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Why Limit Fonts in Branding?

Graphic DesignWhy Limit Fonts in Branding?

Fonts are essential to branding and marketing; people recognize companies without seeing their logos or products. 

Think of the iconic Coca-Cola logo or perhaps Google – why do these brands become popular worldwide? One word: marketing.

But instead of making a creative logo design, these brands used the power of fonts and consistency to capture the attention of their customers. 

If you want your wordmark logo to stand out and be as successful as famous companies worldwide, you’re in the right place! Let’s discuss the importance of fonts and why you should limit them.

The Importance of Fonts in Branding

Do you understand the importance of choosing the right typography for your business? Believe it or not, there’s more to fonts than meets the eye!

Typography plays a significant role in your audience’s taste in your company. That’s why choosing the perfect font for your logo is one of the most critical design decisions you will make for your brand.

Your customer’s mood can change depending on the fonts, too. A company name written in Comic Sans shows that the company is fun and whimsical – this font is often used in famous comic logos. Reading a paragraph in Times New Roman font indicates severe or classic.

When building your brand, there are several factors to consider, and overlooking font choice stands between gaining new customers and losing some. The fonts you choose are as important as your logo design, so it’s wise to allot some time researching the different fonts.

Font Rules of Thumb

Have you encountered company logos, posters, flyers, or billboards that made you cringe because of the font? 

The fonts you choose reflect your brand personality and core values – and can help earn the trust and awareness of your audience. 

To avoid receiving thumbs down from your customers, you should know the rules of thumb when creating your logos and other graphic designs.

1. The 2-Font Rule

If you’ve researched some tips regarding font, you have probably read about the 2-font rule. The rule states that you should not use more than two fonts in a single graphic. Using three or more fonts in a single logo, social media flyers, and more can make your design too busy and unpleasant, often losing the reader’s attention.

Sticking to one or two fonts keeps your graphics clean and helps your audience focus on the primary goal of your representation. 

Tip: Avoid using fonts that don’t have a font family. 

2. Be consistent

To create consistency and connection, stick to the same fonts in your marketing materials. Audiences who scroll through your social media feeds would notice patterns – colors, logos, fonts, and images you use. Utilizing design templates can help maintain this consistency effortlessly, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Staying consistent through your posts makes your brand apparent and more visually pleasing than using a wide range of fonts on your feed. 

However, your posts shouldn’t be precisely similar to the point where your feed becomes boring. Connect your posts using consistent colors and fonts but unleash your creativity to establish your brand identity.

3. Balance legibility and details

You can find many creative text logos nowadays, but when choosing one for your project, balance art with practicality. 

Remember that there’s no point in adding a beautiful font to your product if your audience can’t or struggles to read it. Try experimenting with the script, serif, or sans-serif fonts to create a balanced design. 

Font Categories

The right font can effectively convey your brand’s message and personality. But with the long list of fonts available, choosing one for your brand is challenging.

We’ve listed the four major font groups to give you an idea. Check them out below:

1. Serif

If you’re looking for a classic, timeless, and sophisticated font, Serif is the best choice. Serif fonts are readable, which is why you’ll often see this font on any company marketing materials that aim to bring an elegant and severe tone.

Companies like Vogue and Tiffany & Co use this font to project sophistication and timelessness.

2. Sans-Serif

Sans-Serif fonts are very similar to Serif fonts – except that they don’t have small lines peeking out from the ends of the letters.

It might not seem like a big deal, but this small change in font makes a huge difference in the font’s personality. Sans-Serif fonts are clean, modern, approachable, and more informal than Serifs.

Famous logos of companies like Target and Pinterest use this font.

3. Decorative

Decorative fonts are the broadest and most iconic font category. This font type is used in famous companies such as Ford, Lego, Coca-Cola, and more.

Decorative fonts are fun to use, but make sure they represent your brand. While these fonts look entirely different, they share the same personality: fun.

4. Handwritten

This type of font refers to fonts that look like they were written by hand. It consists of cursive script-like fonts with detailed loops and lines and is elegant. 

Handwritten fonts have become popular because of their approachable and unique personality. Companies such as Disney and John Hancock are perfect examples of handwritten fonts.

Why Limit Fonts in Branding?

One significant part of your branding decisions is considering how people perceive your fonts. Your brand font can communicate much about your business and add a unique ‘feel’ to your design.

As mentioned above, you should limit your fonts to just one to two types. But why? Limiting your fonts can help your brand look more professional and clean. It also establishes brand consistency across your advertising. 

Use The Right Font To Attract Customers Today!

Building a brand logo is not easy – it’s not just about whether it’s visually appealing. Still, it also needs to attract and connect to the right customers. Using the right font type can transform curious buyers into loyal customers.

Incorporate your font into your logo design, and watch your sales grow! Need other design templates? Visit our website and check out thousands of customizable templates for your marketing needs in just a few minutes!

Build the first step towards a successful brand image using the correct font types!

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