Sunday, July 21, 2024

Free Software Foundation adds three new board members

Software DevelopmentFree Software Foundation adds three new board members

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is hoping to extend its longevity and attract new people into the free software movement by making improvements to its governance process, resulting in the addition of three new board members. 

Joining the board effective June 23, 2024 are John Gilmore, Christina Haralanova, and Maria Chiara Pievatolo. The board reviewed 83 nominations before selecting these three members. 

“The FSF has made a major step towards establishing a solid governance structure that sets us up for a strong future in which we can respond to software freedom threats ahead of us,” said Geoffrey Knauth, president of the FSF. 

The new members are the first people to join the board since 2020, according to the FSF. The organization also stated plans to have associate members review the current board members in August to decide if they should stay on board. 

“Given the importance of the FSF to the free software movement, and the importance of its board to ensure preservation of the software freedom definition, the board has not taken its task lightly,” the FSF wrote in a statement. 

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