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Cute Logo Inspirations

Graphic DesignCute Logo Inspirations

Show your friendly and fun side towards your market with a cute logo. It’s sleek yet has that charming characteristic that looks less threatening.

Join us as we look at top picks for cute logos just for you.

Why Does Cute Work with Branding?

Design that makes you go “Awwww” is one-of-a-kind. Some common characteristics that define cute are

  • Huge Twinkling Eyes,
  • Chubby Cheeks,
  • A Large Head,
  • Tiny Noses,
  • and Vulnerable Vibes.

The characteristics describe babies, but they aren’t the only cute ones on the planet. A lion cub or kitten or even food with huge sparkling eyes can be characterized as cute.

The chibi form of anime characters is also cute because of their childlike features. In conclusion, cuteness is an excellent way to market yourself, and we can prove it through statistics and biology.

According to a study by Septiano and Paramita entitled Cute brand logo enhances favorable brand attitude: The moderating role of hope (2021), a cute brand logo positively affects consumer attitude towards a brand, especially when they experience hope through it.

With that study in mind, other factors affect humans when they see cute designs. One is biological when our brains release happy hormones called dopamine and oxytocin.

When we look at something cute, our brain loves it, and we get giddy. Applying the power of cuteness to marketing and we create positive associations.

In that context, cuteness becomes a part of your emotional design to attract customers from all walks of life and make them smile. A great example of this is Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial back in 2014.

A dog and horse become pals, which shows what the business wants you to feel when you take a sip of their lager—create pals while drinking.

It boils down to how you add cute to your branding. It could be through your image, typography, and color palette.

Aside from the marketing perks of having a cute logo, show your customers that you also care about Valentine’s Day. Get inspiration from the designs below and brand yourself as cute.

Cute Logos for Friendly Branding

Did we convince you to add cuteness to your brand? If not, the designs below could convince you.

We picked the four best forms of cuteness to incorporate into your marketing scheme.

Cute Animal Logos

Animals will always have a special place in our hearts, whether in their youngest or oldest form. Their charm always seems to stay. Whether it is their cute button noses or mannerisms, our furry companions always seem to make us smile.

Pair your animal design idea with cute features and the values you want to embody as a business, and voila! You have an irresistible and memorable design that people will love.

Find the cute animal logo that’ll embody your brand below.

Bold, Cute Restaurant Logo Design by r-toha

Cool Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Cute Bear Face by jaysonqbob

Cute Gorilla Mascot by SimplePixelSL

Cute Panda Sole by Tuts

Cute Pink Pig by town

Cute Playful Elephant by Dessy

Cute Round Elephant by eyed

Cute sloth having coffee logo mascot by Liza Geurts

Elegant, Cute Swimming School Logo Design by abu_hilmi

Forest Cute Chameleon by novita007

Kittylo by Simo

Modern, Cute Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Penguin Mascot by Elmira Gokoryan

Pepper’s Palace by Simo

Personable, Cute Charity Logo Design by anekaa

Playful, Cute Logo Design by tapstudio

Project animals by Simo

Super Red Panda by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Three Cute Little Birds by radkedesign

Upmarket, Cute Artists Logo Design by Charala

Cute Food Logos

Next, we have cute food designs. Whether it’s a dainty cupcake or a milk tea with huge eyes, enticing people to buy from your business has never been more fun.

Adding a cute feature to your restaurant, beverage, or general food logo allows you to grab the attention of your market and tell people about what you sell simultaneously.

Take note, your logo here could appear in your packaging or label design, so choose your cute characteristics wisely. Pick the ideal food logo for your business and sprinkle it with cuteness with the templates below.

Bold, Cute Logo Design by Gigih Rudya

Bold, Ice Cream Logo Design by Majestic Prints

Cute Bear Ice Cream by yulianrhmn

Cute Cookie Smiley by BryAd

Cute Dumpling Cartoon by marcololstudio

Cute Happy Apple by novita007

Cute Logo Design by concepts

Cute Nigiri Sushi Mascot by Riri

Cute Pizza Slice by marcololstudio

Cute Sushi Restaurant Mascot by Riri

Cute Taco Mascot by Marvie

Elegant, Cute Bubble Tea company Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Family Mart Logo by Courtney Askew for unfold

Happy Egg Cute Mascot by Manu

Living Bowls by Simo

Personable, Cute Business Logo Design by MrBranding

Personable, Cute Hospitality Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Pizza Bro by Milos Djuric | djuksico

Playful, Creative Logo Design by Designer Hamza

Steamed Bun and Red Pepper by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Summer! by Manu

Cute Mascot Logos

For the third on the list, we have mascot designs. It pays to have one central character representing your business since your market can connect more to them.

The power of the mascot logo comes from positive associations. Once your market accepts your design, your branding revolves around the animal or human mascot.

Pick a customizable mascot logo template below and start branding better.

Bold, Cute fire service, public event Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Cartoon Monkey Mascot by town

Colorful, Peach Logo Design by ally designs

Cow Milk Mascot by town

Cute Logo Design by hamkur

Cute Logo Design by ThiagoB

Delicious Pizza Mascot by BryanPaulFerrer

Dog Sheriff Mascot by vixiiiart

Green Monster Mascot by JimjemR

Hiphop Woman Mascot by Tristan

“Doughnies” Doughnut Shop by Jesse Bowser

Purple puppet mascot art by Dlanid

Mascot design by Simo

Modern, Creative Logo Design by Omee

Ninja gaming icons by Simo

ninja logo by Lelevien

Panda Sports Mascot by SimplePixelSL

Playful, Cute It Company Logo Design by DonJ

Playful, Cute Youtube Logo Design by Andylicious

Sour Kid Lemon by Manu

Surfing Shark Mascot by AleksandrO

Cute Wordmark Logos

Lastly; we have cute wordmark logos. Font style matters for this technique. But you have to consider which type of cute you want to emulate.

Do you want a sophisticated cute, or fun version?

Let’s use a calligraphy design. The sincere yet human-like handwriting gives your brand a friendly yet professional look.

Combine your business name with endearing typography, and take your pick from the wordmark logos below.

A + Paw by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Beer cap by Aleksandar Savic

CafeCosmos by Alexandra Erkaeva

Cat And Dog Logo for Sale by UNOM design

#CatalystTutorial POW!?? by catalyst

Colorful, Text Cannabis Logo Design by Dream Logo Design

Cute Logos by Alexandra Erkaeva

Fun Logo Design by leancaba

Elegant, Cute Baby feeding products. Logo Design by Cactus Designs

Elegant, Dance Studio Logo Design by Fat Bat Man

Happy Birthday | Cute Typography Font Design by rawpixel

Modern, Unique Store Logo Design by moreCoffee

Orange Logo Design by mldtrvs

Playful, Bold candy Logo Design by Patria Creative

Playful, Candy Logo Design by ZeneFashions

Playful, Red Logo Design by Lezette_G

Professional, Fun Custom Publishing Logo Design by JTdsign

Text Logo Design by anekaa

?? ???? by Aleksandar Savic

SNT typo by Aleksandar Savic

#??? typo by Aleksandar Savic

Design Your Cute Logo with BrandCrowd!

Did you find the perfect cute logo? We hope so, and don’t forget to add your logo to various parts of your brand identity to improve your brand recognition and get into the spirit of Valentine’s day.

We’ve covered you with cute templates, from email signatures to LinkedIn banners and invoice templates for your business marketing needs.

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