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50 Care Logos That Are Full of Heart and Compassion

Graphic Design50 Care Logos That Are Full of Heart and Compassion

For those in the health and wellness industry, a well-designed logo is crucial. This is because your logo is your main tool to communicate your values and establish trust with your audience. Therefore, your logo must accurately convey compassion, comfort, and reliability.

This is where care logos come in. Whether you work in a nursing home, clinic, veterinary, daycare, or mental health services, these soft and gentle logos can be a great symbol for your business. 

Today we prepared for you a collection of care logos that you can use, plus a guide on how to brand your business – all with the help of our logo maker tool and business name generator.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Tips For Creating Care Logos

A great care logo is composed of three elements: relevant symbols, soft shapes, and light pastel colors. All of these design elements can help produce a gentler look, which is what is needed for your business.

Let’s take a deeper look at these three elements:

Relevant Symbols

Icons and symbols are commonly used in logo design to instantly convey your message with just one glance.

Try using symbols related to health and wellness to communicate to your audience what services you offer. You can use an illustration of a toddler if you have a daycare, a syringe if you have a clinic, cute pets if you are a veterinarian, and medicines if you have a pharmacy. 

Soft Shapes

The individuals that go to you are in need of support and care. Sharp lines and geometric shapes such as triangles, diamonds, and squares can look harsh and not approachable, which is the opposite of your values.

Go for circles, oblongs, curved lines, waves, and other rounded shapes instead. This is even backed up by science too, as according to shape psychology, circular shapes are perceived as friendlier as they look more open and less harsh. 

Light Colors

Similar to the above, the color you use will affect your audience’s perception as well.

Go for pastel colors or a muted color palette. Popular colors to use are white, sky blue, pink, light yellow, soft orange, or pale green. These colors give off a brighter image. 

Blue in particular is commonly used in healthcare settings since they are perceived as trustworthy and safe. Meanwhile, pink and orange are seen as warm and friendly. 

On that note, avoid dark and bold colors like crimson, brown, black, indigo, and dull gray. 

Care Logo Design Examples

Now that you know what makes a great logo, it’s time to look at top logo trends and styles in the industry. This should give you an idea of what design is popular with your target audience. 

We divided them into three categories below: 

Heart Logos

What’s the best way to show love and compassion? That’s right, a heart icon! It’s a simple and straightforward design that accurately communicates your message to your audience. 

You can use a variety of colors and styles for this. But it’s best to keep your heart in a rounder and bubblier shape, to give off the sense of friendliness. 

Check out our top picks below:

Heart Care Logo by Ibni Pro Design

Accelerating the future of medicine for all by Haley Bridges for Focus

Heart & Care Logo Icon BY Zayni

Heart Rate App iCon BY Zivile Zickute

heart care logo concept BY Farhan Qureshi

Logo design Daily Care BY LogoFarmer’s Studio

Caring Logo ?? BY Ahmad Shousha

Heart, V, check mark, logo symbol icon BY Alex Tass, logo designer

Heart care institute logo design BY anowara begum

Health Care Logo Design BY 3ab2ou

Mental Care Heart by brandcrowd

Heart Family Care by brandcrowd

Heart Love Care by brandcrowd

Family Care Heart by brandcrowd

Heart Care Clinic by brandcrowd

Hand Heart Care by brandcrowd

Pink Heart Care by brandcrowd

Heart Care Foundation by brandcrowd

Heart Love Care by brandcrowd

Care Heart Support by brandcrowd

People Logos

Showing your patients or the people receiving your care is another great idea for your logo. You can use illustrations and icons of babies, mothers, elders, or simply a group of people. 

View our logo collection here:

Two Abstract People Logo by LOGOHOKO

m+people logo by designbydi

Community, group, people logo concept by Vadim Carazan for Wegrow

People logo mark | peoples meetup concept by MD Mahfuj

Circle People Unity Logo by Buqancreative

Simple People In Love Shape Logo by Dyne Creative Studio

Letter P R people logo design by Rasel Ahmed

W people logo by imazinator studio

Active People logo by MuhammadRefi

Family logo, People icons by Wahyu

Social Care People by brandcrowd

Hand People Care by brandcrowd

Global Child Care Foundation by brandcrowd

Child Nursery Care by brandcrowd

Family Planning Care by brandcrowd

Child Family Care by brandcrowd

Community People Charity by brandcrowd

People Community Support by brandcrowd

Heart People Care by brandcrowd

Global Care People Foundation by brandcrowd

Healthcare Logos

You can also incorporate common healthcare symbols such as the Red Cross, stethoscope, first aid kit, nurse caps, nursing home, clinic, ambulance, syringe, or medicine. As always, go for softer shapes and lighter colors for a more gentle look. 

Choose your favorite from our samples below: 

Hexagon Heart by brandcrowd

Medical Heart Care by brandcrowd

Medical Heart Care by brandcrowd

Medical Health Staff by brandcrowd

Family Care Center by brandcrowd

Mental Health Wellness by brandcrowd

Mental Health Therapy by brandcrowd

Mental Health Care by brandcrowd

Abstract Person Ribbon by brandcrowd

Abstract Business Cross by brandcrowd

Design Your Care Logo Today!

Emotional connection is what you are aiming for in your logo – your design should build trust with your audience and make them feel cared for.

By carefully considering your design elements, you too will be able to craft a logo that is a great symbol of empathy and comfort.

One more thing – have you decided on a name for your business yet? If not, check out our business name generator tool. Simply add keywords related to your business, such as “empathy”, “nurse”, “pharmacy” or “daycare”, and you’ll get suitable names. 

Make sure your name works in tandem with your design. You can’t have a sweet logo design with a hip or retro name! 

Don’t forget marketing as well. Make sure you promote your business or service properly. You can do so by using our customizable templates such as Facebook covers, business cards, or posters

We hope you learned a lot from our article. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

Till next time! 

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