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Boomi API Control Plane allows for easier discovery and governance of APIs

Software DevelopmentBoomi API Control Plane allows for easier discovery and governance of APIs

Boomi is helping companies more easily discover, manage, and govern all of their APIs with the launch of the Boomi API Control Plane

This new offering utilizes technology gained from Boomi’s recent acquisition of the federated API management company APIIDA. 

According to Boomi, organizations can sometimes have “shadow APIs,” which are APIs that exist outside of the purview of IT. By allowing shadow APIs to be discovered from a central location, IT will gain more control over their API landscape and increase API consumption throughout the organization. 

The Boomi API Control Plane also provides a consistent developer experience, collects data on API performance and usage, and enables companies to extend the value of their existing on-premises and cloud investments.

And finally, because it is a centralized platform, companies can improve their API governance. They can use it to ensure that policies are consistent across platforms, reduce the risk of data breaches, and streamline security audits.

“APIs are the backbone of modern digital transformation, yet managing them across various platforms remains a significant challenge for many organizations. Unlike other APIM vendors, Boomi provides a federated API management approach that is truly vendor-independent, enabling organizations to utilize existing on-premises and cloud API runtimes effectively while addressing API sprawl,” said Ed Macosky, chief product and technology officer at Boomi. “With the Boomi API Control Plane, we are setting a new standard for API management by offering an integrated, holistic solution that simplifies operations, strengthens governance, and accelerates innovation.”

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