away some of the techniques in the books and fill in what’s working. 

Customer segmentation is all about demographics and geographics.

Before the pandemic, marketers had been segmenting customers based on age, gender, income, and location only. Demographic information used to be great to analyze and group customers so that the marketing assets are targeted and specific. 

However, advancements in advertising technologies and CRMs prove that there is deeper data that really drives customer action. And one of the most vital is the psychographics. It is the kind of information derived from the psychological characteristics of people, such as values, desires, goals, interests, and lifestyle choices. If demographics is basic information, then psychographics is emotional information.

Understanding both can make customer segmentation more accurate, improving engagement in Twitter marketing campaigns and other platforms. Most importantly in email marketing. Emails are deeply personal to the recipients, so receiving generic messages is offputting. Utilizing psychographics in email campaigns allows for more personalized and engaging content, significantly improving open rates and conversions. This approach is in line with email marketing best practices, which advocate for segmentation, personalization, and targeted messaging. It can have reverberating effects on other channels, too, such as blog posts, social media messages, coupons, and more. 

In 2024, incorporate psychographic profiling in your market segmentation and see your engagements improve. 

Customers hope to get what they want.

Customers have higher expectations from businesses nowadays. When websites ask for customers’ data, they expect their data to be used to their advantage. One such advantage is predicting exactly what they want. 

Knowing what your customers want and delivering on meeting their expectations is a crucial marketing strategy in this new year. This is especially true for loyal patrons of your brands. If they have been buying your products and services, they think you know them quite well. If they want a specific product variation or demand a certain feature, they highly look forward to getting that exact experience. 

Their reasoning is that if you use my data, ensure it serves me well. For example, if you have my credentials on your app, you must have access to my past purchases. And if you do, then you must know exactly my type of products, the colors, the shapes, and even what I can afford. You can do this by studying your platform’s analytics or using AI for data analysis to get actionable insights on what to suggest to your customers – increasing sales and retention at the same time. 

Creating only promotional posts

Creating only promotional and advertising posts should be left behind in 2023. This coming year, our content marketing campaigns must be wide and varied in style, content, and format. 

Part of what we found out so far that we’ve discussed is personalization advancements. Customers are more sophisticated in terms of their expectations. That’s why they also expect the content materials of a brand to be in line with their interests and persona. 

Having only promotional posts and marketing collaterials defeats that aim. Sure, promotional posts are great for gathering more sales, but marketing is not about sales. It’s also about education and awareness. A more varied post, including infographics, polls, blogs, reports, and stories, can bring in more audiences with different goals. 

People who are there to learn and get inspired will be attracted to your brand. Fortunately, having more non-buyer leads is better than none because you have the power to convert them easily. 

Ignoring the Power of Video Content

In the past, many marketers focused heavily on written content and static images, often underestimating the impact of video content. However, as we step into 2024, ignoring video content is no longer an option. Consumers today are increasingly drawn to dynamic, engaging video content – from short-form videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to longer, informative content on YouTube. 

Video marketing offers a more immersive experience, allowing brands to connect with their audience deeply. This is why TikTok, YouTube, and YouTube shorts dominate last year’s social media engagement. Videos are in-depth in terms of their ability to engage because of their storytelling, providing value, and creating an emotional connection with your audience. Video content into your marketing strategy can significantly boost engagement, reach, and conversions.

Overlooking Customer Feedback and Engagement

Gone are the days when marketing was a one-way street. Traditional methods often overlook the importance of two-way communication between brands and consumers. In 2024, customer feedback and engagement should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. 

Engaging with your audience on social media, responding to comments, and incorporating customer feedback into your product development can build a loyal community around your brand. It’s not just about pushing your message out; it’s about listening and responding to your audience. 

This approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior, which can inform future marketing strategies.

Relying Solely on Organic Reach

While organic reach was once the cornerstone of digital marketing, relying solely on it in 2024 is no longer viable. The digital landscape is increasingly competitive, and algorithms are constantly evolving. 

This year, a balanced approach that combines organic strategies with targeted paid advertising is crucial. Paid campaigns, such as those on Instagram ads and TikTok ads, can significantly amplify your reach when done correctly, helping you connect with new segments of your audience more effectively. 

This doesn’t mean abandoning organic strategies altogether; it’s about finding the right mix of organic and paid tactics to maximize your marketing efforts.

Dismissing the Importance of Mobile Optimization

In 2024, mobile optimization is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. With most internet users accessing the web via mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website and content is crucial. 

This includes responsive design, fast loading times, and mobile-friendly formats for content and ads. Mobile optimization enhances user experience and is also favored by search engines, which can improve your search rankings and visibility. Marketers who fail to adapt to this trend risk alienating a significant portion of their audience and falling behind in search engine rankings.


Let’s create a more concise and fresh conclusion that doesn’t repeat the earlier content:

Alright, wrapping this up! As we roll into 2024, it’s clear that our marketing playbook needs a serious update. The world’s changed a lot, and sticking to the old ways? That’s just not going to fly anymore.

Think of it like spring cleaning for your marketing strategies, out with the dusty old tactics and in with the new, sparkly approaches that speak to today’s audience. We’re talking about getting real with our customers, diving deep into what makes them tick, and connecting in ways that matter.

This year, it’s all about being bold, trying new things, and not being afraid to toss out what’s not working. It’s about maximizing advances in Facebook advertising and other tools such as logo makers. It’s time to be more than just a brand – a story your audience wants to be part of. So, let’s grab 2024 by the horns and show the marketing world what we’re really made of!

Here’s to a year of creativity, connection, and killer marketing moves! Let’s do this! 

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