Sunday, July 21, 2024

A very special 5-year-anniversary edition of the Stack Overflow podcast!

Programming LanguageA very special 5-year-anniversary edition of the Stack Overflow podcast!

In 2019, as the original co-founders and hosts moved on, the Stack Overflow podcast was rebooted with a new cast of hosts. On today’s episode Ben Popper, Cassidy Williams, and Ryan Donovan sit down to discuss how much has changed in the five years they have been collaborating on Stack Overflow’s blog, newsletter, and podcast. If you you are sick of AI talk today, remember how bad the crypto craze was just two years ago!

Cassidy reflect on her time as a CTO of a startup and how the shifting environment for funding has created new pressures and incentives for founders, developers, and venture capitalists.

Ben tries to get a bead on a new Moore’s law for the GenAI era: when will we start to see diminishing returns and fewer step factor jumps?

Ben and Cassidy remember the time they made a viral joke of a keyboard!

Ryan sees how things goes in cycles. A Stack Overflow job board is back! And what do we make of the trend of AI assisted job interviews where cover letters and even technical interviews have a bot in the background helping out.

Congrats to Erwin Brandstetter for winning a lifeboat badge with an answer to this question: How do I convert a simple select query like select * from customers into a stored procedure / function in pg?


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