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71 Digital Logo Examples

Graphic Design71 Digital Logo Examples

Around 71% of small businesses have a website. This statistic shows how much of the e-commerce world dominates the market today.

Ensure that your logo design and other aspects of your brand identity align with the trend. Use a digital logo for tech brands and a memorable branding scheme, and check out our top picks below.

Designing an Effective Digital Logo

We can go for a general or a niche-centered digital logo. If you want a general one, then you can follow our guide to logo creation in our marketing scheme blog.

But if you’re a tech brand wanting to create a logo but have no idea where to start, we’ve got a mini guide for you right here. Here are three tips from yours truly to help you finalize your digital logo:

  1. Use serif font to present your brand as professional and the authority in the industry or niche.
  2. Choose a color palette that’s associated with electronics. The most common color is blue since it exudes security and trustworthiness, according to color psychology.
  3. Pick images and icons that are also related to technology. You can have pixel design, a computer, a series of networks, and more.

And to give you a plethora of choices, check out our hand-picked catalog of digital logos for your rising tech empire.

Digital Logos for Technology Brands

Get your creative juices flowing with our top picks for digital logos below. We made sure to choose the best three categories to give you a distinct variety.

Digital Agency Logos

The logos here are representations of what you could offer as a digital agency. You could be offering a solution or a physical product. Make that pop with our hand-picked logos here.

You can use an initial, wildlife, or even a pictorial logo to help make your brand identity distinct. Take a look at Apple and Windows. Both are literal representations of the products they provide.

With that in mind, find the best-fit digital agency logo design below.

Bold, Crisp Edtech, learning, gaming Logo Design by Shirin Studio

Bold, Design Agency Logo Design by Alexturner

Bold, Purple Technology Logo Design by ds | designstructure

Business Logo Design by Hakim Febrian

Cypo manpower , C Letter, People by Touhid

Digital Agency Logo Design, business analytics by Touhid

Digital agency logo – Digital marketing logo -N Modern Logo by Ahmed Rumon

Digital Agency Logo, N logo by Touhid

Digital Eye Camera Media by novita007

Digital Green Cube by ions

Digital Launcher marketing agency logo design rocket from pixels by Alex Tass

Digital Orange Target by ions

Digital Purple Shape by ions

Digital Software Shield by ions

Digital Tech Cube by CreativePixels

Elegant, Business Digital Marketing Logo Design by sushsharma99

Elegant, Company Design Agency Logo Design by shakuna

Modern, Green Marketing Logo Design by logomaniac

Orange Digital Cube by SimplePixelSL

Professional, Digital Technology Logo Design by Lovisgo

Professional, Digital Technology Logo Design by sushsharma99

Serious, Letter I Software development and Consultancy by N83touchthesky

Tech Digital Marketing by azus

Vulcan Digital – Logo Design Concept by Eugene MT

XRital, Modern X+R Logo design by Md Mehedi Hasan

Digital Art & Media Logos

Add creative flare to your tech design. Use a digital art logo that shows your brand’s personality in a cool or cute way.

This logo technique can make your media and digital marketing logo pop since it’s unique and creative at the same time. Pixel art, line art, or a hand-drawn logo idea are typical.

Pick your artistic design through the logos below.

Advertising Logo Design by JWTL

Colorful Digital Letter D by wasih

Colorful Octagon Lettermark by tavi

Creative, logo design for multimedia agency by Alex Tass

Design Agency Logo Design by madeli

Elegant, Company Media Logo Design by sushsharma99

Geometric Business Star by ions

Gradient Deer Advertising by eyed

Hexagon Digital Marketing by wasih

KickStudio: Logo Animation by Usman Qureshi

Logotype concept: Meta Creative Agency by Usman Qureshi

Media Advertising Firm by LogoRU

Modern, Business Digital Marketing Logo Design by Your Fav Alien

Modern, Business Logo Design by sushsharma99

Modern, Company Video Production Logo Design by ArtTank

Modern, Company Video Production Logo Design by jaime.sp

Modern, Company Video Production Logo Design by veronnie

Modern, Red Digital Marketing Logo Design by RAN MEI JS

Playful, Company Digital Marketing Logo Design by WahyuHMD

Podcast Your Brand – by Eugene MT

Pro365 by Yuri Kartashev

Super Design Logo by Barthelemy Chalvet

Digital Technology Logos

Lastly, what is a digital design without it being a technology logo? Popular designs here incorporate geometric shapes like circles, triangles, or square logo ideas since they give a realistic representation of abstract concepts.

Also, the retro design seems to be coming back too. Color palettes and style trends from the 70s, 80s, and even 90s make a comeback to give your design a vibrant feel.

Grab your digital technology logo below.

Advance Digital Logotype by Sergey Gribanov

Bold, Purple Logo Design by Shiva-369

Creative Digital Logo Design by Enzzok

Cyber Digital Letter D by yhinna

Linchpin by Olga

Modern, Company Digital Marketing Logo Design by Designs_Hubs

Modern, Different Information Technology Logo Design by JohnM.

Modern, Digital Digital Marketing Logo Design by Robby SC

Modern Digital Hexagon by ions

Modern, Purple Technology / Cyber Security Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Modern W+S Logo, Code Logo, SEO Company Logo by Mahjabin Afrin


Professional, Letter N investments, money, bitcoin, crypto-currency by wiwi design

Professional, Modern software Logo Design by sushsharma99


Rocket Melon by Dina Hamada

Serious, Original Education Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Teal Logo Design by ds | designstructure

upmail Logo concept by Touhid

Upmarket, Digital Software Service Logo Design by NenadM


Design A Digital Logo For Your Brand Today!

We hope the designs above sparked your creative idea for your technology brand. When you’ve picked, customized, save, and downloaded your logo make sure to incorporate it into all aspects of your brand identity.

Business cards, LinkedIn banners, and flyers are some of the pieces of your brand that you can use to show your business logo. Create a memorable brand today through your digital logo!

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