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Spotify Logo History

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Technology has changed the way we listen to music. Accessing millions of songs and listening to high-quality sounds anywhere has never been easier. If you want to create a music logo with our logo maker, let’s first check out the story of this digital era’s most famous music streaming platform – the Spotify logo.

You can see the Spotify logo on countless smartphones, tablets, and computer systems nowadays. But have you ever thought about how this music logo came to life?

Like other famous brands, every logo has a story behind it. Today, join us as we discuss the history of the Spotify logo design!

A Brief Overview of Spotify 

In today’s digital world, finding someone who doesn’t know about Spotify is hard. As one of the world’s most extensive streaming providers of high-quality music, you can see this green and white logo on almost everyone’s devices. 

Competing with Apple music, millions of people use Spotify to listen and jam to their favorite songs from their favorite artists. You can also create a personal playlist to keep track of your favorites and listen to them anytime and anywhere! 

Did you know that Spotify released a new feature called ‘Karaoke Mode,’ where you can sing your heart out over instrumentals as the lyrics appear on the screen? Try it now!

Spotify has over 489 million monthly active listeners and 205 million premium subscribers.

With its top-notch features, fast streaming, and first-rate quality, it’s no surprise that Spotify will soon be the symbol for music streaming – just as Google has been the go-to search engine!

Aside from its functionality and impressive features, Spotify is also easy to recognize because of its simple logo! 

If you plan to create a streaming platform logo, keep reading as we uncover this music giant’s journey to success with its logo.

Spotify Logo Throughout the Years

Unlike other famous logos with an exciting history, Spotify has only changed its logo three times. 

The brand may have undergone various changes if you compare its current logo with its first design. The brand only did two significant revisions, but its charisma and popularity remained unchanged. 

Let’s look at how Spotify has changed its logo since the beginning:


Known as the original Spotify logo, the first version featured a square shape and a wordmark. The green square logo has round edges, while the white typeface has a clear outline. 

Looking at this logo, you’ll probably notice the letter O in the wordmark. The brand name appears like dancing letters, but the letter O is slightly upward and has three stripes with different weights above it.

What do you think the three stripes logo represents? They represent the sound of music or a Wi-Fi logo!


The first design of the brand’s logo lasted only five years before becoming completely new. You’ll notice that both the square and wordmark are now gone. The only factor the designer retained is the lemon-green color of the shape, which is now in a circle with three arc-shaped lines. 

Compared to the green lines from the previous one, they are now white and thicker. The brand’s name is now appropriately written beside the circle logo and has transformed from white to black. 


The second version of the Spotify logo ended in a two-year run in 2015. However, compared to the previous variation, the designers only made a minor change but an effective one! 

The circular logo and wordmark are now bright green from lemon green, while the lines remain white. 

Compare the two previous logos, and you can see that the right colors certainly play a significant role in how you present your brand. 

To effectively incorporate the right colors into your branding, read about color psychology to understand what each color represents.

Spotify Logo Design Elements

If you look at the overall design of the Spotify logo, can you immediately tell that it’s a music streaming service? The emblem consists of different logo elements that play a significant role in your logo’s whole look. 

In this part, we will examine the different design elements of the Spotify logo:


Among its three variations, Spotify used two shapes: the square logo and the circle logo. If you study the psychology of shapes, you’ll know how a particular form affects how people perceive your brand. Let’s briefly discuss the two:


For its first-ever design, the brand used a rounded square. If you look at the square shape alone, Spotify wants to let its users know that their brand represents stability, unity, honesty, and reliability.

 You’ll never run out of ideas if you want a square logos! 


Spotify shifted from a square to a circle shape and has been using it until now. Earth, sun, and moon – circles are everywhere! Check out the famous brands worldwide; you’ll see many circle logos on the list. 

Circle represents wholeness, inclusivity, strength, and perfection. So if you want your brand to depict those mentioned, go for a circle logo. 


You may not know this, but icons are essential elements in your branding! All three variations of Spotify featured a sound wave logo. But do you know what it means? The three lines represent waves or musical energy, giving people the idea that Spotify is a music company. 

The horizontal lines logo represents a feeling of calmness, freedom, and never-ending. The three primary emotions you get while listening to your favorite songs on the Spotify app!


The Spotify wordmark is in a custom version of the Gotham font, a sans-serif font type that consists of straight lines. Although the company started with a serif font, it quickly changed it to its friendlier counterpart, the sans-serif font.

With its thick, straight lines that are easy to read and pleasing to look at, you can tell a lot about Spotify’s identity and how it’s trying to communicate with its audience. 


The emotions that colors can make you feel widely range. Spotify used only three colors throughout its variations: black, white, and green. Let’s check them out one by one.


Black logos symbolize sophistication, power, elegance, and leadership. Spotify used it as the color of its brand name in the second version of its logo to represent positive emotions and establish its brand.


White logos are heavily associated with cleanliness, innocence, and purity. Brands that want to promote simplicity and freshness can use white logos. Spotify used white sound waves, which complemented the green color well. 


If you ask people what color the Spotify logo is, the answer is green. As a healing and cheerful color, green conveys a sense of serenity, calmness, and progress. If you want your customers to feel calm, just like how Spotify makes its users feel relaxed, use a green logo!

Design Your Music Logo Today!

Simple and easy-to-remember logos can help you build a brand image that customers can immediately recognize. Now that we’ve learned about the Spotify logo’s meaning and history feel free to comment on which famous brand you want us to discuss next.

Are you looking to start your own business in the music industry? Create your logo design in minutes with our logo maker! Visit our website, type in your business name, and browse through thousands of creative logo templates you can customize. 

Spread your love for rhythm, melody, and harmony with your music logo today! 

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