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12 Shopify Theme Ideas for Growing Brands

Graphic Design12 Shopify Theme Ideas for Growing Brands

Ready to elevate your Shopify Design? Check out our top picks for your store’s design, and start attracting the customers you deserve right here.

Why Do I Need to Customize My Shopify?

The ultimate answer is for your convenience and unique brand identity. With 2.1 million active users on Shopify itself, you need to up your design game.

Bottomline, your website design matters. Organization, accessibility, and features are essential when customizing your Shopify theme. Your typography, color palette, and visual hierarchy make your shop stand out in the saturated platform.

Of course, you can choose the in-house templates that Shopify has prepared. But if you want something unique, you can get a third-party theme.

The theme needs Liquid code, but you must also understand that Shopify doesn’t support these, so get your designs tested and safely created to avoid any malfunctions on your shop.

Alternatively, you can ask for help from Shopify agency experts to ensure that your website functions properly.

12 Shopify Themes to Boost Your Brand

A shop on Shopify boosts your brand’s credibility while improving cross-platform marketing. You can seamlessly connect platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to your page.

Ensure that your branding is constant on all platforms to help you build rapport and exude brand consistency. A great way to do that is through advertisements on your Shopify page or other media with a touch of emotional design.

Additionally, consider shopify custom theme development to tailor your store’s design to match your unique brand identity perfectly. This customization can significantly enhance your brand’s presence and customer experience on your Shopify site.

For a more advanced and flexible approach, explore the possibilities of headless Shopify, opening up new dimensions in design and functionality.

Finalize the look you want for your online shop through the four categories below.


Grab the hearts of your market with an array of pretty elements. From pink to cute marketing, design your website to pull on the heartstrings of your market and encourage a bit of cute aggression for their feel-good needs.

Pull on the heartstrings of your market and announce your presence. Check out our top picks for cute design inspiration below.

Piccolina Kids – Ecommerce Web Design by Janna Hagan ??

Modern, Purchase Pet Shop Shopify Design by Da Miracle

Elegant Shopify Design by pb

Dark Mode

Next, we have the dark knight of Shopify themes, literally. The dark design is one of the popular designs since it’s versatile.

It pairs well with contrasting colors and allows your brand to stand out and be eye-friendly for your viewers. Customize the best dark mode Shopify theme with the ideas below.

Gravity Theme by Dmitry Dementey for OUTLΛNE

Playful Shopify Design by pb

Sexy Shopify Design by Titan Eagle


With our rise in environmental awareness, your Shopify shop is also encouraged to have such a theme. From the green hues to the iconography and font style, tell your customers that you care about the environment and how your products help them become responsible customers.

Design an environmental design with the templates here.

Shopify Restaurant Landing Page UI by AR Shakir for Shopified

Modern, Purchase Pet Shop Shopify Design by Sbss

Bold Shopify Design by pb


Lastly, we want you to look and have a modern design that fits the era, or you can take a step further and get futuristic with your design. Incorporate some retro aspects and create a hip and modern shop through a color palette and marketing scheme—you can go for the emotional, cute, or humourous vibe.

Find the perfect modern, futuristic Shopify theme below.

Shopify store | homepage by Yev Ledenov for Ledo

Playful Shopify Design by Hamzah Rahmatullah

Playful Shopify Design by pb

Design the Perfect Shopify Theme for Your Business Today

Your website design matters as an online shop. Ensure your cross-branding is effective and cohesive with your overall brand design.

Appeal to the wants of your market and show the world what you offer in your Shopify shop today. Don’t forget to add similar elements through email signatures, invitations, TikTok videos, and more.

Brand better with an excellent Shopify theme today.

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