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30 Sans Serif Fonts of 2022

Graphic Design30 Sans Serif Fonts of 2022

We’ve looked at serif fonts of 2022, but today, we’ll look at sans-serif fonts. If you want a modern and clean look, these are your fonts.

Join us as we learn when to use them and what designs are trending this year. Check out our top picks below.

Sans Serif Fonts and Branding

The first font under sans serif was in 1816 with Two Lines English Egyptian created by William Caslon IV. By 1830, the Figgins Foundry made the Grotesque Sans Serif, seen in headlines and advertisements.

The next type created was Geometric, which came to light in 1928 with the font Futura. And later, into the 1960s, using Neo-Grotesque fonts became the norm.

The design of Neo-Grotesque fonts became a more refined version of its predecessor because of its plain, legible features. Lastly, by the 1970s, Humanistic fonts became a trend.

The humanistic font often exudes a chill, friendly vibe that brands love these days. Now that we know the four types of sans serif font, take a peek at some of the standard fonts under this style and the personalities they exude.

Some personalities may have a negative connotation, but that doesn’t demean their value as a font style, so you can still use it depending on your business’s design.

  • Arial = Insecure, Clingy (used as a cheaper substitute for Helvetica)
  • Futura = Friendly
  • Helvetica = Artsy
  • Tahoma = Simplicity
  • Verdana = Professional (often used in tests)

If you want an accommodating, contemporary look for your business, this is the font style you’ll want to use.

Sans Serif Fonts 2022

Combine our font ideas below with a distinct color palette and icon design, and you’ll surely grab your customers’ attention worldwide. Having a unique design helps you stand out. Allow us to help you in that area.

We divided the fonts into five categories to aid in your branding endeavor. You can find famous logos, suggestions, and designs from yours truly below.

Famous Logos

Learn from brands that have established themselves in their respective industries through your logo design and marketing scheme.

Do you recognize any of the brands below?













If you want a proportional font to go with your chosen color scheme, use a geometric font design. The circular and straight lines create a shape that’s clean-looking and friendly.

Check out our top picks below.


The Art Deco Movement inspired this modern font style. It pays homage to the type of the 1920s and gives a unique yet artistic design that incites nostalgia.


If you want a pixel logo or any other design with a technology feel, this font is for you. The family has 36 fonts you can choose from, with six various styles depending on what you want for your business.

Moon Impact

Choose this font style if you want a more rounded design that exudes friendliness and creativity. It’s great for headlines, posters, and creating a creative logo design.


Create beautiful headlines with Grotesque font styles. If you like using thick lines with smaller ascends, this is the font for you.

This font design is distinct since it emphasizes O, G, and D, which have perfect circles. Find the ideal grotesque font for you below.

Espion Grotesk

This style is for you if you want a simple, eye-catching font. In one font package, the bold letters with a perfect mix of straight lines and circular design help to make your brand look sleek, powerful, and friendly.

Mriya Grotesk

If you want a mix of font weights, Mriya Grotesk is the perfect font for you. You can use one font family instead of two or three. This style is the perfect one for you.

Phenom Grotesque

Phenom Grotesque is for you if you want to try using thin lines that give off an elegant look. It’s an accommodating font that works well on website design and prints like posters and business cards.


The font design is for you if you want a sleek but legible font style. The low contrast between thin and thick letters makes your brand look more friendly and personal.

The fonts here have strong calligraphy origins, which makes the font look written. Find the perfect humanist font for your calligraphy logo or any other part of your branding.

Fenord Old School

As the name suggests, this font style gives off old-school vibes that simultaneously make your brand look sharp and cozy. Depending on your need, you can use this in bigger or smaller sizes, and it’ll still be legible.

Fibon Sans

If you want a mix of thin and bold styles, Fibon Sans is the perfect font for you. It’s stylish and gives your brand a creative aesthetic that looks smooth despite the curvatures in the letters.

Maiden Humanist Sans Serif

Subtle humanist fonts give your brand a beautiful and friendly vibe. Maiden Humanist Sans Serif has a bit of geometric style infused into the font, making it professional and cute.


Suppose you want a more minimalistic feel but with the thick lines that Grotesque offers—this font style is for you. The fonts here are versatile so that you can use them for any part of your brand.

From Instagram posts to invitations, neo-grotesque font is the way to go for your business. Get inspired by the fonts below.

Argon Neo Grotesque Typeface

Make your brand look futuristic. Use the Argon typeface. Your brand would look professional and advanced for its time which customers will surely love because of the refreshing design and merchandise your offer.

Noveltica Nova Pro

If you want a classy but professional look, Noveltixa is for your brand. It’s a mix of thin and bold strokes, a versatile typeface for your brand.

In-House Fonts

Lastly, we have fonts you can use in our DIY logo maker back at BrandCrowd. Check out our top picks below and use them in your logo design and more today.










Use Sans Serif Font Today!

Create a distinct brand with a sans-serif font today. The beauty of some of the fonts above is that you don’t have to pick two to three typefaces to make your brand pop. You can use just one with various styles.

The decision of which font to use will always be up to you but consult us if you need more help with your design. We have freelance designers ready to help you, or you can try DIYing your designs at BrandCrowd.

We have a logo maker, YouTube banner designs, email signature templates, and more back at BrandCrowd if you want to try customizing yourself.

Create the personality you want for your business through your font choice today!

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