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20 Serif Fonts of 2022

Graphic Design20 Serif Fonts of 2022

If colors have meaning, so do font styles. And today, we’re taking a peek at the top picks for serif fonts this 2022.

Probably a bit late, but it’s an excellent way for you to do your rebrand or just start making your brand look professional, intellectual, and have authority in the industry. You can use them in all your documents or as your logo design.

Join us as we peek at this year’s serif fonts below.

Serif Fonts and Branding

Serif fonts are, what one could say, the classics of font styles. Serifs first appeared in 1780, created by two designers: Firmin Didot and Giambattista Bodoni.

From their modern serif design came slab serifs in 1815 called Antique. Slab serifs lack the curves that make modern serifs distinct.

And now, we have digitized both to help you better establish your brand identity. And like color psychology that says colors have meaning, fonts have meanings behind them too.

Serifs have multiple meanings. Add a feel of culture and class to your brand with various serifs. Some of the common ones also have personalities like:

  • Playfair Display = Formal
  • Libre-Baskerville = Traditional
  • Georgia = Reliable
  • Times New Roman = Sophisticated
  • Frank Ruhl Libre = Classic
  • Antic Didone = Respectable
  • Gilda Display = Authoritative

Either way, if you want your brand to look more professional, trustworthy, nostalgic, or old, this is the font you use. Some famous brands that use this font style are:










The New York Times

Tiffany & Co.



Each of these top-tier brands is well-known in its respective industries as one of the authority. Brand yourself like them and use serif fonts.

Serif Fonts 2022

Create the perfect typography for your text logo design, merchandise design, or overall branding with the serif font ideas below. We separated them into two categories so you can identify better which one you want for your business.


Serifs fonts are oldies but goodies, as some people might say. Depending on your chosen elements and the color palette, you’ll be able to stand out while looking professional and modern with these fonts.

Find the perfect serif font design below. We chose ten perfect designs for you to be inspired below.

Beauty Club


This font is great to use for beauty brands that want a sophisticated, minimalistic look for their brand. Cindy Kinash created this font in 2018, and Cultivated Mind published it in the same year. Beauty Club is the way to go if you want to exude poise and luxury on your social media posts, logo, and packaging.



This font was a remake of the font in the same name by Indestructible Type in 2020. It’s great to use on print and body text on website design. You can use it to write descriptions of products or your description of yourself in your About Us tab.


Like Hacky, Boiling is a fun font that has 11 fonts within the typeface. Created by Alit Design in 2020, this font combines the sophistication of serifs with the modern and fun vibes of retro design.

Chicago Makers


This font is a creation designed by Din Studio in 2021. Despite being a serif, it has a modern yet minimalist and fun feel. You can use this on any design aspect, from banners to social media posts to your logo.


We have another modern serif typeface created by Andriy Konstantinov in 2020. It has around four sizes and 72 font options. Because of its versatility, you can use it for editorial and other design needs.


A fusion of contemporary and luxury, madeDeduk designed Hacky in 2020. It’s a modern serif that allows you to use it not only as a formal but as a fun font that’s also eye-catching.


Rene Bieder created this neoclassic font in 2015. It’s one of the fonts with higher contrast letters (thicker) that simultaneously make your design look edgy and contemporary. You can also use these in other types of your brand identity, like business cards, letterheads, or even banners, depending on which platform you use.


If you want a more retro vibe to your brand to pair with your antique logo, then this font design by Nasir Udin in 2020 is the way to go.



Another piece from Nasir Udin, we have another retro, modern font he created in 2019. It has eight weights and screams classic blending into new font trends.

Tempios Fine


Designed by Klim Type Foundry in 2018, this serif font is excellent for print and headings since it’s easy to read.

Slab Serifs

Now we have slab serifs, as the name suggests, the fonts here may have tails, but they look more like a block-like aspect. Find your slab serif below.



If you want a font that can fit all types of text content you need, Bondie is perfect for the job. Craft Supply Co. designed this as a versatile condensed slab serif that you can use for any design aspect.



Another vintage font style on the list, Burtuqol equips you with punctuation, upper and lower case, and numbers to help you create the perfect brand identity for your business. Add this to your packaging, too, to scream class and nostalgia.



Cabo provides a circular slab serif that gives your branding a friendly personality. It’s better used for personal projects, though, and you get this typeface in upper and lower case letters only.


Like Burtuqol, Chelina provides you with the whole package with a more minimalist and professional look to your business in a thin font. Pair this font with beautiful pictures and use it in your social media postings or as the opening sequence in your videos today.


This font has no mentioned creator upon research, but if you want a chic, retro look, Empire is for you. It’s a font family with four styles, so choose which and where you’ll use it. Create a bold statement online, and announce your business’s presence with this strong font style today.



Pick from eighteen styles under the Hornbill font family and give your business a vintage look. Make your business stand out with this friendly, vintage style today.

Knox Serif Typeface


Created by HeadFonts, Knox is a font that screams wild west. This font family has six weights ranging from Slab to Serif Outline. You can also use this on any aspect of your design since it’s readable and more.


Pair this hand-written typeface with a cute icon design to give your brand an attractive and elegant feel to your logo, posts, and even banners.


Designed by CreativeTacos, Mousony is a cool slab serif that allows you to add that sophisticated feel to your branding.



This simple font style has three types of weights in its arsenal: thin, regular, and heavy. The first two have around four styles under it while five under heavy.

Use Serif Font Today!

We hope you got inspiration and ideas from our top picks for serif fonts above. Don’t be afraid to mix and match at least two or three font styles to create a unique branding that genuinely you.

If you need more help with your design, you can hire a freelance one-on-one designer here at DesignCrowd to help you. Or, if you want more of a DIY experience, visit our logo maker at BrandCrowd.

You can pick from thousands of templates for not just typography logo design but YouTube banners, Twitch banners, email signatures, Instagram posts, and more.

We know your design ideas will come to life!

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