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69 Reliable Natural Logos For Your Brand

Graphic Design69 Reliable Natural Logos For Your Brand

When you hear the word, natural, the first words that come to mind are:

If you’re a business that prides itself on being authentic and eco-friendly, these natural logo designs are for your business. Check out our top picks below and learn why genuine logos work for your marketing scheme.

Reliable Natural Logos Just For You

Creating the perfect logo for your business needs to look creative and natural. But what does the latter mean in design?

It’s the use of anything that nature offers in all aspects of your brand identity. From your color palette to the images and packaging of your products, it’s all eco-based.

Promote yourself as a business that cares about the environment. Use any of the logo ideas below. After all, around 64% of consumers say that they support a company that’s vocal about its stance on vocal issues and concerns.

Join many brands that care about their market and cater to brand-conscious consumers with eye-catching visuals.

We divided them into three categories to help narrow down your decision.

Product Logos

First on the list, we have product logos. “We already have a product. Why do we need it as a logo design?”

It’s to show your customers what you offer from the get-go. A natural product logo design would incorporate greens and possible leaf patterns to create various logotypes that are unique to the business.

And pair that with any font to cement the vibe you want to show your customers as an eco-friendly business. Create the perfect ensemble with the product logo designs below.

Anemone Natural Cosmetics – Logo Design by Andrea Binski

Chicken Logo Design by Kimh

Colorful, Herb Logo Design by LaVitaBella67

Elegant, Business Jewelry Store Logo Design by wonderland

Elegant, Fruit Business Logo Design by Veronika K.

Elegant, Organic Beauty Logo Design by Logo no 1

Growing Ice Cream Logo Design by Elif Kamesoglu

Hexagon Logo Design by Birdcage

Joy Organics Logo by Paragon Design House

Logo and labels design for supplement company by Mila Katagarova

Modern, Coconut Coconut oil Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Organic Almond Farm by spayro

Organic Aromatherapy Candle by novita007

Organic Food Bowl Utensils by marcololstudio

Organic Laboratory Letter by lazeefish

Organic Natural Medicine by Mypen

Organic Olive Plant by Tuts

Organic Scented Candle by novita007

Sophisticated Logo Design by kame hame 2

True Grace Badge by Tyler DeHague

Unused Oaties Logo Concept by Wells Collins

Upmarket, Luxurious Beauty Logo Design by wonderland

Minimalist Logos

Designing a logo that’s in with the time and still shows that you support nature-conserving practices is a must in today’s digital era.

And what does modern design dictate? Less is more; use a minimalist logo. They’re easy on the eyes but ensure that your business design looks sleek and professional with a touch of fun depending on the colors and vectors you use.

Minimalist logos are also easy to understand and adaptable depending on the medium presented. This type challenges you to be creative with the most straightforward designs, from various logo formats to merchandise design.

Check out our top picks for natural minimalist logos below.

Almondo by Milos Bojkovic

Bold, Corn Farming Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

Branding for Vera Nutrition by Mustafa Akülker

Conservative, Company Logo Design by JohnM.

Elegant, Organic Cosmetics Logo Design by Rii

Henna by Badr

Fraya Skincare – Logo by Stan Aleyn

Fresh Business Logo Design by Irina Makedonska

Herbal Organic Restaurant by rbalica

Matunda by Yosbrands

Modern, Organic Nutrition Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Modern, Restaurant Logo Design by el.

MOHJA by Yosbrands

Organic Beauty Tree by Dessy

Organic Eco Leaf by Dessy

Organic Farm Stained Glass by spayro

Organic Forest Tree by AleksandrO

Organic Grain Plant by CreativePixels

Organic Leaf Candle by SimplePixelSL

Organic Test Tube by bertthebuildr

Organic Tree Badge by marcololstudio

Prom land by Babu Ahmed

Simple Logo Design by Yassine Voinchet

Upmarket, Simple Retail Logo Design by MKR

Beverage Logos

Healthy meals pair well with nature-based beverages; from packaging to the drink itself, promote it through a beverage logo design.

Give your thirst-quenching product a natural touch. Take a peek at the beverage logo ideas we have for you below. We have it all, from sodas to beers—find it right here.

Bold, Organic Logo Design by michellefrances

Elegant, Food Health And Wellness Logo Design by kimhanson

Elegant, Juice Health And Wellness Logo Design by Md Shehidul Islam Rimon

Green Organic Coffee Tea by town

Green Organic Hot Tea by novita007

Green Tea by Logo Designer, Vick Ben

Hillside Juice Co. by Josh Warren

Let’s Be Frank Organic APA Logo Concept by Brian Collins

Modern, Coffee Logo Design by geni

Modern, Different Food Service Logo Design by happytummy

Modern, Juice Logo Design by ZETA

Natural Drink Logo ! by Mizan

Natural Organic Goblet by novita007

Organic Coffee Cup Cafe by FishDesigns61025

Organic Lemon Container Jar by town

Organic Olive Oil Bottle by Mypen

Organic Plant Milk by SimplePixelSL

Personable, Juice Juice Bar Logo Design by sourgraping

pineapple & mango by Alexandra Metlitskaya

Playful, Recreation Logo Design by Logo no 1

Red cherry coffee roastery by Ahmed creatives

Upmarket, Lime Logo Design by GLDesigns

Create A Best-Fit Natural Logo Today!

Take your pick from the templates above and promote your business as an eco-friendly brand through your advertisement design and more.

Make sure to avoid design clutter and create cohesive yet exciting designs that hook your market all at once. We can help you there in two ways: hiring a freelance designer or customizing a template.

The former is here at DesignCrowd, and the latter is at BrandCrowd. We have a logo maker, business card designs, flyer designs, and more just waiting for your to pick them.

Create the perfect, reliable natural logo design for your business, and watch your reach grow!

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