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Linux Foundation Europe launches Open Mobile Hub project to facilitate multi-platform mobile development

Software DevelopmentLinux Foundation Europe launches Open Mobile Hub project to facilitate multi-platform mobile development

The Linux Foundation Europe has announced the launch of Open Mobile Hub (OMH), a new framework for cross-platform mobile development. A main effort of the project will be to develop a unified codebase that allows applications to be built once and then deployed across different mobile operating systems. 

The project was formed by five mobile development companies: Amaze, BharOS, Futurewei, Meetkai, and Squid. 

Open Mobile Hub will release several open-source SDKs and tools, including the Login & Authentication SDK, Maps & Location SDK, Storage SDK, and Core Gradle Plugin. 

Extensibility is also a main goal of the project; Third-party developers will be to create their own plugins for Open Mobile Hub, which will allow for more flexibility in the development process. 

Preston Lau, technical steering committee chair of the project, explained that, for example, the OMH Maps API abstracts away the features of mapping services to allow developers to easily switch between Google Maps, Azure Maps, Mapbox, and OpenStreetMap without having to write too much code to make the change.

“I’m excited to welcome OMH to Linux Foundation Europe, as the formation of this project represents a crucial step towards addressing the fragmentation and inefficiencies in mobile app development,” said Gabriele Columbro, general manager of Linux Foundation Europe. “By bringing together industry leaders in an open mobile ecosystem, we aim to create a unified solution that simplifies the development process, ultimately leading to a better cross-platform user experience. Additionally, we see the potential to democratise another critical area of technology, characterised by a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in the EU and beyond.”

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