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83 Best Farm Logos

Graphic Design83 Best Farm Logos

As a business owner, nothing beats the feeling of showcasing the fruits of your labor by selling high-quality crops.

But with the rising competition, how do you capture people’s attention? A creative farm logo can help turn heads and convince your audience to buy your product over your competitors.

No design experience? No problem! Let us help you create a stunning farm logo with our logo maker, and watch your customer base grow!

So sit back and relax as we look at some of the best customizable farm logo templates and see if there’s something you like.

How To Design the Best Farm Logo?

The possibilities for designing a farming logo are endless! 

Remember that your logo communicates with your clients about what your company does. For instance, if you are growing fruits and vegetables, you might consider some fantastic fruit and vegetable logo designs.

Tip: When establishing a brand identity, a logo that focuses on your business name adds recognition to your brand.

But how do you start designing your farm logo?

First, you can focus on your brand name – whether you’re a well-known farmer or just starting to show the world who you are. You may use wordmark logos or lettermark logos to stand out. However, be sure to use the correct type of font. A sans-serif font might be ideal if you’re aiming for a sleek and clean look.

Another great idea would be to use your main crop as the centerpiece of your design. A milk logo or a cow design will best fit if you sell milk. It’s one of the best ways to capture milk lovers’ attention.

Lastly, you may pay attention to farming life and how your farm looks. You may opt for an old-school or a contemporary design. Try experimenting with different color palettes, logos, and shapes to find the best design. 

Farm Logos To Show Off Your Crops

In agriculture, it’s difficult to distinguish one product from another. So it’s essential to establish a brand that stands out from the crowd and separates you from other sellers.

As part of your whole branding image, creating your logo is a significant first step to separating your business from the competition.

Why should consumers buy from you instead of your competitors? What makes your brand different? Answer their questions and transform curious shoppers into loyal customers with your farming logo! To give you an idea, we’ve compiled them into four major categories below:

Vintage Farm Logos

Vintage is the new modern. You have probably come across this saying at least once, and it’s not difficult to see why! You can never go wrong with a vintage design, from outfit styles to logo designs. 

Take a trip down memory land and capture your audience’s attention with vintage elements in your logo design! Check out some of the customizable vintage templates below:

Agriculture Wheat Farm by Mypen

Bold, Dairy Logo Design by ThiagoB

Bold, Training Horseback Riding Logo Design by ThiagoB

Cannabis Farms by Tanvir

Designer Turned Farmer by SG Kivett

Elegant, Fresh Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Elegant, Garlic Business Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Farm Fresh Truck_BRD_11-9-20 by Brian Ritter

Farm Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Farm Truck Transport by marcololstudio

Healthy Logo Design by Birdcage

Logo Design for Rose Hill by Coric Design

Marin’s Rustic Pizza by Nebojsa Matkovic

Meat Logo Design by Mario 11

Night Owl by Roman

Organic Almond Farm by spayro

Rustic Farm Ranch Windmill by DanikBrt

Sun Windmill Farm by Mypen

Silver Lake Bison Ranch by Laura Prpich

Upmarket, Farm Logo Design by ArtTank

Upmarket, Farm Logo Design by Zybs Graphics

Wheat Farm Badge by Mypen

Modern Farm Logos

In contrast to old school style, modern logos are also a hit in today’s design world. If you’re aiming for a less complex and timeless design, modern designs never fail to deliver.

The idea of modernism is very much alive and still impacts the world of branding and design. 

Create a positive first impression with your modern farm logo. Browse through the customizable modern logo templates below:

Agriculture Farm Emblem by marcololstudio

Bold, Company Logo Design by NenadM

Bold, Corn Farming Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

Elegant, Agriculture Agriculture Logo Design by Logo no 1

Farm Field Barn by FishDesigns61025

Farm Logo Design by wonderland

Feature Agriculture Logo Design by bdk1976

Green Farm Logo by DAINOGO

Green Farmhouse Farm by novita007

Green Organic Farm Emblem by radkedesign

Green Organic Farm Village by spayro

Hill Logo Design by sankar999

Line logo design by Olga

Personable, Farm Farm Logo Design by Birdcage

Personable, Valley Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Rustic Farm Windmill by DanikBrt

Serre Vineyard (Pt.I) by Damian Orellana

Sunny Wheat Crop Farm by Mypen

Times Produce by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Upmarket, Company Logo Design by Smiljka

Upmarket, Oval Logo Design by Mimi & Max

Windmill Farm Agriculture by Mypen

Yellow Tractor by IIsixo_O

Family Farm Logos

A simple text logo containing your family business name is one surefire way to let people know about your brand. 

Tip: You may use a combination logo with your brand name and a farm background design.

Spread the word about your family farm by stepping up your game with the help of your logo! Find the best family farm logo templates below:

Countryside Agriculture Farming by AlvinA

Countryside Farm House by Alexxx

Elegant, Farm Logo Design by wonderland

Farming Field Plant by Dessy

Hen Poultry Farm by podvoodoo13

Fall Agriculture Logo Design by YAZIKO

Old Farm Truck ?? by João Augusto

Rickerson Cattle Company – Brand by Josh Chavis

Pacetti Farms – III by Keith Lowe

Personable, Organic Logo Design by wonderland

Rural Farm Barn Windmill by Dessy

The Land by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Traditional, Farm Farming Logo Design by StudioD™

Traditional, White Sheep Farming Logo Design by Magic of Art

Wheat Farmer Farm by town

Wunderberry Farms by Yossi Belkin

Animal Farm Logos

There’s no obvious way to show the world your farm business other than creating a cute animal as the centerpiece. 

If you think of a farm, a cow or goat logo may instantly come to mind. So, depending on the type of business and products your brand produces, it’s wise to take advantage of farm inhabitants and use animal logos for your design.

Check out the animal farm logo templates we’ve curated for you below:

Animal Nurse Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Bull Horn Farming by JoeyRay

Chicken Logo Design by Kimh

COCK FACTORY by Daria Mikita ?

Cow by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Cow Farm Barn House by marcololstudio

Cow Logo Design by ecorokerz

Creative Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Farm Logo by Darina Darvin

Farming Chicken Hen by AMCstudio

Hill Logo Design by Julogo

Logo for Dog Microbiome Company by Mila Katagarova

Minimalist Rooster Farm by royallogo

Modern Pig Farm by Riri

Pig Farm Sunrise by Riri

Playful, Farm Farm Logo Design by ecorokerz

Serious, Pure Logo Design by hernawanrere

Seville Cattle Co. Logo by Paragon Design House

Swayback by Ryan Tantillo

Upmarket, Bird Farm Logo Design by

Vintage Rooster Logo for Sale by UNOM design

Design Your Farm Logo Today!

You’ll never run out of creative ideas when designing your farm logo! We hope the list of farm logo designs above has inspired you to create your design today. 

You don’t need top-notch design skills to produce a head-turner logo. All you have to do is visit our website, fill out your business name in our logo maker, and get ready to browse through our thousands of customizable templates.

But if you need other design templates, we’ve also got you covered! From business cards, youtube banners, LinkedIn Banners, and many more.

Design your farm logo today and watch your business grow in no time.

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