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One of our most dedicated readers,
Michael R., is also one of our most dedicated contributors,
sometimes sending us several submissions in a single day. We haven’t featured
all of them, but now we’re making up for that. Today, it’s
wall-to-wall Michael, mostly food misadventures. Michael might tell you we’ve
cooked the plot, but he can’t prove it.

On leaving France (it’s a long story), Michael was confused at the airport.
“Yo Sushi at Charles de Gaulle Terminal, please make up
your mind about what payment types you accept.” I think this one is pretty clear;
just because a sign says they accept one form of payment
it doesn’t mean they categorically reject all others. So if your card is on either
sign, you’re covered. I hope he got fed.


But then, arriving London, he reports an unfortunate resto experience.
“I wanted to take my French friend to Pergola at Canary
Wharf. But somehow their booking system did not play ball.”
I have some reservations about dining there, but the New York location (not same?) is pretty good.



Let’s try takeaway! But this isn’t such a good offer.
“Just Eat expects you to pay money for nothing.”



And another app is trying to import American tipping culture but can’t get it right.



Apparently frustrated, they ate in.
Probably about the same as a good
night out on Canary Wharf, and it looks a lot more substantial.
“I went to my local LIDL in the UK. I was awarded a £2
loyalty voucher. To my surprise LIDL has found an eclectic
way displaying this fixed amount in the overall bill. At
least the fractions even add up to £2 over all.” Michael,
this looks like dinner for 6. Next time, invite us!



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