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Tote Bag Designs 2023 Ideas

Graphic DesignTote Bag Designs 2023 Ideas

With the increasing popularity of tote bags in the past years, it’s no surprise that it’s’ one of the top products to consider selling this 2023.

Like mug designs, bag logos are highly demanded because they can be used as a fashion statement and help you express yourself through your design.

Are you looking for the best tote bag design for your print-on-demand business? We’ve got you covered! Join us as we look at some tote bag design ideas to get you started this 2023.

Why Tote Bags are Popular

Nowadays, you can barely see people walking in the streets carrying massive backpacks or small designer bags. With the increasing popularity of personalized things, tote bags have been a trend and people’s favorite up until now.

Did you know that custom totes can save over 22,000 plastic bags from being thrown away? It’s one of the reasons why eco-friendly brands should advertise their business by taking advantage of tote bags. Let your audience know that you care about nature and the world they live in, and your business is doing its part by reducing plastic bags!

Aside from its eco-friendly feature, one of the reasons why tote bags are becoming a trend is their versatility – you can use these bags anytime and anywhere you go!

If you need a hand-carry bag to put the snacks, wipes, alcohol, and extra clothes for your kids, a tote bag is an answer. Tote bags are perfect if you are looking for a perfectly-sized suitcase to bring to the mall or when shopping!

Lastly, when it comes to durability, tote bags are out of the question. The constant worry of how long until your bag breaks is one of the main problems people experience when buying everyday-use products. With tote bags, you can say goodbye to counting days until you can no longer use them because they are long-lasting!

As a business owner, you want to catch your customers’ attention and capture their hearts with a product they can use and love. So if you wish to sell high-quality handbags or are looking for promotional marketing products to boost your brand, tote bags are a perfect choice.

Tote Bag Designs That’ll Become A Hit This 2023

Tote Bag is handy, and it’s not hard to see why! From carrying extra books for school, bringing in small groceries, or just temporary storage for clutter – everyone needs a collection of versatile and functional bags.

Plus, people prefer personalized tote bags, so for your print-on-demand business you can show off your creativity through personalized and style your tote bag design!

If you’re looking for design ideas, we’ve got you covered! Check out the three main categories below:

Farmers Market

There’s no perfect pair for your farmers market logo than a market tote bag design! If you’re one of the people who hates carrying so many plastic bags every time you visit the market, a tote bag with this design is perfect!

A tote bag with a market design is perfect for carrying around the market to shop for fresh fruits and veggies or for those who want a country-chic look. 

Stroll the market in style and worry-free with your farmer’s market custom totes! Check out the different designs below:

Taylors Farmers Market Swag by Shed Labs


Totes Magotes by Ben Stafford

Farmers’ Market Canvas Tote by Andie Kolbeck

Tote Bag Design by Cayla Egan

Inspirational Quotes

Show your audience that your business is devoured to protecting the environment while sending messages of hope, love, happiness, and inspiration to everyone with an inspirational quote plastered on your tote bag!

Whether you prefer a short but sweet quote or a long yet impactful line, one of the best ways to spread your word is to carry it everywhere you go. 

Tip: Choose the appropriate font that’s clean and easy to read, like sans-serif font.

Share positivity and hope through your inspirational quote design, and capture attention with your tote bag design! Find the best moving quote design below:

Modern Bag and Tote Design by Ar-min

Elegant, Optometrist Bag and Tote Design by Titan Solbiz

Feminine, It Company Bag and Tote Design by SAI DESIGNS

Bag and Tote Design by Ælx

Beauty for Better by Ian Kolstad

SproutSocial Support Tote by Anna Banaszak


Whether you are aiming for a vintage look or a modern and colorful style, a photograph design is one of the perfect fits for your tote bag.

You can choose a photo of your favorite cartoon character, artist, band, or athlete to a more personalized one, such as memories of friends, family, or your pet. Any photo you choose would look insanely creative when printed on your canvas bag!

If you publish your business logo on your bag, ensure that you have the correct logo format for a high-quality result!

Colorful, Hardware Hardware Bag and Tote Design by SofiaDesignStudio

Colorful, Hardware Hardware Bag and Tote Design 2 by SofiaDesignStudio

Elegant, Grocery Store Grocery Store Bag and Tote Design by Khalid Mehmood

Feminine, Bachelorette Bag and Tote Design by adj.

Hamburg – Rathaus by Kemal Demirpolat

Create Your Tote Bag Design Today!

Tote bags have become very popular in recent years and can be seen anywhere you look! If you’re looking for ways to express your artistic side, tote bags are one of the top choices – along with shirt designs.

We hope the designs above gave you some ideas and inspiration on how you want your tote bag to look. Regardless of your design style, use the right color palette and consider other design elements to create a stunning tote bag design that guarantees turning heads!

If you want more tote bag design inspirations or different design needs, visit our website and explore our thousands of customizable templates for your advertising and marketing needs, like logo designs, business cards, invitations, and more! 

Design a bag that represents your brand today!

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