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JavaScript GameDev with Kaboom.js

Programming LanguageJavaScript GameDev with Kaboom.js

Creating a game can be one of the most rewarding experiences in programming, and building a Metroidvania-style game takes that excitement to another level. These games are known for their intricate maps, challenging enemies, and complex mechanics that keep players engaged. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own Metroidvania game, now is the perfect time to start.

We just published a course on the YouTube channel that will teach you all about using JavaScript and Kaboom.js to build a Metroidvania-style game from scratch. This comprehensive tutorial covers everything you need to know, from setting up your development environment to implementing complex game mechanics like enemy AI and boss battles. Plus, all the game assets you’ll need are provided, so you can focus on learning and creating. JSLegendDev created this course.

The course begins with an introductory section that gives you a high-level overview of what you’ll be building. You’ll then move on to setting up your development environment, ensuring you have all the tools necessary to begin coding. The next steps involve initializing Kaboom.js, a JavaScript game programming library, and loading the various assets that will make up your game world.

Once your environment is set up and your assets are loaded, you’ll dive into defining scenes, an essential part of structuring your game. Understanding game objects in Kaboom.js is crucial, as these are the building blocks of your game. You’ll learn how to implement logic to load and display the game map and place colliders that control the interaction between your player and the environment.

The course doesn’t just stop at the basics. You’ll also implement player logic, manage global state, and set up a dynamic camera system that follows the player. Enemy AI is a big part of what makes Metroidvania games challenging, so you’ll learn how to implement a drone enemy and a formidable boss barrier. To make your game even more engaging, the tutorial covers the creation of a boss battle, complete with health cartridges and a health bar to track the player’s status.

Moreover, you’ll ensure your game handles player respawns correctly when they fall out of bounds and link multiple rooms to create a seamless game world. The finishing touches will polish your game, making it feel complete and professional. Finally, you’ll receive general guidance on deploying your project, so you can share your creation with the world.

Whether you are an experienced developer looking to expand your skills or a beginner eager to dive into game development, this course is designed to be accessible and comprehensive.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (5-hour watch).

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