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Muted Color Palettes for Modern Brands

Graphic DesignMuted Color Palettes for Modern Brands

Experiment with your color palette; try a muted palette. This palette is a great way to strengthen branding by showing your business’s progressive, genuine, and modern traits.

Check out the color palette ideas below.

How to Use a Muted Color Palette?

Before choosing a color palette for your business, you need to ask yourself, “What do you want your viewers to feel when they see you?”

When you answer that, proceed to choose a color scheme. You can base it on color theory with its various styles.

Or you can use a seasonal scheme, like a fall color palette. Using a gradient scheme, you can merge two or three colors if you want a unique mix.

Whichever you choose, it all boils down to saturation. How vibrant do you want your design to appear?

That’s where our featured color palette shines. Despite its “dull” appearance, a low saturated color palette allows you to convey multiple feelings, vibes, and emotions you want your market to see in you.

An example of great muted colors is Facebook. The muted color blue scheme screams relaxing; the platform encourages you to use it in your pass time.

Use a muted color scheme if you want your brand to appear modern and chill. And if you want your viewer to focus on a particular aspect of your design.

The technique above applies when you use it as a background. Add a vivid color on top of it, whether in the form of an icon or customized font style.

Muted Color Palette Ideas

When we say muted, some of you might think, “The color is too dull; our design will look lifeless and boring.”

On the contrary, muted colors are trending in both graphic and logo design trends. You can use it as your design’s primary color or background. You can also use them as accent color on your marketing materials such as emails, or when you make your own invitation card.

You can highlight your brand’s specific aspects, like your logo on your packaging or label design. We have three major categories for the palette ideas.

How are there three major color schemes, even if the colors have a low saturation? The answer lies in the later part of that question.

Saturation is the general term for the richness of color in your design. The distinction comes when the colors fall in the broad spectrum of colors and fall into either of the three categories above.

Let’s get into the ideas below.

Warm Palette

These are bright colors. The most common ones have red, orange, and yellow undertones. They’re the color designs on the top of the rainbow, if you notice.

Stimulate your viewer’s eyes with these soft palette ideas for your brand. They’re not overpowering and just right to keep the eyes engaged.

Also, more often than not, when you use a warm palette, despite the low saturation, you evoke positive emotions, which is excellent if you want the perception of your business to be energizing.

You can have various tints and shadows of one color or mix and match the standard warm colors. Check out our top picks below.

Cool Palette

Compared to the colors above, these colors don’t stimulate but calm the viewer. These colors are for you if you want to reassure your visitors and give them a sense of calm and serene vibes.

You can have blue, green, and purple undertones for this scheme. Often, you’d see these as accents to help regulate and create a well-rounded palette for your design.

Pick one of our ideas below.

Neutrals Palette

Lastly, we have the colors in between or outside the warm and cool palette.

Neutrals become accents compared to the two above, often used as foreground colors for your graphic design elements. But nowadays, neutral colors are becoming a trend, especially if you want an earthy or eco-friendly design for your business.

It’s a versatile palette that goes well with the two above, depending on what you want to highlight. Find the perfect neutral palette below.

Choose A Muted Color Palette Today!

Did you get inspired by the color palettes above? We hope so; don’t forget to share with us which ideas you liked or think might work in the comments below.

After choosing your color scheme, add them to your overall brand identity. You can ask for help from a freelance designer or customize a template to ease your worries.

Lastly, incorporate your chosen palette into your business card, YouTube banner, Instagram stories, menus, and more. It’ll help you get noticed in the industry and leave a positive impression on your market.

Brand better with a muted color palette today!

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