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10 Different Designs for Company Awards: Contemporary, Traditional, and More

Graphic Design10 Different Designs for Company Awards: Contemporary, Traditional, and More

In the world of corporate recognition, an award is more than a token of appreciation — it’s a tangible testament to one’s hard-earned success. Navigating the vast landscape of company awards can lead you through an intriguing display of designs, each infused with its own story. 

From the sleek lines of modern geometric pieces to the earthy resilience encapsulated in stone awards, there’s a perfect symbol for every achievement. Whether celebrating sustainability with eco-friendly bamboo or honoring global impact with thematic designs, these various awards not only honor accomplishments but also embody the values and vision of your company.

Why Should You Give Out Company Awards to Employees?

Recognizing the hard work and dedication of your employees is an essential part of building a positive workplace culture. Corporate awards not only show your appreciation but also boost staff morale and loyalty, resulting in increased productivity and job satisfaction. 

For example, when you present an attractive award to a high-performing team member, it indicates that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. This achievement can be even more impactful to your employees if the award is personalized. Whether you’re giving out traditional gold trophies or crystal cube awards, these items should be engraved and unique. 

Furthermore, giving out company awards inspires others to strive for similar recognition by improving performance. In essence, company awards are more than just decorative pieces. They’re powerful tools for employee engagement and motivation at every level.

10 Different Designs for Company Awards

A company award serves as a token of appreciation and recognition. They come in different sizes and shapes, as well as different materials. They usually have your company logo or company name. And depending on the award you receive, there may also be an intricate emblem or illustration to signify your achievements. 

Let’s dive into 10 diverse designs for company awards, encompassing both traditional and contemporary styles.

1. Modern Geometric

Stepping into the realm of sleek sophistication, the modern geometric design is all about celebrating contemporary innovation. It embodies an artistic fusion of shapes and materials, bringing together forms like cubes or pyramids that represent strength and progress. 

Often crafted from glass or acrylic, this collection of corporate glass awards is marked by their ability to reflect light in mesmerizing ways while holding a commanding presence. This design often appeals to businesses in the technology sector or industries that prize visionary achievements. 

2. Traditional Wood

When you want to express a timeless appeal, traditional wood designs stand out as the quintessential choice for company awards. Rich grains and deep varnishes evoke a sense of history and accomplishment that’s deeply rooted and grounded in tradition. 

These awards are often chosen for their warmth and organic connection to nature, crafted from woods like oak or cherry to create lasting pieces that honor service and commitment. They reflect an appreciation for the dedication and the enduring impact your employees have made. 

3. Crystal Artistry

Crystal artistry awards are synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, making them the crown jewels of company recognition. They dazzle with their clarity and the intricate play of light within, often used to honor peak achievements and exceptional performers. 

Any recipient of a crystal artistry award can feel the weight of their accomplishment in its solid form, as well as see it reflected in its prismatic beauty. These trophies are perfect for events where prestige is paramount, leaving an impression of high value and deep appreciation.

4. Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Eco-friendly bamboo serves as a tribute to both the recipient and the planet, embodying an organization’s stance on sustainability. These awards, crafted from one of the most renewable resources available, stand for environmental consciousness without sacrificing elegance. 

Light in weight yet remarkably sturdy, bamboo can be fashioned into plaques, trophies, or even functional desk items that remind of a job well done. Choosing bamboo sends a powerful message about corporate social responsibility and showcases innovation in conservation efforts. 

5. Showcase Marble

Showcase marble elevates corporate recognition to a level of classical sophistication that’s unmatched by other materials. With its intricate veining and robust presence, it embodies timelessness and evokes the grandeur of ancient achievements. 

These awards are often substantial in weight and feel, communicating the significance of an individual’s contribution with a permanence that resonates throughout an organization.

Opting for a marble award makes a clear statement about the enduring impact of one’s accomplishments, honoring individuals who have made contributions that stand the test of time. 

6. Global Themed

Global-themed awards showcase the international reach and diversity of a company’s influence. These designs draw inspiration from around the world, featuring elements like globes or maps. They’re ideal for recognizing achievements that have had a wide impact that spans continents.

The beauty of global-themed awards lies in their ability to highlight cross-cultural collaboration and global initiatives. Such awards can be made from various materials and often incorporate colors or motifs representing different regions of the world as well as the company’s brand. 

7. Metallic Complexity

Metallic complexity represents the fusion of art and industry in company award designs. Intricately crafted metal awards capture attention with their interplay of texture, form, and luster. Such awards often feature layers, depth, and sometimes moving parts or intricate engravings.

These metallic creations are particularly fitting for industries where precision engineering and design play pivotal roles in success. An award featuring complex metalwork speaks volumes about innovation, strength, and the dynamic nature of a business’s progress. 

8. Stone Awards

Stone awards exude a natural and enduring beauty, bringing an element of the earth into the realm of recognition. Their weight and texture contribute to a substantial feel that perfectly encapsulates the gravity of significant achievements, like getting top sales figures. 

Crafted from materials such as granite or slate, each award carries with it the uniqueness of its mineral composition, ensuring no two trophies are exactly alike. These awards serve as a testament to resilience and dedication, much like the stone from which they are hewn. 

9. Customizable Glass Plates

Customizable glass plates offer a unique and versatile option in the wide array of company awards. By leveraging the clarity and simplicity of glass, these awards serve as both a token of recognition and a piece of personalized art. They can also appear invisible on the shelf. 

Such an award can align perfectly with various corporate branding elements or event themes thanks to its adaptability. It also provides a modern twist on traditional accolades by allowing each achievement to be celebrated through custom and superior craftsmanship. 

10. Personal Artist Creations

Personal artist creations elevate the experience of receiving a company award to a new, imaginative height. These awards are one-of-a-kind works of art, uniquely crafted by talented artists to capture the essence and spirit of the individual and the individual achievement. 

When an award is born from an artistic vision, it transcends mere acknowledgment—it becomes a cherished keepsake. Such creations can range from sculptures and paintings to mixed-media art. In the end, each piece will bear the unmistakable imprint of its maker’s hands. 

Create Your Company Award Today!

As you recognize the milestones and triumphs within your organization, remember that the right award can amplify the significance of those achievements. Let the wide number of designs inspire you to find the perfect embodiment for your accolades, one that resonates with your company’s spirit and honors those who have consistently gone above and beyond. 

Take this opportunity to create a lasting memory through a unique and meaningful award—a reflection of excellence and a beacon of motivation for all. Choose an award design today that truly commemorates success and inspires continued greatness within your team.

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